Show FAQ
Who is the bald guy who shows up in the background? And why was he at the Super Bowl?
The pale white guy who is in almost every episode of the first four seasons if you squint hard enough is "The Observer." He's drawn to Fringe phenomena and has been spotted at the sites of dozens of incidents. As a Fox promotional scheme, they also have him show up at Fox sporting events such as the Super Bowl and World Series.
Why does Peter seem to have different memories about his childhood?
As confirmed in the 1st season finale, the "Peter" we know is actually his counterpart from a parallel universe. The original Peter died and the counterpart was somehow brought across to replace Walter's dead son.
So who are the Others, or the New Wave, or whatever they're called? And what are they up to?
There are seemingly an infinite number of parallel Earths. Two of them are in close conjunction, "our" Earth (the one of the Fringe setting), and the "other." The inhabitants of the "other" Earth have somewhat advanced technology, prevented the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia, and prevented the terrorist attack that resulted in the destruction of the World Trade Towers. They have also developed a bio-mechanical process that allows them to convert humans into shapeshifters. These New Wave agents can travel between Earths. Their goal is to find their leader, who can open a substantive gate between the two worlds. This will cause the destruction of "our" Earth and insure the preservation of their own. Many individuals exist as somewhat different versions of themselves on each world.
So is Massive Dynamic good? evil? neutral?
Massive Dynamic was created by William Bell, Walter Bishop's former lab partner and researcher. Bell used the technologies they developed and the resulting patents to finance a new company, Massive Dynamic. At this time, it appears that Massive Dynamic and its CEO, Nina Sharp, are following the guidelines set forth by its founder, and researching and developing Fringe technology to aid in the coming war against "the others." That doesn't mean they're necessarily 100% honest and forthcoming with the government about what they're doing. This appears to be partly due to a fear of enemy shapeshifting infiltrators, and partially because they want to come out on top of everyone at the end of the day. Overall, they're generally helpful and determined to preserve "our" Earth, since the alternative is their destruction along with everybody else.
So why is Mr. Spock on the show? And why aren't his ears pointed?
That would be William Bell, Walter's former lab partner and founder of Massive Dynamic? Apparently nobody on the show watches Star Trek, because he's never been mistaken for Leonard Nimoy or Mr. Spock. The magic of television, we guess.