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FullMetal Alchemist: Laws and Promises

In the series finale, both Ed and Al finally learn just how much they are willing to give up in the name of both Equivelant Exchange and each other. Also, Mustang's plans are aided by an unlikely source as Dante's are thwarted by one of her allies.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x13
Production Number: 51
Airdate: Saturday March 18th, 2006

Director: (Unknown)
Writer: (Unknown)



From inside the transmutation circle, Al watches in horror as Envy impales Ed, seeing his beloved brother fall to the floor while being wreathed in his own blood. Rose snaps out of her trance, realizes what's happening, and screams Ed's name in shock. Dante, however, keeps her from going over to him...

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Episode Notes
[adult swim] ran two disclaimers before the start of this episode---one for the mature themes of this series (as always), and another because of the extreme violence shown. It appears that unlike previous episodes that had such scenes edited for American broadcast, this one was left uncut.

Episode Quotes
Hawkeye: The plan was perfect; you did your part...but I should have gotten there sooner, to protect you.
Mustang: Nothing's perfect. The world's not perfect. But it's there for us, trying the best it can. That's what makes it so damn beautiful.

Ed: (about the dissertation he's reading) It's written by an American, but there's a guy in Transylvania studying the same thing right now.
Hohenheim: Wouldn't happen to be named Dracula, would he?

Al: Humankind cannot gain anything without giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one, and only, truth...but the world isn't perfect, and the law is incomplete.

Hohenheim: Haven't you read Einstein's theories?
Ed: No one believes him.

Soldier: (about Hawkeye) The Fuhrer wants us to take her to Headquarters for questioning!
Archer: Have you seen Headquarters?! It's a war zone! Rebels are everywhere!

Cultural References
Hohenheim's comment on inflation:

During the time of Hohenheim's stay in Germany, the country was suffering a massive economic depression brought on by the aftermath of WWI. As a condition of the Treaty of Versailles (1919), Germany was forced to pay war reparations to the Allied countries of Europe that totalled into the billions. Coupled with the fact that Germany had to rebuild itself, the government decided that in order to meet its obligations it would raise the rate of inflation sharply.

This plan, while sound in theory, backfired. The rise in inflation grew so large and so fast that at one point workers were demanding to be paid by the hour because their paychecks at the end of the week would be worthless. At the same time, it was rumored that people used German deutschmarks (the currency of Germany) to heat their homes by throwing stacks of the worthless money into the fire.

Einstein, Freud and Dracula:

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) is considered to be one of, if not the, greatest scientists of the 20th century. While best known for his theory of special relativity (E=mc2), he also contributed to the fields of quantum mechanics and cosmology.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) founded the school of psychoanalytical psychology. One of his theories stated that unconscious conflicts or "wishes" could manifest themselves through Freudian slips, and that by bringing these "wishes" to light one could fulfill or overcome them.

While best known as the main character in Bram Stoker's classic novel, the name Dracula has historical connections to both Vlad Dracul III "The Impaler" and a secret fraternity known as the Order of the Dragon. Vlad was famous for repotedly killing as many as 10,000 foreign enemies on sharp pikes. For his bravery (and his impressive headcount), he was allowed to join the order in 1431.

Einstein was originally from Germany (he later emigrated to the U.S.; Freud was from Austria and both Vlad the Impaler and Stoker's Dracula were reportedly from the Transylvania region of Romania.

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