Full House (US)

Full House (US)

Main Summary

Full House was a children/comedy show that ran from 1987-1995. It drew millions of fans to each episode, some of the fans loving the comedy of Joey Gladstone, or maybe the musical talents of Jesse Katsopolis/Cochran. It's first episode was on September 22, 1987 and it's last episode was on May 23, 1995.

The story begins in 1987, Danny Tanner has recently lost his wife, Pam Tanner. His mother, who had helped him out since Pam's death, was moving out. So Danny asks his best friend, Joey Gladstone, and his brother-in-law, Jesse Cochran/ Katsopolis, to move in and help him raise his three daughters: DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. What was supposed to be a few weeks turned into 8 years, as Jesse and Joey decide to stay and Jesse even gets married and raises his kids there, but Joey stays single through the whole series, unfortunately.

The series ran until 1995, which ABC decided to drop it. The WB station offered them to be on their station, but some of the cast didn't want to do it. At the end of the last episode, Mary-Kate and Ashley were sad that it was the last episode. (after all, it did begin their careers)

Catch Phrases

Jesse: "Have Mercy!"
Michelle: "You got it, dude!", "Awwww Nuts!", "You're in big trouble, Mister!"
Joey: "Cut it out!"
Stephanie: "How rude!"

Opening Theme

Whatever happened to predictability?
The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV?

How did I get to livin' here?
Somebody tell me please.
This old world,
confusing me.

With clouds as mean as you've ever seen,
and a world that knows your tunes.
Then a little voice inside you whispers,
kid don't sell your dreams so soon!

Everywhere you look, everywhere (there's a heart),
There's a heart, a hand to hold on to.
Everywhere you look!

When you're lost out there and you're all alone,
a light is waiting to carry you home!

Everywhere you look!

Theme Mistakes

In the 1st and 2nd Season DVD set, if you listen to the theme song, "Dreams" sounds more like "Dweams".
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Reunion Rumors

The series had a mini-reunion on America's Funniest Home Video's on May 9, 1997. There was also an "E! True Hollywood Story" about it. There are also rumors that it is going to have a reunion movie.

There have been several rumors of a Full House reunion movie, but are most likely not true. A few cast members would like to do it, but a few would not like to do it.

Also, Dave Coulier might be doing a Full House documentary.

Episode Info

Final: 8x24 -- Michelle Rides Again (2) (May/23/1995)

Michelle wakes up to find she has amnesia. Everyone else tries to pretend everything's okay. In the mean time, Stephanie gets kissed by Andrew, and DJ's prom date is Steve.
John StamosJohn Stamos
As Jesse ""Hermes" Cochran/Katsoplis
Bob SagetBob Saget
As Daniel "Danny" Ernest Tanner
Dave CoulierDave Coulier
As Joseph Alvin "Joey" Gladstone
Candace CameronCandace Cameron
As Donna Jo "D.J." Margaret Tanner
Jodie SweetinJodie Sweetin
As Stephanie Judith Tanner
Mary-Kate OlsenMary-Kate Olsen
As Michelle Elizabeth Tanner (alternating)
Ashley OlsenAshley Olsen
As Michelle Elizabeth Tanner (alternating)
Lori LoughlinLori Loughlin
As Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis (S03-S08; recurring in S02)
Andrea BarberAndrea Barber
As Kimberly Louise "Kimmy" Gibbler (S05-S08; recurring previously)
Scott WeingerScott Weinger
As Steve Hale (S06-S07)



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Really Good ShowRating: 0 likes, 5 dislikes

This show was a rememberable one, and it became a favorite of kids almost everywhere. The show taught us many things, but it did lack action. The family had many problems but usually the most action was an argument or two...or three. If you enjoy comedy or family shows, you probably like this show. If you don't, you still might like it. Yeah, it's that good of a show. Read more

Review posted on Monday, October 9th 2006 at 10:20 pm

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8x16: Air Jesse recap: The guys are playing a charity basketball game in which DJ is their coach. They are playing a team of another 3 people, coached by Kimmy. Kareem Abdul-Jabar is going to be the referee, but Jesse stinks at basketball. So Kareem decides to help Jesse. While practicing, Jesse discovers his "sweet spot". Jesse ends up making the winning basket from his sweet spot, but the twins miss their dad making the game winning basket... read more.

8x3: Making out is Hard to Do recap: Stephanie is invited to a party. Knowing that Gia's mom isn't going to be there, she lies to Danny. What she doesn't expect, though, is that the party isn't what she expects. It turns out to a make-out party. She calls DJ, but it's not DJ. Danny had laryngitis so it sounded like DJ. Steph told everything to Danny, thnking, it was DJ, and he comes. Gia's mom also gets home from work early... read more.

4x1: Greek Week recap: Jesse's relatives come from Greece. Elena and Sylvio. Sylvio takes DJ for a walk around the table. After that, Sylvio claims to be married to DJ and Elena claims to be married to Jesse... read more.

3x5: Granny Tanny recap: Michelle climbs out of her crib, Grandma Tanner retires, and Grandma tanner buys Michelle a pencil bed. The family acts like she is needed there, so she gets ideas. She makes plans that she moves in- and Joey and Jesse move out, but eventually gets the idea that Jesse moves into Joey's room downstairs. Danny must confront his mother and tell her the truth, which he eventually does... read more.

2x21: Luck Be a Lady (1) recap: The family goes to Lake Tahoe. While there, Danny and Becky will be taping Wake Up, San Francisco! there. But also while they're there, Becky has breakfast with Todd Masters and Jesse sets out to make her jealous.
DJ pulls the lever on Joey's slot, winning $100,000! But they don't get the money since DJ was the one that pulled the lever.
At the end of the episode, Jesse asks Becky to marry him. The big surprise is that she says yes... read more.
Recurring Guests

Andrea Barber as Kimmy (38 eps)
Gail Edwards as Vicky (17 eps)
Tahj Mowry as Teddy (14 eps)
Jurnee Smollett as Denise (14 eps)
Miko Hughes as Aaron (12 eps)
Blake McIver Ewing as Derek (11 eps)
Lori Loughlin as Becky (10 eps)
Marla Sokoloff as Gia (8 eps)
Yvonne Wilder as Irene Katsopolis (7 eps)
John Aprea as Nick Katsopolis (7 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 18, 1987
Ended: May 23, 1995
• Fuller House (Almost The Title When Becky Moved In)
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