Season 8

169 :08x01 - Comet's Excellent Adventure

While Jesse is obsessing over his band problems, he mistakenly tells Michelle she can walk Comet on her own. But the small girl can’t handle a big golden retriever like Comet, and he gets away from her, chasing after a "Funky Franks" car.
Guest Stars: Roger Lodge as Roger | Jason Marsden as Nelson | Gary Griffin as Gary | Lanny Cordola as Lanny
Director: Joel Zwick

170 :08x02 - Breaking Away

Jesse and Becky find it hard to let go when the twins start pre-school.
Guest Stars: Marla Sokoloff as Gia | Bonnie Urseth as Miss Suzie | Christopher Ripple as Preschool Boy
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Tom Amundsen

171 :08x03 - Making out is Hard to Do

Danny has laryngitis, which will lead to an important part of the episode. Stephanie is invited to a make-out party, but she thought it was a regular party. She calls DJ but Danny answers.
Guest Stars: Marla Sokoloff as Gia | Barry Williams as Himself | Andrea Walker as Claire | David Ruprecht as T.V. Announcer | Kevin Connors (1) as Bobby
Director: Joel Zwick

172 :08x04 - I've Got a Secret

Michelle tells Danny about a secret club, and when he lets others know, probably accidentally, she is kicked out of the club.
Guest Stars: Blake McIver Ewing as Derek | Miko Hughes as Aaron | Jason Marsden as Nelson | Kathryn Zaremba as Lisa | Dot Jones as Muscular Woman | Danielle Judovits as Girl in Toy Store | Jimm Giannini as Seedy Man
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Ellen Guylas

173 :08x05 - To Joey, With Love

Joey goes as substitute teacher of Michelle's class. Little does she know, he's not trying to be funny, which gets her in trouble. In the meantime, Danny tries out for Jesse's band.
Guest Stars: Marcia Wallace as Mrs. Carruthers | David Lipper as Viper | Blake McIver Ewing as Derek | Tahj Mowry as Teddy | Kathryn Zaremba as Lisa | Esther Scott as Mrs. Homewood | Sara Moonves as Terri | Peter Leinheiser as Splinter
Director: Joel Zwick

174 :08x06 - You Pet It, You Bought It

Michelle makes two hundred one dollars from a lemonade stand and wants to go to the candy store. On her way there she ends up buying a donkey instead which costs exactly the same amount of money she earned. It causes trouble in the family and turns into such a disaster. Everyone loses sleep because of it and Jesse must sing Threes Company to it all night long so it will be quiet and not wake anybody up in the morning.
Guest Stars: Robert Bennett (1) as Delivery Man

175 :08x07 - On the Road Again

Jesse goes back to his old hotel room. It turns out it has changed drasticly. The room has become a dump since the last time he was there.
Guest Stars: David Lipper as Viper | John Del Regno as Jocko | Ted Andreadis as Mango
Director: Tom Rickard
Writer: Ellen Guylas

176 :08x08 - Claire and Present Danger

Michelle starts feeling left out when Danny starts dating Gia's mom, Claire.
Guest Stars: Marla Sokoloff as Gia | Andrea Abbate as Claire | David Lipper as Viper | Frank Bruynbroek as Jacques | Susan Vinciotti as Yvette
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Tom Amundsen

177 :08x09 - Stephanie's Wild Ride

Stephanie goes on a ride with two college boys. Later on, they went on another, only DJ wouldn't let Stephanie go. It ends up that the boys wrecked the car and got hurt.
Guest Stars: Marla Sokoloff as Gia | Scott Whyte as Jason | James Alan as Barry
Director: John Tracy

178 :08x10 - Under the Influence

Kimmy gets really drunk at a party, and then decides to drive home. DJ stops her, which upsets Kimmy. DJ then explains that she was only trying to protect her that way.
Guest Stars: Jeff Juday as Frat President | Darin Bennett (1) as Party Nerd | Olivia Mandel (1) as Party Guest
Director: John Tracy

179 :08x11 - Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Michelle takes back a gift she got Danny. When the person (Mr. Dreghorn) won't take it back, Jesse refuses to leave. Mr. Dreghorn pulls the alarm and the police come!
Guest Stars: Mickey Rooney as Mr. Dreghorn
Director: John Tracy

180 :08x12 - D.J.'s Choice

DJ comes down to a very hard choice, Nelson or Viper. DJ has a tough time choosing.
Guest Stars: Jason Marsden as Nelson | David Lipper as Viper | Frankie Valli as Himself | Francesco Valli (1) as Kid at Playground
Director: John Tracy
Writer: Mark Fink

181 :08x13 - The Producer

Becky gets named producer of "Wake Up, San Francisco!" and Danny gets bothered by this.
Guest Stars: Wesley Mann as Waiter | Richard Paul as Mr. Strowbridge | Bruce Gold as Mr. Blankman
Director: James O'Keefe
Writer: Diana Darby

182 :08x14 - Super Bowl Fun Day

Joey needs to keep a promise with Michelle and her friends to take them to the museum, but he also wants to watch the Super Bowl. In the meantime, DJ has an interview with a representative for a scholarship.
Guest Stars: Kathy Kinney as Norma Bedrosian | Miko Hughes as Aaron | Tahj Mowry as Teddy | Blake McIver Ewing as Derek | Andre Rosey Brown as Weeb | Greg Collins as Sy
Director: Joel Zwick

183 :08x15 - My Left and Right Foot

Michelle's feet continue to grow, and DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy make fun of her.
Guest Stars: Brian Kale as Salesman | Kathryn Zaremba as Lisa
Director: Tom Rickard
Writer: Ellen Guylas

184 :08x16 - Air Jesse

DJ vs. Kimmy in a charity basketball game. Jesse can't play very good, so Kareem Abdul-Jabbar teaches him and helps him find his sweet spot. Jesse ends up making the game winning shot.
Guest Stars: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as Himself | Bridgette Cameron as Photographer | Adam Abdul-Jabbar as Himself | Buddy The Wonder Dog as Comet
Director: Joel Zwick

185 :08x17 - Dateless in San Francisco

Michelle's class sells the most candy bars in a fund-raiser, so there is going to be a Valentine's party. Michelle picks Teddy to go with.
Guest Stars: Miko Hughes as Aaron | Blake McIver Ewing as Derek | Tahj Mowry as Teddy | Marcia Wallace as Mrs. Carruthers | Kathryn Zaremba as Lisa | Maureen McVerry as Ms. Ullman | Fiona Landers as Sophia | Robert Hy Gorman as Kenneth | Tim Neil as Delivery Man
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Greg Fields

186 :08x18 - We Got the Beat

Stephanie starts a band for a show, but she hasn't practiced much, and focuses mainly on the look of the band. Jesse thinks she's going the wrong way, but Stephanie thinks otherwise, and driving Jesse away from her. But because of that, she screws up the contest for her.
Guest Stars: Marla Sokoloff as Gia | Blake McIver Ewing as Derek | Kathryn Zaremba as Lisa | Melissa Clayton as Melissa
Director: John Tracy

187 :08x19 - Taking the Plunge

DJ finds out she didn't get into Stanford, and neither did Kimmy (gee, what a surprise.) This is bad news for Kimmy, because that was her last chance to get into a college in California, and that could jeopardize her friendship with DJ. She decides to marry Duane in Nevada, and DJ joins her later. The guys think DJ's getting married to him, and they go to Nevada to "stop her."
Guest Stars: Dave Coulier as Piano Player | Scott Menville as Duane | Jason Marsden as Nelson | Jim Hudson as Minister | Bren McKinley (1) as Regina
Director: John Tracy
Writer: Tom Amundsen

188 :08x20 - Up on the Roof

DJ wants to pull a senior prank to be recognized by her school, and her's is to put the principal's car on the roof of the school. She would have pulled it off, but it started to rain on the car, with the hood off. She and Jesse get into trouble when they get caught.
Guest Stars: Oliver Clark as Principal Robolard | Scott Menville as Duane | David Stenstrom as Security Guard
Director: John Tracy

189 :08x21 - Leap of Faith

Becky decides to go bungee jumping along with someone else, but Jesse feels offended by that, making Becky angry. He then decides to take some advice from Joey, who says to let her do something on her own, giving her some more freedom, and eventually has to take the jump himself with Becky.
Guest Stars: Amzie Strickland as Edna | Jim Warren as Stage Manager
Director: Joel Zwick

190 :08x22 - All Stood Up

Stephanie wants to go on a date with someone from her school, but soon gets stood up. Danny then makes matters worse by interfering. It's up to him to patch things up with Stephanie and her date.
Guest Stars: Marla Sokoloff as Gia | Andrew Keegan as Ryan | Lisa Dinkins as Medical Technician | Jamie Zwick as Track Member | Hilary Zwick as Hallway Friend
Director: Joel Zwick

191 :08x23 - Michelle Rides Again (1)

Michelle and her friend that's new want to go on a horse ride. Michelle's horse gets scared and Michelle falls, which makes her lose her memory.
Guest Stars: Shannon Cochran as Morgan | Ebick Pizzadili as Elizabeth | Will Estes as Andrew | Biff Manard as Cowpoke | Allison Kristman as Riding Instructor
Director: Joel Zwick

192 :08x24 - Michelle Rides Again (2)

Michelle wakes up to find she has amnesia. Everyone else tries to pretend everything's okay. In the mean time, Stephanie gets kissed by Andrew, and DJ's prom date is Steve.
Guest Stars: Scott Menville as Duane | Will Estes as Andrew | Tyrees Allen as Doctor | Scott Weinger as Steve
Director: Joel Zwick
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 18, 1987
Ended: May 23, 1995
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