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Futurama: A Pharaoh to Remember

After delivering an enormous sandstone to Osiris 4, Fry, Leela and Bender are forced to work as slaves assisting the construction of the great Pharaoh Hamenthotep's tomb -- a pyramid. When Bender experiences an identity crisis because he has never been an over-achiever, he becomes extremely motivated, working harder and faster than anyone for the completion of the tomb. While the Pharaoh acknowledges the crew's diligence, Bender's efforts accidentally kill him, and Bender proceeds to the throne.

Episode Info
Episode number: 4x7
Production Number: 3ACV17
Airdate: Sunday March 10th, 2002

Director: Mark Ervin
Writer: Ron Weiner

Main Cast
Katey SagalKatey Sagal
voiced Turanga Leela, Various
Billy WestBilly West
voiced Philip J. Fry, Professor Hubert Farnsworth, Dr. John Zoidberg, Zapp Brannigan, Leo Wong, Various
John DiMaggioJohn DiMaggio
voiced Bender Bending Rodriguez (Bending Unit 22), Various
Lauren TomLauren Tom
voiced Amy Wong, Inez Wong, Various
Phil LaMarrPhil LaMarr
voiced Hermes Conrad, Lionel Preacherbot, Various
Maurice LaMarcheMaurice LaMarche
voiced Kif Kroker, Morbo, Walt, Raoul, Various
David Herman (1)David Herman (1)
voiced Mayor Poopenmayer, Professor Ogden Wernstrum, Scruffy, Turanga Morris, Larry, Dwayne, Various
Episode Notes

Opening theme cartoon: Unknown

Alien code: When the priests go to look at the ancient markings, you can see Alien Code #1 written within the symbols. When translated they read: "Rock On! Eddie Rosas 22." Eddie Rosas appears in the final credits as a "Character Layout Artist". The "22" appears because Bender is a "Bender Unit 22."


  • At the haven:

    Slave Chess Club
    Don't be slave to credit - consolidate your bills
    Loose weight now - ask me how!

  • Billboard in New New York:

    Dolphin: the other white meat
    LIBERTY MEADOWS: slave quarters

  • Episode Quotes
    Bender: Afterlife? If I thought I had to go through a whole 'nother life, I'd kill myself right now.

    Slave: It hurts when I breathe!
    Bender: Then what do you think you should stop doing?

    Fry: You know the worst part about being a slave; you gotta work all day, they won't pay you or let you go.
    Leela: That's the only thing about being a slave!

    Cultural References
    Egyptian Mythology

    There are several references to Egyptian Mythology throughout this episode:

  • Osiris 4 is named after Osiris, the Egyptian God of the underworld and judge of the dead;
  • The Priests look like Thoth the Ibis God, the God of wisdom;
  • The slave drivers look like Anubis the Jackal God, conductor of the dead to judgment and son of Osiris;
  • The pyramids;
  • The Sphinx's nose gag.

  • Other Episode Crew

    Director Of Computer GraphicsScott Vanzo
    3d DirectorScott Vanzo
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