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Ended? Are you Crazy?Rating: 3 likes, 4 dislikes
The divine interaction between the deep stories and the genius humour that goes with them is why I brand this my favourite animated program of all time. Firstly I have a natural attraction to the genre, a comedy which explores a futuristic satirical possibility. The engaging in depths storylines ensure that the cartoon is known for many more levels then just its humour, the amount of character development during the 4 seasons of this series has reached stages rarely seen in cartoons before.

The continuity in this series is quite impressive as references to even some of the smallest events from past episodes are brought up and is furthered by the fact that they would add some small events to some scenes, which could be used to make a story for later on.

The stories are one of the largest things that attract me to this series. The stories are plot driven, with jokes inserted to fit the story line, rather then vice versa, this is another almost genius feat and the extent to which it happens in this cartoon series has rarely been rivalled. Episodes such as Jurassic bark demonstrate that this series can work whether the plot is centralised by comedy, romance or even tragedy, with all episodes having a little of each, but certain episodes focusing more on one of these. The plots and Jokes can get quite deep. All themes are multi level, so they appeal to all audiences, and each episode leaves the viewer with plenty of possible analysis, no matter what they prefer to focus on.

I now move to the characters, some of the best in an animated show ever. First we have Bender, the Robot with the in your face attitude. His witty lines, carelessness and overall attitude come together like clockwork, to give you a character with loads of comedy, yet we also see a sweet side sometimes and this series makes them both work equally well. We also have fry, the dim witted delivery boy. This character is centralised on a lot of humour, but quite often he is also lead through tragedy and at times can be one of the saddest characters. Leela is very similar in that way as well as she is a symbol of both comedy and quite a bit of tragedy as well, and the parallels that can be drawn between Leela and Fry (However different they might seem) are almost endless. These 2 have some of the largest role in character development in the show.

Amy, Hermes, the professor and Doctor Zoidberg all form a diverse team with comedy styles over a broad range to suit anyone. All are a little dim witted (Especially Zoidberg), but all play significant roles. The professor fits the role of the ‘boring’ grouchy old man, Hermes has the Jamaican ‘Cool Runnings’ style humour, Amy has a kind of rich posh girl, who has some rich habits, but also doesn’t seem to want to act rich, and Zoidberg of course as the one who is always picked on, a character similar to Meg of family guy.

One who watches this series cant help but get a sense of awe about the assortment of values it has to offer and even someone who isn’t a fan of the series would be able to find at least one episode that suited them. Cheers to the my favourite animated show that was ended way too soon, ‘Futurama.’

Review posted on Thursday, November 16th 2006 at 6:56 am

Classification: Animation
Genre: Adult Cartoons | Comedy | Sci-Fi
Status: Ended
Network: Comedy Central ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 28, 1999
Ended: September 04, 2013
Episode Order: 26
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