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Game of Thrones: The Kingsroad

Bran’s fate remains in doubt. Having agreed to become the King’s Hand, Ned leaves Winterfell with daughters Sansa and Arya, while Catelyn stays behind to tend to Bran. Jon Snow heads north to join the brotherhood of the Night’s Watch. Tyrion decides to forego the trip south with his family, instead joining Jon in the entourage heading to the Wall. Viserys bides his time in hopes of winning back the throne, while Daenerys focuses her attention on learning how to please her new husband, Drogo.

Source: HBO

Episode Info

Episode number: 1x2
Airdate: Sunday April 24th, 2011

Alternate Airdates:

UK (sky ATLANTIC) Apr 25, 2011
FI (YLE TV2) Jan 19, 2012


Starring Roles
Jason MomoaJason Momoa
As Khal Drogo (Chieftain of Dothraki People, Daenerys' Husband)

Guest Stars
Aimee RichardsonAimee Richardson
As Myrcella Baratheon (Daughter of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister)
Amrita AchariaAmrita Acharia
As Irri (Handmaiden of Daenerys Targaryen)
Callum WharryCallum Wharry
As Tommen Baratheon (Son of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister)
Dar SalimDar Salim
As Qotho (Dothraki Bloodrider to Khal Drogo)
Donald SumpterDonald Sumpter
As Maester Luwin (Maester of Winterfell)
Jamie SivesJamie Sives
As Jory Cassel (Captain of The Guards to House Stark)
Joseph MawleJoseph Mawle
As Benjen Stark (First Ranger of Nights Watch, Son of Rickard Stark)
Luke McEwanLuke McEwan
As Rast (Ranger in The Night's Watch)
Ron DonachieRon Donachie
As Ser Rodrik Cassel (Master-at-Arms at Winterfell)
Roxanne MckeeRoxanne Mckee
As Doreah (Handmaiden of Daenerys Targaryen)
Wilko JohnsonWilko Johnson
As Ser Ilyn Payne (Mute Knight and The King's Justice)
Condor DelaneyCondor Delaney
As Lannister Guardsman
Lalor RoddyLalor Roddy
As Catspaw Assassin (Paid to Kill Bran Stark)
Rhodri HoskingRhodri Hosking
As Mycah (Butcher's Son, Friend of Arya Stark)
Sarita PiotrowskiSarita Piotrowski
As Jhiqui (Handmaiden of Daenerys Targaryen)
Main Cast
Peter DinklagePeter Dinklage
As Tyrion Lannister
Nikolaj Coster-WaldauNikolaj Coster-Waldau
As Ser Jaime Lannister
Lena HeadeyLena Headey
As Queen Cersei Lannister
Mark AddyMark Addy
As King Robert Baratheon
Emilia ClarkeEmilia Clarke
As Daenerys Targaryen
Sean BeanSean Bean
As Lord Eddard Stark
Kit HaringtonKit Harington
As Jon Snow
Rory McCannRory McCann
As Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane
Jack GleesonJack Gleeson
As Prince Joffrey Baratheon
Iain GlenIain Glen
As Ser Jorah Mormont
Richard MaddenRichard Madden
As Robb Stark
Michelle FairleyMichelle Fairley
As Lady Catelyn Stark
Sophie Turner (2)Sophie Turner (2)
As Sansa Stark
Maisie WilliamsMaisie Williams
As Arya Stark
Alfie AllenAlfie Allen
As Theon Greyjoy
Harry LloydHarry Lloyd
As Viserys Targaryen


Dany is approached by Ser Jorah, who prompts her to drink and eat. He gives her a piece of jerky while stating the the Dothraki have grass and horses in abundance, and they can't live on grass. She regrets the bite of horse jerky. He says the Dothraki believe the world will end when the grass covers everything. She stops listening as her eye is caught by her husband's passing. He takes no notice of her. They set up camp, and after an entire day on horseback, Dany cannot walk alone. Her handmaidens help her to her tent. Jorah tells Viserys that there is a place for him to stay that would be more comfortable for him, but Viserys doesn't care. He intends to remain with Drogo until he fulfills his end of the bargain. Before he leaves, he assures Jorah that when he is king, Jorah will be outlawed for slave trading...

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Episode Notes
Ratings: 2.20 Million Viewers

Opening Credits: The cities of King's Landing, Winterfell, the Wall, and Vaes Dothrak rise from the mechanical model world in the opening credits.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Ramin DjawadiMain TitleOpening Credits, Closing Credits

Episode Quotes
Eddard Stark: (to Jon Snow) There's great honour serving in the Night's Watch. The Starks have manned the Wall for thousands of years, and you are a Stark. You may not have my name, but you have my blood.

Jon Snow: Why do you read so much?
Tyrion: Look at me and tell me what you see.
Jon Snow: Is this a trick?
Tyrion: What you see is a dwarf. If I had been born a peasant, they might have left me out in the woods to die. Alas, I was born a Lannister of Casterly Rock. Things are expected of me. My father was the Hand of the King for twenty years.
Jon Snow: Until your brother killed that king.
Tyrion: ...Yes. Until my brother killed him. Life is full of these little ironies. My sister married the new king, and my repulsive nephew will be king after him. I must do my part for the honour of my house. Wouldn't you agree? But how? Well, my brother has his sword, and I have my mind. And a mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone. That's why I read so much, Jon Snow.

Jon Snow: Stick 'em with the pointy end.
Arya Stark: I know which end to use.

Jaime: But even if the boy lives he would be a cripple, a grotesque. Give me a good, clean death any day.
Tyrion: Speaking for the grotesques, I have to disagree. Death is so final, yet life is full of possibilities. I hope the boy does wake. I'd be very interested to hear what he has to say.
Jaime: Dear brother, there are times you make me wonder whose side you're on.
Tyrion: Dear brother, you wound me. You know how much I love my family.

Robb Stark: You've said goodbye to Bran? He's not going to die. I know it.
Jon Snow: You Starks are hard to kill.
Robb Stark: My mother?
Jon Snow: She was very kind.
Robb Stark: Good. Next time I see you, you'll be all in black.
Jon Snow: It was always my colour.
Robb Stark: Farewell, Snow.
Jon Snow: And you, Stark.

Sandor Clegane: (Tyrion has slapped Joffrey) The Prince will remember that, little lord.
Tyrion: I hope so. If he forgets, be a good dog and remind him.

Episode Goofs

In the previous episode Robb Stark and Jon Snow had their hair cut and their beards shaves in preparation for the arrival of the king. In this episode, which takes place directly after the end of 1x01 "Winter is Coming" they have completely regrown their hair and stubble.

Crew or Equipment Visible:

When Jorah is telling Daenerys about the way of life for the Dothraki people, you can see the clips that hold in the extensions in Emilia Clarke's hair.

Factual Error:

When Eddard Stark and John Snow reach a crossing at "The Kingsroad" with a group of riders Eddard is planning to head south to King's Landing and Jon Snow north to The Wall. However, after they say goodbye, Eddark Stark takes the north road and Jon Snow takes the south road.

Cultural References
Wilko Johnson: Actor Wilko Johnson (Ser Ilyn Payne) appeared in his first acting role in this episode. He is a British guitarist who played with bands including Dr. Feelgood and The Blockheads.

Episode References
Season 1, Episode 1: At the end of 1x01 "Winter is Coming" Jaime Lannister pushed Bran Stark off of a tower after Bran caught Jaime sleeping with Cersei Lannister.

Season 1, Episode 1: King Robert Baratheon asked Lord Eddard Stark to be hand to the king in 1x01 "Winter is Coming".

Season 1, Episode 1: A ranger of the Night's Watch told Lord Stark in 1x01 "Winter is Coming" that he was attacked by Wildling's north of the wall.

Other Episode Crew

Co-ProducerGreg Spence
Associate ProducerJonathan Brytus
Line ProducerChristopher Newman
Unit Production ManagerLisa McAtackney
First Assistant DirectorRichard Goodwin
Second Assistant DirectorCiara Tinney
Music EditorDavid Klotz
Music SupervisorEvyen Klean
HairstylistCandice Banks
Script SupervisorLynda Marshall
Production CoordinatorLisa Byrne
Re-Recording MixerMark Taylor (2)
GafferTom Gates
Stunt CoordinatorPaul Jennings (2)
Art DirectorThomas Brown  |  Tom McCullagh
Sound MixerRonan Hill
Visual Effects SupervisorAdam McInnes
Assistant Art DirectorLaura Ng  |  Mark Lowry
Makeup ArtistLiz Boston
Concept ArtistJulian Caldow  |  Mark Holmes
Second 2nd Assistant DirectorAdam Philpott
Stunt PerformerDerek Lea (1)
Set SupervisorJames O'Dee
Assistant Stunt CoordinatorBuster Reeves
Sound MaintenanceSimon Kerr (1)
Best Boy ElectricCarlo McDonnell
Prop MakerGavin Jones
SFX SupervisorStuart Brisdon
A Camera 1st Assistant CameraEric Greenberg
Children's Acting CoachJulie Austin
Junior DraftspersonSara Jo Baugh
A Camera Second Assistant CameraBrian Dungan
B Camera Second Assistant CameraDáire Mac An Tsaoir
Digital Imaging Technician AssistantIan Marrs
A Camera GripRonan Murphy
B Camera GripDean Morris
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