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Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things - Recap

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The scene opens with Bran walking up to a crow and sees that it has three eyes. He wakes up from his dream to find Theon there. He tells that Robb is Lord of Winterfell and want to talk with Bran. He says that he doesn’t want to go, but Theon tells Hoder to carry Bran down to Robb. Meanwhile, Robb tells Tyrion that he is Lord now while Ned is away and says that he has to obey him and show respect. Bran is brought in and Tyrion says that the rumors are true. Hoder kneels down to have Tyrion giving him plans to a device that will allow Bran to ride a horse still. Robb asks why Tyrion is helping Bran and Tyrion says that he has a soft spot for broken things. Robb tells Tyrion that he has done a good service and offers Winterfell to him. However, Tyrion says that he doesn’t need anything besides a brothel and a bed and both can sleep easily. Theon goes outside as Tyrion is about to ride off. He tells Tyrion to go to Rosiline at the brothel. Tyrion asks where Lady Stark is. He tells him that he doesn’t need to know. Tyrion laughs and says that Theon is being nice to his captures. Tyrion talks about that he is his enemy’s squire now and says that he will try not to wear out Rosiline before his next time with her.

At Castle Black, a new recruit named Samwell Tarly. He is a chubby man that Pyp and Grenn laugh at. Samwell is teamed up with Rann to see what he can do and immediately, Samwell yields. Alliser tells Rann to keep fighting him, but Jon tells him not to. Alliser tells all the men to get to Samwell through Jon and they are taken down easily by Jon. Samwell goes up to Jon and thanks him and Jon tells him that he is going to have to defend himself. Samwell admits that he is a coward. He says that he just wanted to thank Jon. Meanwhile, Dany and the rest of the band arrive at the Dorthraki Homeland and Viserys says that it is a dump. Dany tells him that they are her people now and that he needs to have respect. Dany asks Ser Jorah if Viserys was given an army, could he conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Ser Jorah says that he doesn’t know and talks about what he did for a living and he says that he had to make a living selling slaves. Later that night, Viserys is with a prostitute and she makes him “happy” talking about Dragons, but then says that it is sad that Dragons were killed. Viserys says that he did not pay her to make him sad.

At King’s Landing, Sansa walks with Mirri and talks about how Prince Joffrey doesn’t like her and Mirri says that is nonsense. She asks why her grandfather and uncle were killed by the “Mad King” and she tells that she has to talk to Ned about that. Sansa says that she is not going to talk to her father again. Meanwhile, Ned listens to Janos tell about the tournament that the King wants and he says that they have to get the money to do this with. Ned excuses everyone and Grand Maester is stopped and Ned asks about Lord John Arron’s death. The Grand Maester says that John asked about a book. Ned is shown the book of linage. Ned looks at it at a glance and takes it with him. Ned says that John could have been killed by poison and says that it was a woman that could have done it and Grand Maester says that poison is also a Unick’s weapon too. Ned walks around to find Arya balancing. She tells that she is training and says that she is going to be chasing cats as per Serio’s training. Arya asks if Bran will live with them and Ned says that he will come some day. Arya says that she is not a lady and says that she wants to do something else. Later on the Wall, Samwell says that he is Jon’s new Watch partner. He welcomes Samwell and tells that he is there because his father told him to leave or they will leave him in the woods to die. His father has disowned him. Jon tells Samwell can’t get any worse.

The next day, Petyr tells that he knows about Ned’s book that he checked out. Petyr says that there are spies everywhere and that he needs to be careful not to get too invested in things that could bring to his downfall. Petyr points out the different spies and says that he has some of his own too. He asks if he trusts anyone and says that he needs to go to question someone and says that he needs to go to an armorer that has connections to the last person. Jory goes up to Sir Hugh and says that he is there for Ned Stark, but he is not interested. Later, he updates Ned and he goes up to the armorer and meets Gendry. Ned realizes that the boy looks like King Robert exactly. He walks away and tells that he should go join him. Jory asks if Ned found anything and he says that it is King Robert’s bastard son.

Jory goes to King Robert’s chambers to find Jaime there. He says that the king is in there with his whores and that he makes him wait in the hall and listen as he disrespects his sister. Jory asks for his attention, but Jaimie tells him that the king is not taking visitors and says that he doesn’t serve Ned Stark. Back at Castle Black, Jon tells no one touches Samwell. Rann tells that he is going to. Later that night, Rann gets a rope around his neck by Jon and he tells that no one touches Sam. The next day at training, they don’t hit Samwell and Alliser doesn’t like it. Grenn tells Samwell to hit him and he takes the fall. Alliser knows that it is Jon’s doing and tells everyone that they don’t want a boy at their backs. Back at the Dorthraki, Viserys drags the prostitute to Dany and tells that she doesn’t talk back to him and says that she has awoken the Dragon. However, she smacks him and says that next time he hits her, she will cut off his hands. At Castle Black, Samwell is upset that everyone gets to go to the brothels besides them. Samwell says that he has never been with a woman and Jon says that he was close with a woman named Rosilin. Samwell gets excited at Jon’s description and asks why he didn’t make love to her. He says that he doesn’t want to have bastard sons to be running around with his last name. Alliser comes in and tells that winter is coming and the Wildlings are hard men and they know that things are coming.

Back at the Dorthraki, Dany talks to Ser Jorah and tells that people are shouting for the return of the Dragon and Dany says that Viserys is not the leader that is going to take them home. Later at the joust, Petyr comes up and introduces himself to Arya and Sansa. Arya asks why they call him “Littlefinger” and Petyr says that he is from the Finger. Gregor and Sir Hugh, John Arron’s squire, joust and Gregor kills Sir Hugh. Petyr tells Sansa the story about how Gregor put “The Hound’s” face to the fire. Queen Cersei comes in to talk to Ned and says that she went to extremes with the wolves and asks what he wants to accomplish. Ned says that he was taught to get rid of his enemies and Cersei says that she was as well. Tyrion gets into a bar and finds Lady Stark there as well. He says that he is sorry to have missed her at Winterfell. Catelyn goes around the room and says that she knows everyone and is friends with everyone. She tells everyone that Tyrion conspired to kill her son Bran and asks them for help to bind Tyrion and take him back to Winterfell to stand for his crimes. They all point their swords on him and the episode ends.