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The Night Lands - Recap

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The scene opens, and Arya taunts prisoners in a cage, who think she's the boy Ary. Gendry warns her to stay away. She hides when she sees riders from King's Landing. She thinks they're there for her; and is visibly terrified by the thought. The soldier cites a warrant for someone, but the leader of the caravan holds a knife to his balls. He announces they're looking for a boy called Gendry with a bull's head helmet and there's a reward; for anyone who can give any information about the boy. They ride off, threatening to be back later for his head. The camp eyes Gendry. In the castle, Tyrion comes home to find Shae chatting with Lord Varys. She told Varys they met in Tywin's kitchen.

He assures Tyrion he'll keep her presence there a secret from Tywin. Tyrion lets him know he doesn't appreciate his friendly threats. Cersei and the council read the demands from Robb. She tears them up. Tyrion suggests they send Ned's bones as a sign of goodwill, but Cersei only tells their cousin to tell Jaime he has not been forgotten. Maester Pycelle presents a message from a raven from Castle Black, Mormont is requesting more men. He says a dead man attacked him. Cersei mocks the whole idea of spirits beyond the wall; as he finds the whole idea unbelievable and ridiculous. Samwell and the men enjoy the wildling women wandering around camp. Samwell goes for more potatoes but sees Ghost the direwolf cornering a wildling woman for her dead rabbit. He checks that she's OK, but she warns him he shouldn't touch her.

Gilly tells him he's brave. Sam brings Gilly to talk to Jon. She's pregnant and she wants to go with them when they leave. She says "if it's a boy --" but stops short. "You want us to risk our lives for you, but you won't even tell us why?" Jon asks. She runs off. Sam tells Jon he didn't have to be so mean to her, he thinks she's a person in need of help. Jon says they can't take a girl with them deeper into wildling territory. The Red Waste One of the horses returns riderless to the Dothraki camp. Rakharo's head is in its saddle bag, and his ponytail was cut off. Daenerys promises to burn his body in a proper funeral. Theon Grejoy sails to his father's lands. He passes the trip with a prostitute down below deck. In Petyr's brothel, he has to deal with a customer upset that his prostitute won't stop sobbing.

Ros is crying about the woman whose baby was killed. "Yes, that was poorly handled," Petyr says. Petyr comforts her quickly, but his soothing tones masks a threat as he essentially tells her to suck it up or face the consequences. Tyrion shares a drink with Lord Janus, a newly minted Lord, who killed the baby in Petyr's brothel. Tyrion suggests Cersei gave the order to kill Robert's bastards. Tyrion suggests some people might think Robert's bastards had more claim to the throne than Cersei's child of incest. Tyrion comes around to telling Janos he has no honor. Tyrion says that because Janos betrayed the last hand of the king, he doesn't feel safe with him around. Guards come in to take Janos to the Wall. Janos tries to command the City Watch, but Tyrion tells him Bronn is the new commander of the City Watch. They take Janos away.

Back in the Night's Watch camp, Arya debates what makes a battle. Two boys argue if the fighters are wearing armor, it's a battle. Gendry says any idiot can buy armor. He knows because he sold armor. Arya asks Gendry why the soldier wanted him. He mentions people asking questions before. Arya demands to know more. Gendry tells her two Hands of the King, first Lord Arryn, then Lord Stark came asking him questions -- and both died soon after. They asked about his mother. She worked in a tavern and died when he was little. He doesn't know who his father was. Gendry asks Arya why she thought they were after her and asks if it's because she's a girl. She confesses she's Arya Stark. Theon docks on the Iron Island and looks for a ride to Pike. A woman picks him up and he gropes her all the way there, talking about being the next king.

Theon greets his father Balon, who immediately mocks his son for his clothes. Balon thinks the Starks have made him one of them. Theon swears he's still a Greyjoy and hands over the proposal. If he fights with Robb, they'll make him king of the Iron Islands again. Theon says he'll lead the fight, but Balon suggests there might be someone else. The woman who gave him the ride walks in. Theon realizes he molested his sister Yara. Balon says she can lead the attack. She's commanded men and killed them and she knows who she is, Balon says. He burns Robb's proposal. Theon warns him they don't stand a chance against the Lannisters on their own. "Who said anything about the Lannisters?" Balon replies. Davos makes a pitch to Salladhor Saan, a pirate, to join forces with Stannis and Melisandre for a naval invasion of King's Landing. Davos promises him fame and fortune.

Salladhor wants the queen, but Davos won't promise that. Salladhor agrees. Davos's son wants to show his dad the ways of his god, the Lord of Light, but Davos only believes in Stannis. Cersei yells at Tyrion for sending Janos away. Tyrion tells her they're losing the people because she killed babies. She doesn't deny it. Then Tyrion realizes it wasn't her. Joffrey gave the order, but didn't tell her. She says he did what he had to. Cersei says Jaime and Tyrion never took ruling seriously. "You haven't, Jaime hasn't. It's all fallen on me," Cersei complains. "As has Jaime repeatedly, according to Stannis Baratheon," Tyrion jokes. Cersei blames him for causing their mother's death during his birth. Davos reports to Stannis that Salladhor will join them, although he's not sure they can trust him.

Stannis wants to be alone with Melisandre, but first she whispers something in Davos' son's ear. She told him death by fire is the purest death. Stannis fears he cannot beat his younger brother Renly in the field with less manpower. Melisandre urges him to give himself to the Lord of Light. She opens her robe. He says he has a wife. Melisandre says his wife is sickly and has only given him stillborn children. Melisandre whispers that she'll give him a son. That's a deal he'll take. He throws her on the table and has his way with her. Late at night, Jon Snow sees Craster carrying a baby out into the cold forest. He follows, but hides when he sees Craster coming back alone. Jon hears the baby crying and runs to it as something making weird noises approaches. A manlike figure picks the baby up and takes it away. Suddenly, Jon glances behind him just in time to see Craster smash his face in. The episode ends at this point.