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Garden of Bones - Recap

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The episode begins and two guards are talking about Loras. Just then, they see their horses behave weirdly. Suddenly out of the darkness comes a dire wolf, which attacks them. Meanwhile Rob Stark and his men attack. Robb does not want to execute the prisoners, who have been taken in after his attack. He doesn’t want to torture the prisoners, because the Lannisters too hold prisoners, and he doesn’t want to give them an excuse to torture his sisters. He then restrains an injured man, whose foot is rotting, so it can be amputated. Later Robb talks to the nurse, who amputated the boy’s foot. She is clearly not happy with Robb as he waged this battle which has resulted in many deaths and injuries.

He defends himself by saying that his father was killed and he is simply avenging him. He also tells her that he has no desire to sit in the iron throne; he just wants to kill King Jeoffrey. He tells her that, only after he wins the war, will it be decided who occupies the throne. Meanwhile, back at King’s Landing, King Jeoffrey threatens, Sanza for what her brother Robb has done. She pleads with him that she had no part in it. The king points crossbow at her while she weeps in fear. He then decides to beat her up and strip her off her clothes instead, as his mother has forbidden him from killing her. Just then Tyrion enters, interrupting the proceedings. He then reprimands him for torturing his future wife. Tyrion then escorts Sanza out of there, and apologizes to her for his nephew’s behavior.

He then asks her if she wants to end the engagement between her and the king. She instead tells him that “I am loyal to King Jeoffrey, my one true love”. Bronn suggests to Tyrion that Jeoffrey needs to vent out some of his sexual frustration. Meanwhile, the king finds two whores in his chamber, who have been sent there by his uncle. He begins by seeing the two girls make out with each other, and then tells one girl to hit the other. He then hands over his belt to one of the girls, so she can hit the other. The girls are terrified, when he threatens the girl who is hitting, to hit harder. He then hands over a scepter to the girl, and asks her to use that to hit the other girl. The girls are terrified by is demands. He wants his uncle to see, what has been done, to one of the girls by the other.

He points his crossbow at the girl hitting, and tells her to begin. Meanwhile, Petyr Baelish pays a visit to Renly Baratheon, who is no fan of his. Brienne stands guard. Petyr suggests he could help make King's Landing more welcoming when they attack. Later, Baelish meets up with Margaery, she walks him around the camp. He asks her, who was on the king’s side in the night of his wedding. She replies “my husband is my king and my king is my husband”, making her loyalties known. Meanwhile, in the Red Waste one of the men returns with a new horse. It was give to him by the Elders of the Qarth, three days ride away. Jorah explains the desert around their gates is called the Garden of Bones and every time they shut their gates on a traveler, the garden grows. Meanwhile, Arya, Gendry and the other prisoners are taken to Harrenhal.

There is smell of dead people in the air. Inside they hear the wails and cries of the prisoners, being tortured. A lady with white hair in front of them tells them how in a span of a few days, her whole family was killed, one by one. Later Arya recites the name of the people she wants to punish: Joffrey, Cersei, and the Hound. Meanwhile Petyr pays Catelyn a visit. She tells him that he betrayed Ned. She accuses Petyr of returning her and her husband’s faith with treachery. He tells her that he has loved her since he was a boy, and this is a good opportunity fate has given them. She reacts violently and points a knife at him, telling him to leave. He asks her if she wants to see her girls Sanza and Arya once again. He tells her that both the girls are healthy and safe for now. Although, he fears for their longevity if they remain in the capital. He says they'll trade Jaime for the two girls.

Catelyn knows Robb would never go for it. He brings her a token of Tyrion's good will -- a big box. Inside the box are the remains of Ned’s body, she is moved on seeing it, but orders Petyr to get out. Meanwhile, a commotion wakes up Arya. It’s a guard who has come to pick up a prisoner for bounty. He chooses a man and leaves, much to the relief of Arya and Gendry. The man is then tortured and interrogated, but says he doesn’t know anything. A rat is then put in a bucket, and tied to the man’s bare chest. The man still maintains he knows nothing; the bucket is then heated with a fiery torch aggravating the rat inside. He then reveals the name of the butcher, but they don’t stop. Later, Arya is back again repeating the names she wants to take revenge from. Just then she hears a woman behind her pleading for food. The woman is just beaten and subdued by the guard.

Meanwhile at the Stormlands Renly Baratheon meets with his brother Stannis, along with Melisandre. Stannis reminds Catelyn, who is with Renly, that her husband was allied to him. Stannis tells her that the Iron Throne is his by right, and anyone who denies that are his enemies. Renly says that, all realms deny his right, and no one accepts Stannis as the king. Stannis gives Renly one night to reconsider his position, and offers him his old seat in the council if he does so. Renly denies the offer. Meanwhile at Qarth Daenerys and the Khalasar are greeted outside by troops and a merchant. The Thirteen who govern Qarth are there with the merchant being one of the thirteen. They want to see her dragons. She in turn wants her people fed, before she entertains their demand. The merchant challenges her by questioning the existence of dragons, as they haven’t ever seen a live one. They prepare to walk away, as she isn’t very forthcoming with showing them a dragon.

She calls back to them, and swears that, once her dragons are grown she will lay waste to armies and reclaim what is rightfully hers. She tells them that if they turn her away, she will burn them first. Just then, one of the thirteen interferes and tells the merchant to allow Daenerys and her people in for food and shelter. He then moves forward and vouches for her people and her, by drawing blood from his hand with a sword. The merchant although not pleased gives in, Daenerys and he men are welcome in to the city by the one who vouched for them. Meanwhile, Gendry is chosen for torture in the imprisonments. He tells them he isn’t from the village and knows nothing of the brotherhood.

Just as they are about to tie the bucket with the rat, onto his chest, Tywinn Lannister rides in. He asks Arya, why despite being a girl is she dressed as a boy. She replies that it’s safer to travel. He tells his men to get the prisoners to work, instead of killing them. He tells his men to get the girl to him, as he needs a new cup bearer. Meanwhile, back at King’s Landing; Tyrion is presented with a warrant from Cersei to release Pycelle. He calls in his cousin who is there to deliver the warrant for a drink. He asks why his sister didn’t come for Pycelle herself, if she was so concerned. Tyrion tells him, that “the queen regent must have great trust in you, allowing you into her chambers in the hour of the wolf”. He is shocked to hear this, but composes himself, explaining that the queen has many responsibilities and can’t do everything herself.

He then directly accuses his cousin of sleeping with Cersei. The cousin defends that it isn’t his fault. He then begs for mercy, in front of Tyrion, who threatens to reveal everything to the king. He in return for keeping quite tells his cousin to work for him, by continuing to serve Cersei, and giving him all the inside information. He also says that he will release Pycelle. Meanwhile, Stannis asks Davos to revert to his old smuggler's ways and smuggle Melisandre ashore, as he feels that the best way to win the war. Later, Davos drops Melisandre ashore; she then proceeds to flirting with him, which he is clearly uncomfortable with. He then walks down a passage with her and sees the path barred.

Inside the dark passage she strips down, with Davos shocked to no end, on seeing her naked. She then sits down on the ground naked and begins moaning, with Davos shocked at the sight. Suddenly from her comes out a dark creature that, looks like black smoke. It then takes a somewhat human form. The episode ends at this point.