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A Man Without Honor - Recap

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The episode begins with Winterfell Theon waking up alone in bed. He chews out his men for letting Hodor, Bran, Rickon and Osha escape. One of his men points out Theon was busy having sex with Osha, so he beats and stomps on him. They head out after the Stark boys, bringing Maester Luwin with them. Meanwhile, Theon tells Luwin he won't kill the boys if he finds them soon. He's counting on his sister and her men to beat Robb's men back to Winterfell. The dogs start barking. But way ahead, the Stark boys are clear. They didn't bring enough food, but Bran doesn't want to risk stopping at a nearby farm and putting the family there at risk if Theon catches up to them. The Stark boys remember two young orphan boys that live there.

Meanwhile, Jon wakes up pressed against Ygritte, his wildling captive out in the mountains. By his uncomfortable reaction, she realizes he's a virgin. He ties her up and leads her away. She taunts him, wondering what happens to him if he doesn't get sex. Jon explains there are no women of the Night's Watch. She questions his vow and they get into an argument over whose people has claim to the land since both have been their forever. Meanwhile, Harrenhal Luwin hangs guards one by one, trying to figure out who poisoned his man with a wolf's bane dart. They've already hanged 20 men. Luwin thinks they were trying to kill him. Meanwhile, Arya brings him food and listens as Gregor Cligane tells Luwin they think it was an infiltrator from the Brotherhood without Banners. Meanwhile, Luwin sees that Arya brought mutton, which he doesn't like.

She offers to bring something else, but he tells her to sit and eat. He tells her it'll be his last war, win or lose. She holds her cutting knife and contemplates the back of Luwin's neck as he goes on about his legacy. She knows Harrenhal was attacked by dragons; they never planned against that. Aegon Targaryen led the attack; Arya knows the names of the dragons and the sisters who rode with him. He asks how she learned all that, but then doesn't believe her stone mason father taught her. He corrects her to say "my lord" to pass as a commoner, but she keeps up her ruse. Meanwhile, at King’s Landing Sansa passes Sandor Clegane in the hall and thanks him for saving her, but he says he enjoys killing. Meanwhile, Qarth Xaro promises to help Dany get her dragons back, because he cannot let this thing happen to her under his roof.

She's not hearing it. Beyond the Wall Ygritte keeps ranting about the wildling way being better than Jon's. She tells him he doesn't have to spend his whole life taking orders from some old man. He tries to ignore her. Meanwhile at Robb's Encampment, Robb listens to a report from Ser Alton from Cersei about Robb's offer. He orders his men to keep Alton with Jaime for now. Meanwhile, Talisa drops by to ask for supplies to treat the wounded. He lets her speak frankly to him. She wants to send a list of what she needs with him when he negotiates the surrender of the Crag. He invites her to come with him to look at the supplies; he wants all prisoners treated well. Meanwhile, Theon beats up on the man of a farm house when he says he hasn't seen the Stark boys. One of his men finds Rickon's cracked walnuts. They send Luwin back to Winterfell.

Meanwhile, Qarth Jorah returns to Danerys from looking for a ship. He assures her people in Westeros will welcome her. He asks for her trust, but she snaps at him for being too familiar. He asks how he can help. "Find my dragons," he says. Beyond the Wall Ygritte threatens to tell Jon's men that they had sex, and then suggests they might as well since it's his word against hers. She makes a move on him but he resists so she takes off running. She doesn't get far and disappears from view. Jon follows but then quickly sees that he's surrounded by wildlings. Meanwhile at King's Landing, Sansa has a nightmare about nearly getting gang raped. She wakes up and discovers with horror that she has gotten her first period. She tries to cut the blood out of the sheet, because if Cersei knows she can have Joffrey's children he'll try. Shae helps, but another hand maiden comes in, sees, and runs off to tell Cersei.

Shae pulls a knife on her, telling her to say nothing. Shae returns and finds Sandor in Sansa's room. Meanwhile, Sansa meets with Cersei, who tells her having the king's children is the greatest honor for a queen. Cersei says Joffrey has always been difficult. Cersei remembers how Robert used to always go hunting when she was due. "You may never love the king, but you will love his children," Cersei says. Sansa assures her she loves Joffrey. Cersei tells her the more people she loves, the weaker you are. "Love no one but your children," Cersei says, saying she can try to love Joffrey as well. Meanwhile, at Robb's Encampment Alton shares a pen with Jaime who doesn't remember him at all. Finally, Jaime remembers that Alton squired for him at a wedding and did a good job.

Alton has a bit of hero worship, remembering Jaime jousting as the best day of his life. Jaime remembers squiring for someone on a battlefield. He says he's not suited to be a prisoner, but he imagines Ned Stark was a very good prisoner. Alton asks Jaime if he's thought about escaping and inches closer. "It's quite simple, you only have to do one thing," Jaime whispers in his ear. "You'll have to die." Jaime pounds on him until the jailer comes in to check on him. Jaimie throttles him around the neck with his chains and gets his keys. Meanwhile, Qarth Jorah pays a visit to the woman with the covered face, who can tell that he loves Dany. She asks if he'll betray Dany "again" and he says never. She tells him the one who took Daenerys' dragons is with her now. Cut to the Spice King and the Thirteen, listening to Dany plea for their return.

She says the dragons will die without her. Listening to her plea, Pyat Pree says they should be returned and so he'll give them to her. He made an arrangement with the King of Qarth. Daenerys is confused, there is no King. "There is now," Xaro says. Meanwhile, Daenerys can only watch as Pyat's men walk up behind all the Thirteen, except Xaro, and slit their throats. She runs. Pyat follows, saying a mother should be with her children. Pyat -- or a projection of him -- stops her. Jorah stabs it, but it crumples to only a pile of clothes. Pyat appears again, telling her to go see her dragons in the house of the undying. Meanwhile Robb's Encampment, a soldier tells Catelyn that Jaime Lannister has been caught. He's dragged back into camp with chains around his neck as people shout for him to be hung. Catelyn has to stop the angry father of the guard Jaime killed from killing Jaime with Robb away negotiating the surrender at the Crag.

Meanwhile King's Landing, Tyrion reads a raven scroll: "Stannis Baratheon's fleet has been spotted sailing north, past Toth. Two Hundred ships." That's more than they have and he'll be there in four or five days. Cersei is counting on raining fire on them from above. Tyrion realizes she's quoting their father. Tyrion says it's time Joffrey start acting like a king. Cersei says he doesn't listen. "It's hard to put a leash on a dog once you've put a crown on his head," Tyrion says. Cersei wonders if Joffrey's sadomasochism is the price she has to pay for having children with her brother. Tyrion sympathetically reminds her that the Targaryens wed brothers and sisters for years. But she remembers half of them went mad.

He tells her she's beaten the odds with Tommen and Myrcella. They wonder what to do. Meanwhile, Catelyn and Brienne realize they're about to have a problem on their hands with people wanting Jaime's head and Robb still gone. Catelyn visits him Jaime in his pen and demands to be alone. Catelyn tells Jaime he's a man with no honor. Jaime taunts her, saying that he's only ever been with Cersei, which makes him better than Ned. He winds her up by talking about "honorable Ned Stark" bringing home the bastard Jon Snow and how much she must have hated him. Catelyn calls for Brienne's sword. Meanwhile, Winterfell Theon addresses the people, telling them he warned them what would happen. Men bring Maester Luwin in in chains. He looks on in horror as Theon reveals two small charred bodies in nooses. Even Theon looks a little shaken at the sight. The episode ends at this point.