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Valar Dohaeris - Recap

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The episode begins with Samwell running through the snow, when he sees something. It is 2 dead people. Sam turns around and he gets attacked by a zombie, but the zombie is set on fire by the Night Watch. Sam is asked if he sent the ravens. Sam has not, and the Head tells him that was the only thing he asked of him. The Head of the Night Watch tells his men they have to get back to the wall and warn everyone the Snow Zombies are coming because if they don’t everyone will be killed. Jon and Ygritte are traveling with the King of the Bones to meet Mance Rayder, the King beyond the Wall.

When they get to the village, Jon Snow is fascinated because he has never seen a giant before. Ygritte warns him not to stare because he could make the giants angry. She tells Jon not to look grim and says that if Mance likes him, he will live another day. Jon goes into a tent to meet Mance and Mance is curious why Jon wants to join them. Jon claims he wants to be free, but Mance does not believe him, he thinks Jon wants to be a hero. He tells Mance that he stopped at Crastor’s keep and he saw Crastor leave his son in the woods and he saw what took it.

Mance wants to know why that would make him leave his brothers. Jon tells him he left because when he told his commander, he said he already knew. Jon says he wants to fight for the side that fights for the living and asks Mance if he came to the right place. Mance at last seems convinced by Jon’s reasoning. Bronn is with a prostitute when a man interrupts and tells Bronn that Tyrion wants to see him. He says that it is a matter of life and death. Bronn is not pleased. Tyrion is in his room when someone knocks on the door. It is Cersei. Tyrion does not want to let her in, but finally gives in.

Cersei says she came to see his face and tells him it is not as bad as she thought. She makes a snarky remark about how his new rooms are not as good as the rooms of the Kings Hand. She wants to know why Tyrion is going to see their father and wants to know what Tyrion is going to say to him. She wonders if he will tell lies about Cersei and Joffrey. Bronn shows up to Tyrion’s rooms and two of Cersei’s men, who are waiting outside, threaten Bronn, but Cersei comes out and a fight is avoided. Bronn asks Tyrion why he called him and Tyrion says people want to kill him, so he wants Bronn to protect him. Bronn tells Tyrion if he wants his protection he has to pay him more. He wants double because he is a knight now. Davos Seaworth is on a rock and he signals to a boat to get help.

The boat sees him, they ask who he is. He tells them he was in the battle of Blackwater and he is a knight. They ask which King he served and he tells them that he served Stannis. They take him onboard and he tells the Pirate Salladhor that everyone thought he was dead. Davos lost his son in the battle and is upset. He finds out that Stannis is at Dragonstone from Salladhor and wants to go to there to cut Melisandre’s heart out. Salladhor does not want him to because they will kill him, but Davos pressures him into agreeing. Rob Stark, his mother, Catlyn, and his army comes to Winterfell and finds it burned down and all the people dead. They find one person alive. They give him water and he tells Robb his name is Tiber.

Tyrion meets Tyrwin and tells him the badge looks good on him and that it almost looks as good as it looked on him. Tyrion asks if he is enjoying being, the Hand of the King. Tywin tells Tyrion he gave him power to council the King, but instead he bedded harlots and indulged in drinking with thieves. Tywin asks why he is there and Tyrion tells him he protected the city and shed his blood, while Joffrey ran away. He tells his father he wants some gratitude for his deeds. Tywin tells him he is a Lannister and he cannot expect a bed of roses for doing something. Tyrion tells him he wants what is by right his and says he wants Casterly Rock. Tywin tells him he would rather be covered with Maggots than give him Casterly Rock. He even accuses Tyrion of killing his mother and says he will never allow Tyrion to turn Casterly Rock into his personal whorehouse.

Sansa is sitting with Shae, when Peter Baelish arrives. Sansa wants to speak to Baelish alone and he tells Sansa that he met her mother Catelyn and she is eager to see her. He says that he is waiting for an assignment and when he sets sail he may be able to take her with him. While Baelish is speaking to Sansa, a servant comes up to Shae and warns her to watch out for Sansa with Baelish. Daenerys Targaryen is sailing on a ship and her dragons are growing. They are flying and playing with each other. The Dothraki on the boat are all sick and having a hard time, but they are following Daenerys. Davos comes to see Stannis and he says that he thought Davos was dead.

Davos sees Melisandre there and tells her he would throw her in the sea if he ever gets the opportunity. Melisandre tells Davos he is not her enemy and accuses Davos of convincing Stannis to not bring her to battle. She tells him she could have saved everyone and mocks him about his sons. He in anger, attacks her and after restraining him Stannis orders that Davos be taken to the dungeons.

King Joffrey is traveling through the city, when his carriage is stopped. He asks the reason for this and is told Margery got out among the people to see the children. She refuses to have guards with her and stops to sit and talk to the children. She tells them King Joffrey will take care of everyone and tells the person taking care of the children to come directly to her if she needs food or clothes for the children. Back at the castle, Margery comes to dinner and Cersei comments that Margery was at the orphanage earlier today. She cautions Margery that she needs to be careful and says that she and Joffrey were attacked there once, but Joffrey tells her that Cersei is exaggerating and says they were fine. Cersei is not pleased how Margery is working her way into Joffrey’s heart.

Daenerys Targaryen is off her boat and is being shown the unsullied soldiers. She asks about how they are trained, but the owner doesn’t seem interested in answering her and is rude to her and Jorah. Jorah cuts the man’s nipple off to teach him a lesson in humility, after which they explain to him that the unsullied has to kill a baby in a mother’s arms to be an unsullied. Daenerys asks how many he has to sell, and he replies 8,000. Daenerys cannot get over the fact that there are 8,000 dead babies because the man has 8,000 unsullied slaves. In the Market, a little girl gives Daenerys something, it opens up and there is a scorpion inside that comes after Daenerys.

A man kills the scorpion with a knife and Daenerys tells him she owes him her life. The man reveals himself to have been the commander of King Robert Baratheon's guard, Barristan Selmy. He's been searching for Daenerys since King Robert's death. Selmy asks forgiveness in failing to protect her family, kneels before her, calls her queen and asks to join her queen's guard. He promises he won't fail her this time. The episode ends at this point.