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Dark Wings, Dark Words - Recap

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The episode begins with Bran running through the woods. A black bird flies by and caws at him. He tries to shoot it with an arrow but misses. A boy appears and says he can't kill it because the raven is him. He wakes up and Hodor checks on him. He tells Osha that he saw the three eyed raven again in his dream. She's worried about his black magic dreams and says they need to make a move. Robb Stark stares into the fire while Talisa gently mocks him. They kiss but are interrupted by Lord Baltan, who has two notes, one from River Run and the other from Winterfell. Catelyn's father has died. He also informs her that Winterfell has burned and Bran and Rickon have not been found.

He concludes that they could've been taken hostage by Theon. Elsewhere, Theon is tied up and awakened with cold water to the face. He asks where he is, but instead of replying a torturer sticks a knife through his hand. While on their journey, Brienne and Jaime run into a farmer, who is on his way to River Run. The farmer tells them to be careful and blesses them. Jaime feels the guy recognized him, but they don’t give it much consideration and keep moving forward. Joffrey is getting a fitting for his wedding coat and Cersei looks on approvingly. Cersei asks him, how he likes Margaery and he thinks she's an ideal match from a family standpoint. Cersei wants to know what he personally thinks of her and although clearly smitten, he tries to change the subject.

Sansa tells Shae to stop worrying about Baelish taking an interest in her. She says he doesn't want anything or want to touch her and Shae says if he does, to tell her, and she will make him stop. Loras Tyrell comes to visit and she's invited for lunch in the gardens. Sansa meets up with Margaery and introduces her to her grandmother Elena. She's a fun old lady, who speaks her mind about her family and how dumb Renly Baratheon is. Elena wants to know the truth about Joffrey since they've heard some troubling tales about her being mistreated by him. After Elena and Margaery promise not to betray her confidence, Sansa reluctantly admits to them that Joffrey is a monster.

They're disappointed but not surprised and decide that the wedding will go forward. As they march to River Run to go to Cateyln's father's funeral, Robb chats about the future of the war with his right hand man. He thinks going to the funeral is a waste of time and that Robb has lost the plot and also feels Robb lost the war the day he married Talisa. Catelyn and Talisa are having a conversation about making what looks like a kind of dreamcatcher, to help see her sons to safety. She says she made one to pray for Bran's survival from the fall.

She also prayed for Jon Snow, at first she prayed for him to die and he got the pox, but she felt terrible guilt about it, so she made a dreamcatcher and prayed for him to live. She had promised herself that if he lived she would love him and beg Ned Stark to give him his name. Jon lived, but he never became a Stark because she couldn't keep her promise to ask Ned to do it. She feels that all of the horror that has befallen her family is because she couldn't love a motherless child. Jon Snow is trudging through the snow with Mance Rayder, who is talking about the various warring factions and how he united all 90 of them. While they are hanging out, Snow’s eyes go white and he goes into a state, where he can see through the eyes of animals.

He comes back to the present and says he went to "The Fist of the First Men". Rayder asks what he saw and he says dead crows. The Night's Watch is walking through a barren wasteland, when one of them taunts Samwell for running and hiding. The guy tells him to lie down and rest because he knows he wants to. Samwell falls to his knees wracked with exhaustion, fear and sadness that they left him when the White Walkers came. The man who taunted him wants to leave him behind, but the Lord Commander tells the man that he has to look after Sam and tells Sam he's not allowed to die. Bran is awoken from his sleep by Osha and his dire wolf looking for food.

She runs off to capture some game, while the boy from Bran's dreams walks up next to him. The dire wolf growls at him and Osha is about to attack him from behind, when the boy’s sister stops her and makes Osha drop her spear. The boy approaches the wolf and has him sniff his hand, which calms it down. He approaches Bran and introduces himself as Jojan Reed and his sister as Mira. Reed says they've come a long way to find him and they have much farther to go. While walking though a forest, Arya and her buddies are busy arguing about where they should go, when they hear voices and hide. A bunch of guys are wandering through the forest and shoot an arrow in the direction of Arya.

She warns them to leave and says she won't kill them if they do as they are told. They seem menacing at first, but they turn out to be a gang led by Thorace, the leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners. He offers them food and wants to chat about what they're up to. Tyrion returns to his chambers and finds Shae waiting for him. He is upset that she has come there since his father has threatened to kill the next whore he finds Tyrion with. She tells him she's worried about Sansa and Baelish and gives him a hard time about Ros, but eventually she gets to the point and says they need to protect her. By the end of their conversation, they are all over each other.

Joffrey summons Margaery and says he’s leaving on a hunting trip, so he wants to make sure she's content living in the capital. He questions her about being Renly Baratheon's wife and she says she did her duty and tried to give him children, but he didn't seem interested in the company of women. He shows her his crossbow and she pretends to be delighted by it. She says she wants to go hunting sometime, so he lets her hold the crossbow and puts his arms around her to demonstrate. She says it must be exciting to kill something and he asks if she thinks she could do it. She in turn wants to know, if he feels she could and he says that he does. He says he would like to watch her kill something.

The torturer continues to put the screws to Theon and asks why he took Winterfell. After giving a few varying replies, Theon in the end concedes that he'll say anything to make the torture stop. A while later, after the torturer has left, a boy comes and loosens the screws and tells Theon he'll come back for him. During their journey, Bran mentions his dream to Reed and he too apparently remembers the dream clearly. Turns out, Bran shares visions with Reed, but they don’t know why. The Brotherhood Without Banners are eating and drinking with Arya, when she lets pride get the better of her and pulls her sword. Thorace quickly knocks it from her grasp and agrees to let Arya and her gang leave safely, but before she can do so, the Brotherhood’s prisoner, The Hound, recognizes her and calls her a Stark.

During their journey, Jaime and Brienne come across a river and contemplate how they should cross it. In the end, they decide to walk across a bridge, despite the risk of being seen. While walking across, Jamie manages to grab one of Brienne’s swords and they begin dueling. Jamie tells her that if she kills him she will fail her mission, but if she doesn’t he’ll kill her. While they are at it, men arrive there on horses. Turns out, the farmer did recognize Jamie and informed Robb’s men, who are here to capture him. Jamie offers the men cash to turn away, but they refuse, saying that if Robb finds out they let Jamie go he would have their heads. The episode ends at this point.