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And Now His Watch is Ended - Recap

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The episode begins and Jamie has been put on a course with his hand hanging from his neck. Brienne tells their tormentors that Jamie is going to fall and beseeches them to help him. Soon after, Jamie falls off his horse in a pile of mud and begs for water. They pour it on his head and while he drinks the water, the man pouring it mocks him, saying he has never seen anyone drink horse piss that fast. Despite losing his hand, Jamie grabs one of the men’s swords and tries to fight back, but he cannot with his left hand. Brienne tries to help him, but the man overpowers Jamie and tells him if he tries it again he will cut his other hand off.

Tyrion comes to Vary and asks if he know what Cersei is up too. Tyrion wants Vary to tell him, who tried to kill him and Vary begins telling Tyrion the gory story of how he was castrated by a sorcerer. Vary has the sorcerer, who castrated him, locked in a box and tells Tyrion if he has patience he will get revenge. At Craster’s, the Night Watch is still with him and his daughter/wife, who just gave birth, begs Samwell to save her baby. Bronn is dreaming again and Jojen Reed is with him. He climbs a tree, looking for a raven, his mother Catelyn is mad at him, and scares him out of the tree, which is when he awakens. Vary interviews one of the whores, asking her if Baelish was mad because the whores did not collect money from the boy who saved Tyrion. She tells him Lord Baelish is too preoccupied with going to the Erie and Vary wonders if Lord Baelish is forgetting Sansa.

She tells him he is not because he has booked 2 feather beds on the boat taking him to the Erie, saying she is sure one is for Sansa. While taking her around for a tour of the castle, Joffrey shows Margaery, Targaryen bones kept in one section of the castle. While they are at it, Cersei and the Queen of Thorns have a talk. During the tour, Margaery convinces Joffrey to go see his people, who are outside the castle, telling him that if he shows them his love they will adore him. Joffrey seems convinced by her logic and commands that the doors be opened. On seeing this, Cersei is clearly not pleased, while Margaery waves to the crowd and so does Joffrey. Cersei is visibly worried with Margaery’s growing influence over Joffrey. Somewhere is the woods; Theon Greyjoy is getting to know the man who saved him.

They are on horseback riding through the forest and Theon learns he is an Iron Islander, who saw Theon being kidnapped as a boy. While Theon is still upset about his father thinking he is a Stark and not a Greyjoy, the man leads him to Yara, his sister. Theon tells him he killed the Stark boy because he wanted to make his father proud, but it is too late. Theon realizes he destroyed his only home Winterfell. All of a sudden Theon notices that the man, who saved him, was actually lying and has led him back to the crucifix, where he was tied up, before his escape. Back on his cross Theon goes, while the man, who brought him there, yells that it was Theon, who killed all the others in the forest. After all that has happened, Jamie is on the verge of giving up, but Brienne reprimands him, saying him losing his hand isn’t the end of the world.

She wants to know why Jamie helped her and says that she knows he told their captors that her father has sapphires. After Cersei goes to see Tywin to make sure that he is looking for Jamie, he assures her he is doing all he can. Cersei also tells him that the Tyrells are a problem; she feels Margaery has her claws into Joffrey. Tywin feels that’s a good thing, saying Cersei in all these years has done nothing, but spoil Joffrey. In the end, he tells her that she is not as smart as she thinks she is. Vary visits Grandma Olenna Tyrell and tells her the city is brighter with her here and that he knows she likes Sansa Stark. Vary says that he liked Ned Stark and he has taken interest in Sansa as well.

After telling her that Baelish intends to leave with Sansa, he adds that Baelish was born with no lands, not title and no army. He feels Baelish is the most dangerous person in the kingdom and lets Olenna know that if Robb Stark falls, Sansa becomes the key to the North and Baelish will marry her. Margaery Tyrell comes and sees Sansa praying and asks her what she is praying for, but Sansa says she cannot tell her. She apparently is trying to draw Sansa into her web and Sansa thinks she wants them to be close as sisters. Margaery tells Sansa she has to see High Garden, but she is actually implying that Sansa should consider marrying her brother Loras.

The Night Watch is having a funeral. The man died because Craster starved him and the Night Watch isn’t pleased about it. Craster tells the Commander of the Night Watch he wants them dead and as the starving Night Watch look on, Craster eats. Eventually, the Night Watch demands that Craster give them the food he has hidden, but instead of complying, Craster asks them to leave. The enraged leader kills Craster. A battle ensues; in the fight the Lord Commander gets killed. The Night Watch men feel he was too accommodating to Craster, so they hardly regret his death. Samwell realizes he isn’t safe anymore, so he runs out, grabs Craster’s wife, Gilly, and her new born son and they run.

The Hound is being held by the Brothers Without Banners and the Hound tells them they are fighting for ghosts. Arya tells the Hound that he killed her friend Micah, the Hound counters that he had to protect Joffrey and he did his job. Beric tells the Hound he does not know the truth, so the Hound will fight a combat for his life with Beric. After Daenerys Targaryen arrives to collect her slaves, she carefully hands over the dragon to the slaver, Kraznos. The slaver gives Daenerys the whip, she walks up to her unsullied army and speaks in fluent Valyria, shocking the slaver. She tells them who she is and then she commands them to slay every soldier and their masters. She also commands her dragon to breathe fire on the slaver and kill him.

After they have all been dealt with, Daenerys rides among her unsullied, telling them they have been slaves all their lives and now they are free. She says anyone who wants to leave may do so and will not be hurt. She asks if they will fight for her and they start banging their spears, indicating that they are willing. Daenerys, her unsullied army and her dragons march away. On the way, she drops the whip on the ground. The episode ends at this point.