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Kissed by Fire - Recap

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The episode begins with Beric Dondarrion asking the Lord of Light to cast his light upon them and show him the truth. Beric asks the Lord of Light to give him wisdom. He is going to fight the Hound, because the Hound has chosen trial by battle. The Hound and Beric fight it out. Eric’s sword is on fire as he aggressively attacks the Hound and the people chant that the Hound is guilty. Things do not go well for Beric and the Hound kills him. Arya grabs a knife and tries to get to the Hound. They hold her back and she screams for the Hound to burn in hell. She is told by Beric, who is alive, that he will, but not today.

Over with the Wildlings, Giantsbane asks Jon what he knows about the Crows patrols. Jon Snow tells him what they want to know. Giantsbane threatens to pull Jon Snow’s guts out through his throat if he lies to him. Jon is pissed because Ygritte jumped to his defense. She explains she had to and grabs his sword for her reward. She runs down a cave where water is running and there are pools of water. She tells Jon that she wants him to prove he is not a crow; she wants him to break his vows with her. She strips naked. He tells her they should not, but they embrace and start to kiss. They end up making love, Jon has broken his vows. He tells Ygritte she is the first women he has ever slept with. She tells him she has slept with other men and starts to tell him the men she has slept with, but Jon cuts her off, he does not want to hear her list.

They decide to take a bath together. Ygritte tells him she does not want to go back. She wants to stay in the cave with him forever. The Hound tells the Brothers without Banners he wants his gold. Arya does not want them to let him go, because he is a murder, but is told they have to let him go. Into the Bolton camp, comes the Brave Companions with Jamie and Brienne. The Brave Companions gives Lord Bolton the King Slayer. Lord Bolton tells the Brave Companions to cut Brienne free, while Jamie asks Lord Bolton if there is news from the capital. Lord Bolton tells Jamie that Stannis Baratheon stormed Kings Landing but his father Tywin’s forces prevailed, Cersei is fine and so is the Kingdom.

Jamie falls to the ground and Lord Bolton orders Jamie be taken to the healer. The healer tells Jamie that the infection is spreading and it might be better to cut off his whole arm. Jamie refuses. The healer agrees to try another method where he cuts off the infected flesh. He offers Jamie milk of poppy, but Jamie refuses and says if he has pain he will scream. When the healer cuts off the infected part, Jamie screams a lot. Cersei comes to see Lord Baelish, and she tells him that he believes the Tyrells are plotting something. She asks Lord Baelish to check into it and find out what they are up to. Lady Olenna Tyrell is having a conversation with Tyrion and he tells her the Royal Wedding is getting to be very extravagant.

Tyrion tells her they are at war, but Lady Olenna reminds him of all the contributions the Tyrells have made. At the end of their conversation, Lady Olenna agrees to pay 1/2 the total wedding cost. Gendry tells Arya that he is going to stay on with Brothers without Banners as a smith, but Arya tells him he does not have to stay. Gendry tells her he wants family and Arya offers to be his family. Rickard Karstark breaks into where Karstark’s men are holding the Lannister nephews hostages and kills them. Robb asks why he murdered the young squires and Rickard says for revenge. Robb accuses Rickard of treason, but Rickard mocks Robb, saying he can scold him as a punishment. He then tells Robb he will be called The King Who Lost The North.

Robb orders the men be taken and hung. Caitlyn and Talisa warn Robb that if he kills Rickard the Karstarks will not be loyal anymore. She suggests he keep Rickard hostage to keep the Karstarks loyal. Robb refuses to listen and cuts Rickard Karstark’s head off. Back with the Brothers without Banners, they explain to Arya why they had to let the Hound go. Lady Selyse is praying to the Lord of The Light when Stannis comes in. She tells him he is the finest man she has ever known and he will be successful. Stannis tells her he has shamed her and sinned. Lady Selyse tells him she knows because Melisandre told her.

Stannis tells Lady Selyse he wants to see his daughter, Shireen. She tells him she is not stopping him, so he goes into the room and there is the little girl. One side of her face is disfigured. Shireen tells him that she heard he was in a battle and she wants to know if the Onion King is back. Stannis tells Shireen that the Onion King, Sir Davos, is a traitor and he is in the dungeon. The little girl is upset because Davos was her friend.

Jamie comes into the bath, while Brienne is talking a bath as well. He tells her he too needs a bath. There is another tub, but he is insists on getting in the tub with Brienne. Brienne curls up in the corner and Jamie tells Brienne not to worry because she is not his type. He makes a few nasty comments and she stands up naked and mad. Jamie apologizes for his comments and concedes and says that what he said was uncalled for. Jamie starts to tell Brienne about the Mad King, Aerys II Targaryen and how he liked to burn people.

He starts to recount his story about how Jamie’s father Tywin marched on the Kingdom and Robert Baratheon. Jamie warned Aerys II Targaryen to surrender, but the Mad King would not listen. Tywin and the Lannisters sacked the city. The Mad King commanded Jamie to kill his father and cut his head off. He commanded his pyromancers to burn the city down and the people. Jamie could not kill his own father so he killed the Pyromancer first and stabbed the Man King. Afterwards, he cut his throat. Brienne asks Jamie why he never told Ned Stark the truth. Stannis’ daughter, Shireen, comes down to the dungeon to see Davos. She brings him a book and Davos tells her he cannot read. Shireen offers to teach him to read and starts her first lesson.

Daenery’s asks her unsullied warriors if they picked someone to lead. They have chosen Grey Worm. Daenery’s tells the unsullied, from this day forward they choose their own names. Grey Worm tells her that he is proud of the name he has because that is the name he had the day she made him free. Sir Barristan and Jorah are talking and Jorah makes it clear to Barristan that he does not take his orders from him. Robb tells Talisa, that his mother and she were right about the Karstarks because they are gone. His wife suggests they march North and take back Winterfell from the Greyjoys.

Robb tells her that when they started the war they had purpose, now they are like bickering children. Robb gets an idea. He says that he will take Casterly Rock from the Lannisters. He needs to get men to replace the Karstarks. Robb tells Talisa that he has to get the Freys on his side. The Freys are the family whose daughter he was supposed to have married. Sansa asks Maergery when they will announce that she is marrying Loras. Maergery assures her soon, but reveals to her that Loras is gay. Lord Baelish is meeting with a man who tells him that Loras will be married to Sansa and that is what the Tyrells are plotting. Lord Baelish comes up behind Sansa and tells her he has good news. He says that he is leaving the city soon.

He asks her if she wants to go home and she tells him that she does, but thinks that maybe the timing isn’t right. Lord Baelish tells Sansa he is her true friend. He also assures her if she wants to stay in Kings Landing, then of course she can stay. Tyrion comes to see his father and tells him that after one conversation with Lady Olena he has saved the crown a lot of money, but his father does not care. He says that he has other things on his mind. He tells Tyrion that Lady Olena is planning to wed Sansa, who he believes is the key to the North to Loras. He tells Tyrion he is not handing Sansa over to the Tyrells. Tywin then announces that he has to find Sansa Stark another husband.

Tyrion soon realizes his father wants him to marry Sansa Stark. Lord Tywin lets Tyrion know it is about time he was wed, but Lord Tywin does not stop there. He tells Cersei that she is to marry Loras. Cersei is furious and she lets her father know as much. Lord Tywin in turn, makes it amply clear to Tyrion and Cersei, that they will have to do his bidding. The episode ends at this point.