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The Climb - Recap

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The episode begins and Samwell and Gilly are deep in the woods huddled around a fire. He shows her an ancient dagger he found. He says it's just a few more days walk to the wall and it's even bigger than they say; 700 feet high. He notes Castle Black is nice enough with a 24/7 fire and a tasty venison stew. She asks him to sing her a song and he sings her a lullaby like song. Elsewhere, also in a forest, Osha and Meera argue with each other about the proper way to skin a rabbit. Bran asks them to stop fighting, saying they have to stay united in order to make it to the wall. He asks them to make peace and grudgingly they do.

Meanwhile, Jojen is having some kind of seizure and Meera puts a belt in his mouth. She says the visions take their toll and he's having one now. He awakens and says he saw Jon Snow on the wrong side of the wall surrounded by enemies. Jon Snow continues on with Mance Rader's men. They are about to attempt to mount the wall. Ygritte and he survey the wall. They're both afraid of climbing it, but she says she can't wait to see the world from up there. They attach rudimentary crampons to their shoes. Tormund tells him to sink his pickaxe deep into the wall and to not scream if he falls because he (Jon Snow) wouldn't want that to be the last thing Ygritte remembers.

Jon looks despairingly at the wall. Arya indulges in target practice and Anguy gives her tips. A group on horseback approaches. It is Melisandre and her entourage. She speaks in a foreign tongue to BWB general Thoros. She asks why he was unable to get King Robert to follow the Lord of the Light. He says simply that he failed. She counters that he quit. They switch from High Valerian to English and he asks why they are there. He brings her to see Beric Dondarrion. She appraises his many wounds and asks how often he's been brought back. Thoros says 6. She can't believe it. He says he can't really believe it either since his faith was shaken and he ate and whored his way across the land, all he does is ask for the Lord to bring him back and he does.

He didn't really believe, but when Dondarrion died the first time he asked for his friend and the Lord brought him back, he said he knew then that their God was the one true God. Melisandre again turns to Beric and asks about the "other side." He says there is no other side, only darkness. He asks why she's been sent. She says they have something the Lord needs. Gendry, Arya and another brother look at arrow tips that pierce armor. Melisandre approaches and two of her men apprehend Gendry. Thoros says the Lord of Light needs him, but Arya says they're only doing this for gold. Thoros points out that they require gold to continue on.

Gendry himself protests that they're not much of a brotherhood. Melisandre tells him Gendry is more than they could ever be. Arya approaches her and calls her a witch. Melisandre grabs her face and says she sees darkness in her as well. Before leaving with Gendry, Melisandre tells her they will meet again. The wildlings climb the windswept wall. Jon Snow makes the mistake of looking down, but then he stares at Ygritte's butt for inspiration. A chunk of rock falls on him and knocks him back but he hangs on. The boy wakes Theon, further torturing him by keeping him awake. He begs for water and the boy pours some out in front of him, cruelly. Theon begs for mercy and says he'll tell him everything. The boy says he's heard it all.

He tells him he knows that the Stark boys are still alive and that he will find them. He says he knows Theon wonders why he's there, where he is, and why he's doing this to him. He tells Theon if he can guess he won't cut off his little finger. The boy then asks Theon where he is. Theon takes a few guesses and finally gives the right answer. The boy then asks Theon to guess who he is. Theon guesses he's a Karstark, younger brother of the one who Jaime killed and son of the Karstark man who was beheaded by Robb. Theon says he was Robb's bannerman, Theon betrayed Robb, and that's why this young Karstark is torturing him. The young man says he wins, but anyway cuts off Theon’s finger. The Freys come to meet with Robb.

They say their father said the alliance can continue on several contingencies: an apology for Robb jilting his daughter, Haarenhal when the war is over, and Robb's right hand man marrying one of his daughters and a wedding in a fortnight. Their father is old and he says a wedding would give him peace and he wants an answer by the morning. Robb says they'll discuss it. His buddy isn't up for it and wants to choose a pretty wife, but Robb says he has no choice, he's won every battle but he's losing the war and they need to do this now. He says he knows he's paying for his sins and it's not fair or right and he won't forget it. Jaime and Brienne meet with Roose Bolton.

Bolton says when Jaime is well enough he will allow him to continue to King's Landing as restitution for the loss of his hand. As long as he swears to tell his father he played no part in maiming him. Jaime is happy about this until Roose tells him Brienne isn't going with him since she abetted treason. Jaime protests but Roose points out he's in no position to overplay his position. Tywin and Olenna talk about his plan to marry Cersei to Loras. She protests, saying Cersei is too old and "the change" will be upon her soon. He points out that he knows that Loras is a "sword swallower" and she concurs. He says she should be grateful to have her grandson marry Cersei and remove the stain from his name.

She notes that brothers having sex with sisters would be a higher form of a stain, i.e. Cersei and Jaime. He calls it a malicious lie and he doesn't care what people believe. She disagrees and counters if Cersei is too old to give Loras children then they are throwing another prize flower in the dirt. He notes that the uncertainty makes her uncomfortable. He says he'll remove it. If Loras doesn't marry Cersei he will make him part of the King's Guard and he will not only be brutalized, but he'll never marry and have children, so the Tyrell name will die with him. She can't believe he'd have his grandson protected by someone who disgusts him. He says he would have his grandson protected by a great warrior.

He pulls out a quill and asks if she consents to the marriage. She calls it a rare thing; a man who lives up to his reputation and breaks the quill in half. The wildlings are climbing the wall when a crack begins to spread across it creating a landslide sending several people flying including Ygritte and Jon Snow who is weighing down Tormund. He cuts them loose but Jon Snow grabs Ygritte before she can fall and pulls her up. They continue to climb. Sansa chats with Loras about their potential marriage. She says she's very happy. Loras says he is too and says he's dreamed of a large wedding since he was young. Tyrion and Cersei watch this. Tyrion says there's nothing they can do about it.

Cersei notes they could have them both killed. Tyrion wonders who is getting the worst end of the deal. She says they're all being shipped off together. He notes she built the boat. She says she did what she did for the family. Tyrion says he's family too and he helped save them. She admits he was helpful in the war. He says it was weird that she ordered him killed. She doesn't deny it. He can't believe 7 kingdoms quiver in fear of Tywin Lannister. She notes the Tyrell's don't fear him and history will be taken from their hands. Tyrion says she'll be fine, when Jaime gets back, since Loras will probably suffer a case of swords through bowels. Cersei wonders who will tell Sansa.

Shae helps Sansa with her dress for the Tyrell wedding. Tyrion enters and asks Shae to leave. She stands her ground and Sansa lets her. Baelish sits and gazes at the throne, when Varys enters. They have a talk about how they have been with each other over the years. In Joffrey's chambers, Baelish gives Ros to Joffrey who uses his new bow and arrow for target practice. Sansa with Shae by her side, tearfully watches Baelish's ship depart, knowing that she must soon marry Tyrion.

An exhausted Jon Snow and Ygritte reach the top of the wall. They lie on their backs and Jon sees a crow fly across the sky as the sun breaks through. They both gaze at the amazing view of where they just came from. He helps her up and they look at the view of where they are going. The two then kiss each other. The episode ends at this point.