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Second Sons - Recap

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The episode begins with Arya holding a rock above a sleeping Hound. He not really sleeping though and warns her to kill him because if he lives he will break both her hands. He tells her to quit trying to kill him because he's taking her to her family. The Khaleesi and her men observe the sell swords arriving at Yunkai. They are the Second Sons. She orders her Grey Worm to send a man to see if they would rather fight for the winning side. The three leaders of the Second Sons meet with them in the Khaleesi's tent. The leader taunts her like she's a whore but Dario seems more reasonable and intelligent, noting that they have 8,000 Unsullied, not 10,000.

She tells the older guy to give her the Second Sons, noting she has 8 thousand Unsullied and they only have 2 thousand Second Sons. They say they can't break their bond or they won't get another contract. She says they'll never need to have another contract if they work for her. She says she has an army and dragons. She gives them two days to decide. Gendry and Melisandre arrive back at Dragonstone. She introduces him to Stannis. Stannis interrogates him and determines he's half-Robert and half-lowborn. They spirit him away to chambers and a bath. Gendry wonders what Melisandre means to do with him. She says he knows. He says then why bother bathing and clothing him. She likens it to slaughtering a lamb and making sure the panic doesn't seep into the meat and foul the flavor.

Davros has made great progress in his reading. He's up to a picture book about the Targaryens. Stannis comes to visit. He says Davros doesn't belong in a place like this and apologizes for the loss of his son, a good and loyal lad. He gives him the news of Melisandre and Gendry and the upcoming sacrifice. Davros points out that the boy is Stannis' nephew. He says they're at war and what of it. He notes Gendry has his blood. Stannis notes that Renly did too. Davros points out that Renly wronged him. Stannis protests that this is his destiny and he must do his duty. Davros asks why he came to see him. He says he'll free him if never again raises a hand to Melisandre. Davros says he won't but he will say it. He thinks Stannis freed him at this moment to help protect the boy. He also says he thinks men make up Gods to protect their children.

The Second Sons debate working for Khaleesi. They think they can slip past the Unsullied and simply kill her. They choose coins as to who will do the deed. Dario draws the coin that means he must kill Daneyrs. Sansa is in her dressing room when Tyrion arrives. It is their wedding day. He asks Podrick and Shae to give them a moment alone. He explains that he didn't ask for this. He says she no longer needs to be a prisoner since she'll be his wife, a different kind of prison. He very sweetly tries to explain that they're both feeling weird about this but he promises that he won't ever hurt her. He asks if she drinks wine, she says when she has to. He says today she has to. Margaery tries to befriend Cersei, saying that they will be sisters soon.

Cersei tells her a tale about ambitious climbers that came before her and how they clashed with Tywin and the entire house was slaughtered. Cersei talks about their bodies hanging and rotting above Casterly Rock. Cersei tells Margaery if she ever calls her sister again she will have her strangled in her sleep. Sansa takes the long walk; Joffrey arrives, as the father of the realm, to give her away to Tyrion. Bronn smiles at her in the crowd. Margaery gives her an encouraging glance. Joffrey takes away Tyrion's step-stool as a mean gesture so Tyrion can't properly cloak her as part of the ceremony. There are a few titters which Tywin immediately squashes. The priest gets down to business.

Gendry wanders around his room and Melisandre comes in to fatten him up so to speak. They talk about how shocking coming into contact with real wealth. She was poor too. She gives him a drink. He's worried she's trying to poison him so she drinks it first. He has a drink and says it's good. She talks about how he still doesn't trust her and she wins him over and drinks more herself. She starts talking about how he has power inside of him that he doesn't understand and that she is here to birth it into the world. She starts taking off his clothes which he points out doesn't seem very religious. She asks him, “To who?” She disrobes. She says death is coming for everyone and everything and that the two of them can stop it. She takes him to bed and mounts him. She ties up his hands and feet before dismounting and drops leeches on him.

He freaks out and she says not to worry that they won't take much. He asks what she's doing and she says there's power in king's blood. She puts a leech on his penis. She then picks them off as Stannis and Davros enter. Stannis drops them in the fire and says the names of Robb Stark, Joffrey Baratheon, and Bailon Greyjoy. Tyrion gets drunk at the reception. Olenna explains to Loras how they will all be related to Cersei, Joffrey, Tyrion and Sansa as step-siblings, aunts, nieces, brothers, and in-laws once all the weddings are done. Sansa excuses herself from the drunken Tyrion. He looks woefully at Shae.

Tywin comes over and reminds him that he needs to have a child soon and he can't be drunk and perform. Tyrion says no man can match him in drinking and lust. Tywin firmly reminds him of his duty. Tyrion raises a glass to an equally woeful looking Loras on the balcony. Loras goes to chat with Cersei. She makes it clear she cares not for what he might have to say. Joffrey meets Sansa on her walk and he taunts her about her dream come true to have a Lannister baby. He says maybe he'll pay a visit to her that night after her uncle passes out, whether she likes it or not. Joffrey drags her back in and says it's time for the bedding ceremony, in which the newlyweds are dragged to their wedding bed.

Tyrion pushes back and threatens to cut off Joffrey's manhood. Joffery is enraged. Tywin steps in and Tyrion makes a joke out of it. He stumbles around and grabs Sansa and talks about the time he threw up on a girl in the middle of the act and he will tell her all about it to put her in the mood. Once they get to their room he stumbles to the table and has another drink. He tells her to call him Tyrion. He regards her neck as astoundingly long. He asks how old she is. She answers by telling him she is 14. He tells her he has been commanded to consummate the marriage. She has a big drink of her own. She heads to the bed and starts to take off her dress. He watches, apprehensively. He stops her and says he can't. He clarifies that he can but that he won't. Tyrion says he won't share her bed until she wants him to. He stumbles to an ottoman and passes out.

Dario of the Second Sons slips into Khaleesi's camp. She is being bathed by her handmaiden, who it turns out knows 19 languages, reasonably well. Dario grabs her girl and puts a knife to her neck. She asks what he wants. He says her. She notes he was sent there to kill her but he says he doesn't want to. He drops the heads of his cohorts in the Second Sons onto her floor. He says her beauty meant more to him than it did to his buddies. He says he only does what he wants. She asks why she should trust a man who murdered his comrades. He notes he was told to murder her, he disagreed, they fought, and he won. She stands up naked out of the bath and asks if he'll fight for her and asks him to swear to her. He says the Second Sons are hers as well as his heart.

Shae arrives the next morning to feed Sansa and Tyrion. She slams things around and is rude to him. Shae sees that they did not sleep together and is pleased. Sam and Gilly continue their long walk through the woods and come upon a shelter. He says they should stay for the night. He coos at the baby. Ravens seem to be gathering on a nearby Hearth tree that has a face on it. He can't build a fire. She says they can keep each other warm under the furs. Sam claims the baby winked at him. She says he probably blinked. He asks if she's thought of a name. She goes to build the fire. He goes through a list of boy's names. He explains the difference between birth names and surnames. She asks if his father was cruel like hers. He says a different manner of cruel. The birds start squawking very loudly outside. Sam goes to check on the ruckus.

She tells him not to go out. He takes a torch and sword to go look. There are hundreds of birds in the trees screeching. He tells her to go back inside. The birds stop screeching. They see a figure, a White Walker. She says it has come for the baby. Sam holds his sword to it. The White Walker destroys the sword and throws Sam to the ground. The Walker keeps going for the baby; Sam stabs him in the back with the dragon glass dagger he found. The White Walker turns to ice and shatters to the ground. They run off being followed by the ravens. The episode ends at this point.