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The Rains of Castamere - Recap

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This episode begins with Rob mulling over tactics. Caitlyn, who is present, asks why he is telling her. He states that he did not heed her advice when it came to Theon. He is not about to repeat his mistake. She glances down to the map in front of them and mentions the possibility of being trapped between the Lanisters and the water. She states that they have to take the Casterly Rock first. She tells him to show the Lanisters what it is like to lose what they love. Rob’s men march on Casterly Rock.

At the Frey’s, Rob takes a bite of food and it gets passed along as Walter Frey speaks. Rob states he has come to apologize and beg Walter Frey to forgive him. Frey introduces the girls of his household. Rob talks directly to the girls. He explains he fell in love with another and they should not take it as a slight. Walter Frey asks for Talisa to step forward. He says that he sees exactly why Rob broke his oath for her. He goes on to say that there is plenty of room in the hall for Rob and his men. He informs them the wine will flow, the music will play and they will all move on with their lives.

Daenerys, Jorah, Barristan, and Daario discuss taking a back way into the city on Yunkai. Daario mentions taking her two best fighters in. Jorah turns to Grey Worm and asks his opinion. Dani in turn informs Grey Worm that he is a leader now and his opinion is valued. As they turn to prep for the evening, Jorah tells Barristan that he needs to stay put as Queen’s guard.

Sam and Gilly are walking through the woods on their way to the Wall. He tells her about Castle Black. She asks how he knows about it and he tells her he read about it. She speaks to him of Wizardry, informing him he must be magic.

The Hound pulls Arya off his horse and reminds her he will do the talking as they come upon an old man. The Hound offers help for a broken axle. He lifts the wagon so the old man can put the wheel back on and then decks him, knocking him unconscious. He goes to kill the old man but Arya stops him. The Hound tells her that her kindness will get her killed someday. As if to show she is not all kindness, Arya knocks out the old man again when he starts to rouse.

Elsewhere, Bran and his crew come across a tower and take shelter in it. Not far away, the wildings including Ygritte and Jon, find a farm. Tormound tells his band to spread out and kill the farmer. Jon reminds him that not many will be sent after thieves, but murderers is another story. Tormound tells him he hopes more get sent. Their job is to kill Crows. They charge and Ygritte pulls back her bow. Job interrupts her though and keeps her from killing the farmer.

Having stopped to rest and eat, Arya looks out into the distance. She can see The Frey’s from where they sit. The Hound tells her that her family is still there. He says she is afraid she won’t make it. They trade barbs over each of their fears.

Bran and his group take cover in a tower for the night. Thunder begins to sound, and the rain to fall as outside, wildlings creep up. It is Tormound, Ygritte, and Jon with the others. Inside Hodor paces back and forth. The more the thunder sounds, the more aggravated Hodor becomes. Bran attempts to keep him quiet, failing miserably. Suddenly Bran’s eyes roll back in his head, Hodor’s mimic it and he collapses. Outside, the wildings had thought they heard something but reconsider when it stops. The sounds below force JoJen to push Bran. He tries to get Bran to control the wolf outside. Bran argues that he didn’t do it by choice. He explains he doesn’t really know how it was done. JoJen explains this is really less difficult than what Bran has done before. Bran agrees to try and he manages to control the wolf, who attacks the wildlings. Having captured the farmer, the wildlings decide to kill him. They try to force Jon to, but he refuses. Ygritte does it for him. Jon’s failure to complete the task turns Tormound, and the rest of the wildlings, against Jon and Ygritte. When Jon goes to kill Orell, he tells him he was right all along. Jon is still a crow. Just as the sword goes through Orell, his eyes roll back and controls a bird to attack Jon. Jon escapes however, claiming a horse and riding off without her.

Grey Worm, Daario, and Jorah wait at the back of the city. Daario is allowed in through a door while the other two wait. Daario slays a few guards and the other two follow him in. Daario starts to get cocky as they are surrounded by Yunkai men. Back to back to back, they stand in a triangle looking out. Another wave enters and they too are dispatched.

At the Frey’s, the wedding commences and the Walter Frey walks his daughter down the aisle. As ceremony demands, Edmure Tully’s cloak is draped over the bride covering her with his protection. Elsewhere, night falls on Bran and his group. Jojen and Bran discuss what he did with Hodor and the wolf. Bran tells them Jon was out there but got away. Osha takes Rickon and heads out toward Castle Black at Bran’s request. They hug and say their goodbyes.

Dani waits for news on the sacking of Yunkai. Jorah, covered in blood, enters and tells her it was just as she said. Grey worm is with him. Daario follows suit and drops to his knee before her. He offers her a painted blanket. The city of Yunkai is hers.

The wedding ceremony has moved into drinking and laughter. Bolton refuses to take part in the drinking stating it dulls the senses. Walter Frey calls for the bedding part of the ceremony. Rob stands and gives his blessing. The happy newlyweds are carried out of the dining hall. Caitlyn reminisces about her own wedding night. Rob and Talisa discuss their upcoming child as Caitlyn smiles on them. She notices then that the doors are being shut and the musician’s tunes differ from before.

Outside, The hound and Arya arrive in a wagon. The guards try to turn them away but when The Hound looks behind him, Arya has disappeared. Inside the hall, Walter Frey raises his hand to get Rob’s attention and offer a wedding gift. Bolton, who is sitting beside Caitlyn, gestures to his arm. She lifts the cover to find him in chainmail. She rears back and slaps him hard sending him running in the other direction. She jumps up and screams Rob’s name. Just then a guard draws his knife and stabs Talisa in the belly multiple times. Arrows begin to fly. Rob is hit and his men go down quickly. Outside, Arya watches from the shadows as the family wolves are slaughtered in their pens. The Hound, having found her, grabs her and spins her round. He tells her it is too late and he carries her out of the city.

An injured Caitlyn hides beneath a table. Rob crawls to his wife and cradles her before he manages to stand. Caitlyn, seeing an opportunity, grabs Walter Frey’s wife and puts a knife to her throat. She begs for her son’s life and threatens to slit his wife’s throat. Caitlyn screams for her son to leave but he does not. Instead Bolton comes up and stabs him in the name of the Lannister’s. Caitlyn does as she swore and slits the girl’s throat before she herself meets the same fate. The episode ends.