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Season 3

66 :03x01 - The Journey

As the news of gargoyles spreads on a rapid scale, the gargoyles must face the suddenly aware world. An anti-gargoyle group forms called the Quarrymen and plots to rid Manhattan of the gargoyles. Goliath must make a tough decision for the good of the clan.
Guest Stars: John Rhys-Davies as MacBeth (MacDuff) | Tress MacNeille as Margot Yale | B.J. Ward as Fleance / Billy's Mom / Alexander | Thomas F. Wilson as Matt Bluestone /Jogger / Quarryman | Jeff Bennett as Vinnie Grigori

67 :03x02 - Ransom

Baby Alex (Xanato's son) is kidnapped. Meanwhile, a political figure makes life hard for the gargoyles by accusing them of being criminals and bad influences, to draw attention to himself and away from them. The gargoyles and Xanatos search for the baby, and Lexington is forced to risk his life to save baby Alex.
Guest Stars: Frank Welker as Cop 1, Computer Voice Analyst | Elizabeth Daily as Alex / Angry Voice

68 :03x03 - Runaways

Brooklyn runs away after Goliath and him have a conflict because he messed up during an attempt to stop a robbery. He ends up running into a group of kids who also ran away from home. He decides to make a deal with them, he protects them during the night, and they protect him during the day. All goes well until one of the runaways betrays Brooklyn, and leads him into a trap. Now in the hands of a poucher, Goliath and the rest of the Gargoyles, along with the runaways, must save Brooklyn.

69 :03x04 - Broadway Goes Hollywood

Fox and Xanatos have been having an increased amount of problems caused by the way most people distrust the gargoyles, so Fox decides to convince Broadway to come with her to Hollywood, so that he may participate in an interview that could improve gargoyle-human relations. Some of the gargoyles are reluctant to let Broadway go off on his own, though he decides that he wishes to be a star; though it’s not too long after reaching Hollywood when he finds himself rescuing two people from a plane that had broken down in mid-flight. The press immediately loves him for his endeavors and the upcoming interview becomes the talk of the town, and the world, though little does he realize that Jackal and Hyena have heard news of his arrival as well, so they decide to exploit their opportune moment in order to ruin the gargoyles’ reputation forever.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as Hugo | April Winchell as Shauna Coyle

70 :03x05 - A Bronx Tail

In this episode, Bronx is lost during a train patrol with Lexington. A young Amish boy takes him in, and some monster hunters now want him. Will Bronx be united with his clan?
Guest Stars: Clancy Brown as Bully

71 :03x06 - The Dying Of The Light

After Hudson realises that he's going blind, he becomes relunctant, and tries to act as if he's not. But that gets him into trouble in a run-in with the quarry men. After being injured, he decides to go to his friend, whose also blind. They then go to a hospital so Hudson can get treated, but there seems to be undercover quarry men at that hospital...
Guest Stars: Paul Winfield as Jeffrey Robbins | Kath Soucie as Dr. Cornelia Stallman | Rob Paulsen as Quarryman Robert

72 :03x07 - And Justice For All

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Guest Stars: Gabrielle Carteris as Amy Schummer | Jeff Bennett as Driver, Quarryman | Rino Romano as Gang Leader

73 :03x08 - Genesis Undone

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74 :03x09 - Generations

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75 :03x10 - ...For It May Come True

Elisa resumes undercover work, posing as a member of the Quarrymen. As soon as she discovers that Castaway has enough ammunition to cause some serious damage to Manhattan and its clan of gargoyles, Castaway and his men discover who she really is. As she is discovered, Goliath and the clan come to her aid.

As the Quarrymen begin to attack the gargoyles, Goliath begins to doubt if humanity will ever come to accept their kind . . . and just as his begins doubting, he is subsequently knocked out.

Then, all too suddenly, Goliath wakes up to find that he is now a human. For unknown reasons he is an ordinary man with children & married to Elisa Maza, not to mention he works for a David Xanatos who knows of no Goliath or his clan.

As Goliath tries to find and reconnect with his clan, he soon discovers how much New York City needs him as the gargoyle he once was . . . .

76 :03x11 - To Serve Mankind

There have been several reports recently that claimed there may be other gargoyles in the city, which isn’t something that Goliath can ignore because if it is true, he is certain the Quarrymen will make a move on them. He heads out with Brooklyn, Lexington and Broadway in order to head to the building where they were rumored to have been seen, though a sudden twist of fate, and Illuminati involvement, soon jeopardizes the lives of the gargoyles themselves.

77 :03x12 - Seeing Isn't Believing

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78 :03x13 - Angels In The Night

While attempting to save a little girl trapped in a construction site, they realise it was a trap, set by the Quarrymen. They believe they are going to die, as they have become trapped in an electric cage, with sunrise minutes away, and a dynomite about to explode. Soon they turn to stone, and the explosion goes off. The only survivors are Angela and Bronx, as they were on another rescue attempt. Everyone believes the Gargoyles are gone, but Xanatos saved them. Now they are stuck in a crossroad. Will they stay out of the public eye and let everyone believe they are dead, or keep fighting crime?
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 11:30 am
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 24, 1994
Ended: February 22, 1997
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