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Gargoyles: Avalon (3)

With dawn approaching fast, Goliath and the others decide to preempt the Archmage's annihilation of the Avalon Clan.

While Goliath, Angela, and Gabriel hunt down the Archmage, Elisa and the Magus head to the Hollow Hill, with hopes of finding help in case Goliath's strategy falls short. On the way, Elisa hears from the Magus himself what the past thousand years on the mystical island have been like.

The Archmage's vengeance is almost complete . . . and no one is safe . . . .

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x23
Production Number: 045
Airdate: Wednesday November 22nd, 1995

Director: Dennis Woodyard
Writer: Lydia Marano

Guest Stars
David WarnerDavid Warner
voiced Archmage
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Boudicca
Gerrit GrahamGerrit Graham
voiced Guardian
Jeff BennettJeff Bennett
voiced Magus
John Saint RyanJohn Saint Ryan
voiced King Arthur
Kath SoucieKath Soucie
voiced Weird Sisters / Princess Katharine
Ruben Santiago-HudsonRuben Santiago-Hudson
voiced Gabriel
Main Cast
Keith DavidKeith David
voiced Goliath
Marina SirtisMarina Sirtis
voiced Demona
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Bronx
Brigitte BakoBrigitte Bako
voiced Angela
Episode Notes
This episode marks the destruction of the Grimorum Arcanorum.

Greg Weisman has stated in the DVD that out of their numerous performances and roles on Gargoyles, neither Jeff Bennett nor Kathy Soucie have performed more brilliantly than they have in this episode as the Magus and Princess Katherine.

Episode Quotes
Elisa: Wouldn't you rather have me?
Demona: Always...

Elisa: You still love her. Why didn't you fight for her?
Magus: Without the Grimorum, I had nothing to offer.
Elisa: But you stayed.
Magus: What I did to the gargoyles a thousand years ago was unforgivable. I owed it to Goliath to tend the eggs.

Goliath: I owe you a great debt, Magus.
Magus: You... But, I cursed your clan.
Goliath: You saved my children.
Magus: Oh, I'm so tired. I think I would like to rest.
Princess Katharine: You cannot leave me now.
Magus: Never, my Princess.

Goliath: I'm personally going to insure that the Phoenix Gate and the Eye of Odin are never used again.
Elisa: If you say so. My personal goal is to get back to New York, as soon as possible.
Tom: Elisa, I thought you understood. Avalon does not take you where you want to go. Avalon sends you where you need to be.
Elisa: Wait a minute. What does he mean, where we need to be?

MacBeth: Who are you?
Arthur: I am Arthur Pendragon.
MacBeth: King Arthur?
Arthur: The same.
MacBeth: Well, I always wanted to see how I'd stand up against the best.

Cultural References

Boudicca was named after the famous British warrior-queen of the Iceni tribe in what is now East Anglia, more commonly but inaccurately known as 'Boadicea'.

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