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Gargoyles: The Gathering (1)

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Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x44
Production Number: 059
Airdate: Monday April 29th, 1996

Guest Stars
Charles HallahanCharles Hallahan
voiced Travis Marshall
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Boudicca / Cagney
Kate MulgrewKate Mulgrew
voiced Titiania / Anastasia Renard
Kath SoucieKath Soucie
voiced Weird Sisters / Princess Katherine
Peter ScolariPeter Scolari
voiced Preston Vogel
Robert CulpRobert Culp
voiced Halcyon Renard
Sheena EastonSheena Easton
voiced Banshee
Terrence MannTerrence Mann
voiced Oberon
W. Morgan SheppardW. Morgan Sheppard
voiced Petros Xanatos / Odin
Main Cast
Keith DavidKeith David
voiced Goliath
Jonathan FrakesJonathan Frakes
voiced David Xanatos
Edward AsnerEdward Asner
voiced Hudson
Jeff BennettJeff Bennett
voiced Brooklyn / Owen Burnett
Bill FagerbakkeBill Fagerbakke
voiced Broadway
Thom Adcox-HernandezThom Adcox-Hernandez
voiced Lexington
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Bronx
Brigitte BakoBrigitte Bako
voiced Angela
Episode Notes
Avalon World Tour's Final Stop: Manhattan, New York City. The World Travelers ended their odyssey on July 9, 1996.

In the Gathering, we see all the Children of Oberon that appeared in the Avalon Tour: Raven, Anansi, Grandmother, the Lady of the Lake, Anubis, Coyote, Odin and the Banshee.

LOOK HARD: We can see a few anonymous Children in Oberon's throne room during the Gathering: a winged horse (Pegasus?), a centaur, a Medusa-like figure, and a couple of giants.

Greg Weisman disclosed that the guy in the trench-coat who walks off-screen just before Odin greets Oberon is called Nought.

Greg Weisman stated that the mirror Oberon uses to communicate with Princess Katharine, summon Boudicca, and enter the human world is not Titania's Mirror, which was shattered in "The Mirror." It is in fact Oberon's Mirror.

Episode Quotes
Fox: Who is Titania? Mother, explain yourself!
Xanatos: This should prove interesting.
Oberon: More interesting then you know...

Titania: (about Alexander) Although the blood line has thinned, he has great potential.
Xanatos: With his pedigree, of course he does.

Oberon: You have fought for your child admirably against insurmountable odds. I hope you find some comfort in that.

Hudson: I knew you hadn't abandoned us.
Goliath: Never.

Episode Goofs
We never see Boudicca return to Avalon in this or the next episode.

Cultural References
Oberon: But my pet and I have pressing business within.
Guard: You have pressing business inside.
Oberon: And you have other matters to attend.
Guard: I have other things to do.

The scene where Oberon hypnotizes the guard at the Eyrie Building is very similar to the same scene in Star Wars where Obi-Wan Kenobi does the same thing to an Imperial Guard.

Puck = Pied Piper of Hamelin?

Since Oberon gave Boudicca a wooden flute to use in sniffing out Puck's scent, many fans have speculated the possibility that one of the trickster's past aliases was the Pied Piper of Hamelin, although it was never denied or confirmed by Greg Weisman. Or it may simply be the same flute, made from a willow twig, that Puck had in Shakespeare's play.

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