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Gargoyles: Hunter's Moon (1)

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Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x50
Production Number: 024
Airdate: Monday May 13th, 1996

Guest Stars
Cam ClarkeCam Clarke
voiced Brendan / Gillecomgain
Charles HallahanCharles Hallahan
voiced Travis Marshall
Diedrich BaderDiedrich Bader
voiced Jason Conover / Jason Canmore
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Alexander / Raptor
Jim CummingsJim Cummings
voiced Gillecomgain's Father
Marina SirtisMarina Sirtis
voiced Margot
Rachel TicotinRachel Ticotin
voiced Maria Chavez
Scott CleverdonScott Cleverdon
voiced Jon Canmore / Jon Carter
Sheena EastonSheena Easton
voiced Robyn Canmore / Robyn Correy
Thomas F. WilsonThomas F. Wilson
voiced Matt Bluestone
Main Cast
Keith DavidKeith David
voiced Goliath
Jonathan FrakesJonathan Frakes
voiced David Xanatos
Marina SirtisMarina Sirtis
voiced Demona
Edward AsnerEdward Asner
voiced Hudson
Jeff BennettJeff Bennett
voiced Brooklyn / Owen Burnett
Bill FagerbakkeBill Fagerbakke
voiced Broadway
Thom Adcox-HernandezThom Adcox-Hernandez
voiced Lexington
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Bronx
Brigitte BakoBrigitte Bako
voiced Angela
Episode Notes
Jason makes a reference about alligators living in the sewers of New York. This is a recurring N.Y.C. urban legend. In "The Thrill of the Hunt," Jackal also made a joke about that.

Dominique Destine doesn't use the French accent she used in "Sanctuary."

Jon Carter's station's callsign is WVRN, which is very reminiscent of the word "Wyvern."

Episode Quotes
Gillecomgain: She was a demon and she shall pay for what she did, she and all her evil race.

Broadway: Are we good or what?
Brooklyn: Yup, defenders of the night, stopping evil stone cold.

Angela: Ah, this is a good life.
Broadway: Yeah. Just one thing would make it perfect.
Lexington: Breakfast?
Broadway: How did you know?

Dominique Destine: I never work nights, Robyn. I must have my, um, beauty sleep.

Dominique Destine: Why do the little people always frustrate me? Well, if you want something done right... (turns into a gargoyle) do it yourself.

Xanatos: Alex, can you say 'harassment'?
(Alex babbles)
Xanatos: I knew that you could.

Elisa: Later, guys. I got a date with a pillow.

Jon: Speaking of gargoyles, what's your opinion on these urban myths about real live gargoyles in New York? Seems everybody's got a friend or a cousin or a dentist who's seen one.

Angela: Do you think the thieves really will try to rob this place again?
Hudson: Thieves always return to the scene of the crime, lass. I learned that from the television.
Angela: I thought you said I wasn't supposed to believe everything I saw on television.

Jason: Never say that! The only good gargoyle is a dead gargoyle. And the only consolation for tonight's fiasco is that I nailed one of them, for good.

Goliath: They did this to her, those masked hunters. On my daughter's life, I swear I will hunt them down, and I will kill them.

Dominique Destine: You're lucky I treat my employees with compassion. NOW GET OUT!!

Brooklyn: We've still got a little PR problem...

Episode Goofs
Elisa was sent undercover to catch muggers all by herself? She knew she had the Clan to back her up, but the Police didn't.

When Elisa chases after the thieves' van, the back doors are open and they're shooting but when they pull into Central Park the doors are closed. But afterwards, in the next shot the doors are wide open and the robbers are shooting again.

Once more Demona's tiara appears out of nowhere when she transforms into a gargoyle.

During the fight scene between Demona and Brooklyn, for one moment his wings resemble Goliath’s bat-like wings.

When the Trio find Demona, she's seen capable to blast a hole with her gun through a car. However, Brooklyn is able to rip off a door from the car and use it a shield against Demona's blasts...

Cultural References
Title: Hunter's Moon

The Hunter's Moon is a traditional name given to the full moon in October.

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