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Gargoyles: Hunter's Moon (3)

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Episode Info
Episode number: 2x52
Production Number: 063
Airdate: Wednesday May 15th, 1996

Guest Stars
Charles HallahanCharles Hallahan
voiced Travis Marshall
Diedrich BaderDiedrich Bader
voiced Charles Canmore / Jason Canmore
J.D. DanielsJ.D. Daniels
voiced Young Jon
Scott CleverdonScott Cleverdon
voiced Jon Canmore
Sheena EastonSheena Easton
voiced Robyn Canmore
Thomas F. WilsonThomas F. Wilson
voiced Matt Bluestone
Main Cast
Keith DavidKeith David
voiced Goliath
Jonathan FrakesJonathan Frakes
voiced David Xanatos
Marina SirtisMarina Sirtis
voiced Demona
Edward AsnerEdward Asner
voiced Hudson
Jeff BennettJeff Bennett
voiced Brooklyn / Owen Burnett
Bill FagerbakkeBill Fagerbakke
voiced Broadway
Thom Adcox-HernandezThom Adcox-Hernandez
voiced Lexington
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Bronx
Brigitte BakoBrigitte Bako
voiced Angela
Episode Notes
Charles Canmore confronts Demona on the 28th of September. This is Greg Weisman's birthday.

Form all the villains in the show (including Xanatos and Demona), the Hunters siblings were those who caused more awe to the Clan: they destroyed their home and exposed them to the world; and curiously appeared in less episodes.

Greg stated that hadn't the show been cancelled, we would have met one more Hunter: Fiona Canmore. The Canmore Family Tree goes from Canmore (Duncan's son and the third hunter) to Blank Canmore, the Renaissance Hunter, then to Angus Canmore who was the great-grandfather of Fiona Canmore, who in turn was the twin sister of Jackson Canmore (born in 1888). That Jackson was the father of Aron Canmore who was the father of Charles Canmore, father of Jason, Robyn and Jon. The other Hunters still remain unknown. And Greg hasn't revealed yet how Fiona kept herself alive throughout so many years, all that he revealed was that she battled Demona in Paris in 1920. This encounter would have taken place in one episode of the almost-done-series Team Atlantis.

Greg Weisman asked that Jason Canmore's siblings names be named after his own brother and sister, Robyn and Jon, according to his latest memo released on Ask Greg.

The Praying Gargoyle that Demona acquired in France was actually stowed there by herself personally years back. She had acquired the relic from the Atlantians themselves. Had Team Atlantis actually taken off, fans would have got the opportunity to see this.

Episode Quotes
Hudson: We cannot abandon our home.
Goliath: Our home is no more, Hudson. This time of our life is over, and for that the hunters will pay.

Robyn: Where can I reach you?
Dominique Destine: You can't. Take a few days off, relax, enjoy life. It's so fleeting.

Robyn: Out of my way, demon spawn.
Angela: We're not demons, and we're not monsters. We're gargoyles, and we're going to teach you to respect the name.

 Jon: What have I...? What have they done? I will have my revenge. The hunt is not over.

Xanatos: Of course they're safe, Detective. Goliath just saved the world. More important, he saved my son. The least I can do is reinstate his clan to their ancestral home.
Elisa: What's the catch, Xanatos?
Xanatos: No catches, no tricks, no strings. The feud is over, Detective.

Brooklyn: And so it begins, gargoyles, chapter two. Or is it three? I've lost count.

Episode Goofs
In the flashback scene, Charles says that it is Hunter's Moon, but the Hunter's Moon is supposed to be in October, and that night is dated September.

In the end of "Part Two," the building hadn't been hit yet when Elisa turned to see Jason. But in the beginning of Part Three the building is wrecked in that same scene.

How did the reporters have those close-ups of the Gargoyles?

The Hunter and the Hunted

Jon Canmore and Demona are more alike than they imagine. After shooting Jason, Jon's line (see Quote) is very similar to what Demona said in "City of Stone, Part One" when she found Goliath in stone at night. While she couldn't accept the responsibility for what she had done, she blamed the humans instead. The same way that Jon couldn't blame himself, he blamed the gargoyles. Neither of them can accept the consequences of their actions.

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