Season 2

11 :02x01 - Gastineau Girls Powers Activate

While Brittny is having fun in L.A. making friends, going on auditions, and living with her new boyfriend Rich. Lisa is miserable though without her daughter, and she goes on a mission to bring Brittny back to living in New York.

12 :02x02 - I'm OK, You're Not OK

Lisa loses it before a big red-carpet event when her man and stylist don't come through.

13 :02x03 - Working Girls

Life is looking up for Lisa. Her new apartment gets a gorgeous Moroccan makeover (Miss Thing didn't even have to lift a finger), and she has finally found something she does better than Brittny: Mama Gastineau gabs like a pro, and it turns out she's a natural when it comes to talk radio. This helps the girls score a deal with AOL to host their own podcast. But that doesn't mean everything's just peachy. It's Brittny's turn to funk out after a psychic predicts music producer Rich is not "the one." But Brittny's convinced true love is in the cards. We predict time--and a TV season--will tell.

14 :02x04 - Shake Your Groove Thang (a.k.a. Two Spinning Divas)

Brittny trains to be a celebrity DJ. Talent exec Jimmy gets her a potentially lucrative gig at NYC's Glow nightclub with DJ Skribble. But Brittny is more interested in spending time with her boyfriend. And Lisa goes through a hard time with people not supporting her (even her assistant).

15 :02x05 - Hitting the Road (a.k.a. Trouble in Paradise)

Lisa and Brittny head to Puerto Rico. Both of them have things to do down there. (Brittny DJ and Lisa Bartend). But each have something else to do, Brittny would rather spend time with her boyfriend, and Lisa would rather be at the beach. They both aren't happy when they are told that they have to do what they promised.

16 :02x06 - Witch Way Will She Go?

The girls both complain about how much work they are doing to promote the second season of their show. They complain about radio interviews and other apperances. But for some reason they got on a talk show called Isaac and claim that the editing of the show makes them seem worse then they are.

17 :02x07 - Sweet Sixteen Something

Brittny doesn't want to reveal her real age, so she asks to have a wild "Sweet 16" birthday party.

18 :02x08 - Episode 208

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19 :02x09 - Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Seeing Brittny in a wedding gown makes Rich nervous.

20 :02x10 - Hindsight Isn't Always 20/20

Brittny and Lisa allow a news crew into their lives.