Season 38

9479 :38x01 - 04.03.00 - Monday

Luke and Laura manage to pull Felicia to safety up the cliff. As Luke and Laura decide to head to Marrakesh in their search Felicia offers to go on ahead to Dublin to look. Mac heads to Texas with the girls to see their great-grandmother. Rae tries unsuccessfully to get into Sonny’s to see the desk. Sonny threatens AJ. Bobbie tells Roy that he can’t admit the truth to Sonny about what he is up to. Roy refuses to inform on Sonny. Bobbie comes up with the idea of Roy admitting the truth to Sonny and then working with him to give the feds false information which in return will keep Roy out of prison.

9480 :38x02 - 04.04.00 - Tuesday

Chloe has another nightmare. Chloe tells Jax about the headaches she has been suffering with. Mac tells Mariah why he has brought the girls to Texas. Lucky prepares to return to Port Charles.

9481 :38x03 - 04.05.00 - Wednesday

Edward continues his quest against Jax. Carly shows up to see her mother and overhears them talking about Roy being Hannah’s father and working with the feds. Roy comes clean with Sonny about being an FBI informant as Carly returns home and tells him what she heard. Sonny tells Roy that he wont be able to let him near his organization anymore. Roy tells him that now his cover has been blown he will be sent back to prison. Chloe learns that her medication isn’t working. Rae runs into Tony and tells him about the daughter that she believed had died was still alive and was put up for adoption. She continues that the adoption papers are hidden in a bible in a desk that Sonny owns. Roy tells Bobbie about what happened.

9482 :38x04 - 04.06.00 - Thursday

After talking to Mac, Mariah agrees that the children should stay with her in Texas. Stefan is determined to find Lucky before Luke and Laura. Luke suddenly remembers where Lucky was the happiest when they were on the run was at the Triple L Diner in Vancouver. Luke calls Felicia and tells her to meet Laura and him in Canada. Lucky is already at the Triple L with Helena and was enjoying breakfast. Helena says her goodbyes to Lucky and leaves as they go their separate ways.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9483 :38x05 - 04.07.00 - Friday

Sonny offers Roy money to help him leave town but Roy tells him that he is staying put. Roy is later cornered by Larkin who tells him that and his cover is blown and not only will he go back to prison but Hannah will learn the truth. Bobbie tells Carly that she will never forgive her if Roy ends up back in prison. Rae learns that Sonny has given the desk to a charity shop. Sonny tells Carly that he wants to marry her next week. Lucky hides from Stefan when he shows up at the Triple L. Stefan creeps up on his mother. Luke and Laura later come face to face with Lucky at the Triple L.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9485 :38x07 - 04.11.00 - Tuesday

Tony and Rae take Mr. Ruskin to the hospital where he undergoes surgery. Rae runs into Alan and it is revealed that they shared a past which they decide to keep quiet about. Mac tells Mariah everything that has happened since Lucky died. Felicia decides it's time to return home while Laura and Luke continue their search for Lucky. Luke convinces Laura to return home too in case Lucky has made contact with Elizabeth. Luke heads off alone on a lead.

9486 :38x08 - 04.12.00 - Wednesday

Bobbie tries to convince Roy to ask Sonny for help but he refuses. Stefan fills Alexis in on what has been going on. Roy prepares to meet with Agent Ford. Jax offers AJ a tempting deal. When L&B needs money, Alexis advises Ned to bring Eddie Maine out of the closet. When Roy shows up for his meeting with Agent Ford he is surprised to find Larkin there in his place.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9487 :38x09 - 04.13.00 - Thursday

Chloe offers AJ some advise. Carly tells Sonny that she will never marry him. Felicia and Mac disagree about what is best for the children. Lucky watches Elizabeth from a distance. Laura tells Elizabeth about her encounter with Lucky. Later Nikolas arrives with some news for Elizabeth and they head off to look for Lucky. Larkin tells Roy that he is being sent back to prison.

9488 :38x10 - 04.14.00 - Friday

Felicia is upset when Maxie refuses to talk to her on the telephone. Tony tries to help Rae find the bible. In Vancouver, Nikolas and Elizabeth realize that Lucky might have headed for New York. Laura leaves LuLu with her mother while she leaves to search for Lucky. Mr Ruskin thanks Tony for saving his life and ends up being given the bible by Amy. Alexis tells Stefan that Helena is going to be released as there is no evidence against her. LuLu is surprised when Lucky comes to see her.

9489 :38x11 - 04.17.00 - Monday

Nikolas and Elizabeth head to New York to search for Lucky. Lucky is happy to see his sister again and makes her promise not to tell anybody that she has seen him. Later Sandy questions Lucky about his future plans. Bobbie tells Hannah about Roy being in prison and fills her in on his history. Hannah later admits to Taggert that Roy is her father.

9493 :38x15 - 04.21.00 - Friday

Lucky forces Mike to promise not to tell anybody that he has seen him. Nikolas saves Elizabeth from the pimp in the park. Rae tells Tony that she is looking forward to continuing the search for her daughter. Tony undergoes his surgery and Rae is given a bible from the thrift shop man to give to him and when she opens it she realizes that is the bible she has been looking for. Bobbie discusses Roy’s situation with Alexis. Carly makes arrangements to celebrate Sonny’s birthday. Chloe is surprised by Jax. Sonny’s birthday surprise is ruined by the arrival of the Quartermaines. Larkin arranges for Roy to be beaten up in prison.

9494 :38x16 - 04.24.00 - Monday

Carly and Sonny clash with the Quartermaines. Roy is badly beaten up. Rae tells the Quartermaines she has found the bible. Jax gets ready to take Chloe to Russia and she tells him about her dream. Hannah and Bobbie discuss Roy's predicament with Larkin who insists there is nothing that he can do.

9495 :38x17 - 04.25.00 - Tuesday

Chloe and Jax go sightseeing in St Petersburg. Elizabeth and Nikolas continue to believe that Lucky will show up in New York. Lucky tells Sandy about the past he shared with Elizabeth. Alexis and Stefan talk to Dr. Gladstone about Lucky. Carly suffers stomache pains and Sonny takes her to the hospital. Carly and Sonny are relieved when Dr. Meadows tells them that the baby is going to be fine. Rae says goodbye to Alan. Helena waits in Dr. Gladstone's office for him and when he shows up she tells him that she regretted missing the meeting at Wyndemere and said that Stefan had suggested maybe he could fill her in. Nikolas and Elizabeth just miss running into Lucky.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9496 :38x18 - 04.26.00 - Wednesday

Dara offers Mac some advise. Lucky sees Elizabeth and Nikolas together in New York. Hannah tries to help a drunken AJ.

9497 :38x19 - 04.27.00 - Thursday

Edward is furious with AJ for selling his ELQ stock to Jax. Alexis tells Bobbie thst there is nothing that she can do to help Roy. Felicia is upset that her daughters don’t want to see her. Hannah visits Roy at the prison. Roy agrees to allow Bobbie to visit. Larkin informs Roy that he is being transferred to a different prison. A moment of passion between Juan and Emily is interrupted by Sonny and Carly.

9498 :38x20 - 04.28.00 - Friday

Bobbie learns that Roy is being transferred to a different prison. Bobbie demands that Sonny does something to help Roy. The van transporting Roy crashes. Nikolas and Elizabeth return from New York unhappy about not finding Lucky. Elizabeth is shocked when she sees Lucky on the docks.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9499 :38x21 - 05.01.00 - Monday

Nikolas tries to find out where Lucky is from Helena. Johhny helps Roy to escape from the crashed van. Sonny and Carly make love. Lucky runs off leaving Elizabeth upset. As Nikolas comforts her, Lucky watches on. Sonny goes to see Roy at the safe house where Roy wants them to work together to expose Larkin.

9500 :38x22 - 05.02.00 - Tuesday

Bobbie wears a disguise so that she can visit Roy and learns about his and Sonny’s plan to set up Larkin. Lucky pays his sister another visit but hides when Laura shows up. Bobbie talks to Hannah about Larkin. Elizabeth writes a letter to Lucky expressing her love which he later finds.

9501 :38x23 - 05.03.00 - Wednesday

Alan and Monica discuss the best way to help AJ. Mac insists to Felicia that their marriage is over. Hannah offers AJ some advise. Edward clashes with Jax over ELQ. Chloe has another dream.

9502 :38x24 - 05.05.00 - Thursday

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Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9503 :38x25 - 05.05.00 - Friday

Chloe discusses her options with Tony. Luke returns home and tells Laura that he was unsuccessful in his search for Lucky. Hannah causes a diversion so that Bobbie can shake of the fed who is following her. Bobbie is happy to be reunited with Roy. Lulu tells Elizabeth that Lucky has been visiting her. An upset Elizabeth tells Nikolas that this must mean that Lucky is avoiding them. Lucky witnesses Nikolas comforting Elizabeth. Larkin tells Sonny that the drugs he has planted in the coffee were more than enough to get him sent to prison unless he produces Roy. When Sonny refuses Larkin gives him 24 hours.

9504 :38x26 - 05.08.00 - Monday

Laura and Luke agre to let Lucky come to them rather than them pursue him. Jax tells Chloe about a new drug therapy his European doctors have suggested. Luke demands that Sonny tells him what is going on with Roy. Elizabeth runs into Lucky on the docks.

9505 :38x27 - 05.09.00 - Tuesday

Elizabeth opens her heart to Lucky who remains distant towards to her. Luke blames Sonny for Roy’s problems. Carly blurts out that Roy is a snitch for the FBI as Sonny receives a call from Larkin. Sonny admits to Luke that it is true. Mac learns that Luke is back in town as Felicia listens in. Mac accuses Stefan of killing Dr Gladstone and kidnapping Lucky. Felicia finds Luke and tells him what had happened with Mac and the girls. Things start to turn passionate but Felicia pulls back and runs out of Luke’s office where Mac and Laura see her semi dressed. Felicia realizes that she has ruined everything.

9506 :38x28 - 05.10.00 - Wednesday

Jax tells Stefan that he has decided to work with him to bring down Helena. Stefan shows Laura pictures that prove that Lucky is in Port Charles. Jax refuses to back down in his quest to gain control of ELQ. Lucky surprises Emily. Laura clashes with Felicia.

9507 :38x29 - 05.11.00 - Thursday

Chloe has her first radiation treatment. Edward cuts AJ out of his will. AJ tells Hannah that Carly and Sonny are getting married. Luke is angry with Roy for not telling him he was a federal informant. Roy later tells Bobbie that Larkin has made contact with Sonny. Helena goes to see Luke and sticks to her story that she rescued Lucky.

9511 :38x33 - 05.17.00 - Wednesday

Edward clashes with Jax. Luke asks Alexis to work with him to bring Helena down. Elizabeth prays that the old Lucky will return in church and Lucky listens in as she talks to a priest. Helena tries to convince Lucky not to leave town when he tells her that he can’t go on hurting Elizabeth.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9512 :38x34 - 05.18.00 - Thursday

When questioned by Stefan, Lucky sticks to the story that Helena rescued him. Sonny meets with Roy at the safe house. Roy gives him a recording device to wear at his meeting with Larkin. Sonny later meets with Larkin and after giving him the money he gets him to admit on tape what he has been up to. Roy agrees to allow Bobbie to go with him when he leaves to follow Larkin.

9513 :38x35 - 05.19.00 - Friday

As Edward tries to gain Sonny’s support against Jax trying to take over ELQ, AJ confronts Carly. Bobbie and Roy tail Larkin to Grand Keys. Carly slips at the top of the stairs while arguing with AJ and falls down them.

9514 :38x36 - 05.22.00 - Monday

Luke tries to press Felicia into making a decision about their relationship. Lucky kisses Elizabeth but pulls back and tells her that that they can't just pick up where they'd left off a year ago. Carly is rushed to the hospital. Edward blames AJ for what has happened and throws him out of the house. Later Hannah finds him drunk at the docks. Tony gives Sonny the bad news that Carly or the baby might not survive.

9515 :38x37 - 05.23.00 - Tuesday

After Chloe suffers with a headache, Tony arranges a CAT scan for her. Elizabeth shares her worries about Lucky with Emily. Nikolas is delighted to be reunited with his brother. A drunken AJ tells Hannah what happened with Carly. Sonny is forced to give permission to allow Carly to be operated on and she loses the baby. Lucky tells Stefan that he owes his life to Helena.

9516 :38x38 - 05.24.00 - Wednesday

Bobbie and Roy manage to get hold of Larkin’s bank account numbers. As they celebrate in their hotel room, Larkin burst in. Lila offers some words of comfort to Sonny. Sonny gives Carly the bad news that she has lost the baby.

9517 :38x39 - 05.25.00 - Thursday

Tony gives Chloe some news on her medical condition. Ned is a hit with the audience when he performs on stage. Bobbie and Roy manage to escape after Larkin threatens them with a gun. Larkin vows they that they wouldn't get off the island alive.

9518 :38x40 - 05.26.00 - Friday

Roy hopes to win money in a poker game so that he and Bobbie can return home. AJ learns that Carly is going to be fine. Sonny tells his father about Carly losing the baby.

9519 :38x41 - 05.29.00 - Monday

Roy wins at poker and he and Bobbie charter a plane to return home. Tony tells Jax that the drugs which could help Chloe are unavailable. AJ tries to say sorry to Sonny for his part in Carly’s accident. Both Laura and Luke try to reach out to Lucky.

9520 :38x42 - 05.30.00 - Tuesday

Tony tells Jax that with the drugs help Chloe could beat her illness. AJ insists that he didn’t push Carly. Stefan clashes with his mother.

9521 :38x43 - 05.31.00 - Wednesday

Bobbie and Roy hire a plane to return them to Port Charles. As Bobbie asked the pilot about the flight, Larkin surprises them with a gun. Roy manages to gain control and knocks Larkin out. Bobbie and Roy are forced to parachute out of the plane and make it safely to the ground. Maxie remains angry with her mother. Carly and Sonny tell the police that AJ isn’t responsible for Carly losing the baby. Mike blames Carly for the loss of the baby and when Sonny returns home he throws him out.

9523 :38x45 - 06.02.00 - Friday

Agent Larkin follows Hannah to the docks where he witnesses her being reunited with her father. Sonny also shows up to see Roy. Felicia and Luke learn that the quarantine has been lifted and they are free to go. Stefan tells his mother that he knows what she is doing to Lucky.

9525 :38x47 - 06.06.00 - Tuesday

When Stefan refuses to help him get the drugs Chloe needs from Helena, Jax decides to ask Alexis for help. Stefan forces Andreas to tell him his mother’s plans. Roy and Sonny learn that Larkin has kidnapped Hannah. When Taggert suddenly shows up Roy is forced to tell him about what has happened.

9526 :38x48 - 06.07.00 - Wednesday

Mike tries to reach out to his son about Carly losing the baby. Jax tells Alexis about Helena refusing to give Chloe the drug she needs. Alexis tries unsuccessfully to get Helena to change her mind. Felicia receives divorce papers from Mac.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9527 :38x49 - 06.08.00 - Thursday

Jax leaves for Europe to try and get the drug that Chloe needs. Felicia is upset after getting divorce papers from Mac and learning that he intends to fight for custody of the girls. Sonny and Roy try to find Hannah.

9528 :38x50 - 06.09.00 - Friday

Luke isn’t happy when Lucky decides to end the investigation into his kidnapping. Alexis tells Chloe that Stefan has the best chance of getting the drug from Helena. Luke checks an upset Felicia into a hotel who asks him not to leave her alone. After pouring her heart out they end up making love. Helena poisons Stefan’s wine and he collapses. Chloe dreams about what Helena is doing.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9529 :38x51 - 06.12.00 - Monday

Felicia is happy to be with Luke and they snuggle up in bed. Helena stands over Stefan's poisoned body as he lies there alive but unable to move. Hannah is rescued by Sonny and Roy from Larkin’s clutches. Roy and Sonny tell Taggert that they had enough evidence to strike a deal with the FBI. Helena tells Andreas to throw Stefan’s body overboard.

9530 :38x52 - 06.13.00 - Tuesday

Felicia and Luke wake up after their night of passion. Mac tells Felicia that he has decided not to fight for custody of the girls. Alexis is worried about her brother’s disappearance. Luke finds the police searching his club and learns of Stefan’s disappearance.

9531 :38x53 - 06.14.00 - Wednesday

Roy and Sonny agree a deal with the FBI. Carly is relieved when she learns that Sonny is a free man. Luke tells Felicia that he wont allow her tell the truth that he was with her on the night of Stefan’s disappearance. Chloe tells Mac about her dream in which Stefan was murdered. Bobbie and Roy celebrate his freedom.
Guest Stars: Brian Catalano as Rick | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9532 :38x54 - 06.15.00 - Thursday

Nikolas helps Lucy organize the Nurse’s Ball. Mac tells Luke that he is going to charge him with Stefan’s murder. Luke calls Bobbie and Roy and Luke decides to help him escape.

9533 :38x55 - 06.16.00 - Friday

Nikolas tells Lucky and Elizabeth about Stefan’s disappearance and about Luke’s arrest. Mac is furious that Luke has escaped from custody. Roy takes Luke to a safe house where Luke asks him to get him some fake ID and enough money to get to Switzerland. Roy takes Felicia to see Luke. AJ provokes Carly.

9534 :38x56 - 06.19.00 - Monday

Carly convinces Sonny to attend the Nurse’s Ball with her. Stefan is seen happily located in Paris when he reads of Luke’s arrest. Roy takes Laura to the safe house to see Luke but they find Felicia there alone who informs them that Luke has already left. Helena continues to brainwash Lucky. Alexis blames Laura for her brother’s death. Mac asks Felicia to let him know if Luke tries to make contact with her.

9535 :38x57 - 06.20.00 - Tuesday

Everybody gets ready to attend the Nurse’s Ball. Laura tries to convince Lucky that Helena killed Stefan. Carly puts a gun in her purse before attending the ball with Sonny.

9536 :38x58 - 06.21.00 - Wednesday

Robin returns to town to accompany Mac to the Nurse’s Ball. Carly points a gun at AJ on the terrace after he goads her at the ball.

9537 :38x59 - 06.22.00 - Thursday

Sonny stops Carly from killing AJ and decides to take her on holiday. Chloe offers Felicia some advise. Elizabeth realises that she needs to let go of the past. Emily isn’t happy when she catches Alison flirting with Juan.
Guest Stars: Erin Hershey as Alison Barrington

9538 :38x60 - 06.23.00 - Friday

Sonny tries to comfort Cary who becomes upset while thinking about AJ. Laura receives a letter written by Stefan that blames Luke for his death. Lucky’s reunion with Bobbie is interrupted by Helena. When Bobbie and Helena clash, Lucky ends up defending Helena.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9539 :38x61 - 06.26.00 - Monday

Sonny promises Carly that he will help her get over her past pain and they end up making love. Tony and Lucas catch Bobbie and Roy together. Chloe has a dream involving Laura and Stefan and Ned realizes the garden from Chloe's dream is at Wyndemere. AJ tries to charm Hannah.

9540 :38x62 - 06.27.00 - Tuesday

Tony has concerns about Bobbie’s relationship with Roy. Taggert clashes with AJ over Hannah. Emily shares her concerns about Juan with Elizabeth. Chloe talks to Helena about Stefan’s death. Dara refuses to help AJ split Hannah and Taggert up. Mac tells Helena that he is convinced that Luke killed Stefan. Ned and Alexis aren’t happy that Chloe went to see Helena on her own.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9541 :38x63 - 06.28.00 - Wednesday

Emily lies to her family so that she will be able to attend the rave. Lucky tells Roy about how Luke raped Laura. Tammy tries to convince Mike to give up gambling. Audrey offers Elizabeth some advise. Sonny surpries Carly with a present. Monica thinks that she might be pregnant.

9542 :38x64 - 06.29.00 - Thursday

Jax is frustrated that he still hasn't got his hands on the drug that Chloe needs. Jax decides to set up a meeting with Helena despite Chloe's reservations. Laura accuses Helena of poisoning Lucky's mind. Juan is unhappy when Emily refuses to sleep with him. Laura is determined to prove that Helena is responsible for Stefan's death.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9543 :38x65 - 06.30.00 - Friday

Emily argues with Juan at the rave when he flirts with Alison. After he kisses Alison, Emily flirts with an older man and ends up leaving with him. Sonny tells Carly that they have to return home. Helena has a proposition for Jax.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9544 :38x66 - 07.03.00 - Monday

Ted takes a drugged Emily to a hotel room whilst her friends look for her. Sonny agrees to extend his and Carly’s holiday for a little while longer. Jax agrees to sleep with Helena if the formula she has will help Chloe. Carly and Sonny grow closer on the island.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9545 :38x67 - 07.04.00 - Tuesday

Emily wakes up next to Ted’s lifeless body. Lucky shows up and promises to her help as do Elizabeth and Nikolas when they show up. Jax asks Tony to run some tests on a formula that Helena has for him.

9546 :38x68 - 07.05.00 - Wednesday

Carly enjoys her time on the island but misinterpretes a conversation she overhears between Sonny and Benny and believes that Sonny isn’t developing feelings for her. Elizabeth tries to persuade Emily to see a doctor at the woman’s clinic. Emily tries to remember what happened. Lucky and Nikolas hide Ted’s body in a disused freezer at Wyndermere.

9547 :38x69 - 07.06.00 - Thursday

Carly and Sonny spend their last day on the island. Emily is relieved to find out that she hasn’t been raped. Nikolas tells Lucky that they should get rid of Ted’s body as soon as possible. When Juan finds Emily she refuses to speak to him. Jax learns that the sample he had tested is exactly what Chloe needs. Jax realizes that he is going to have to sleep with Helena to get his hands on the drugs.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9548 :38x70 - 07.07.00 - Friday

Jax offers himself to Helena in exchange for the drug that Chloe needs. Chloe dreams about Jax. Carly tells Sonny that she is moving out. Scott refuses to defend Luke. Roy gets ready for his trip with Bobbie.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9549 :38x71 - 07.10.00 - Monday

Emily receives a mysterious phone call saying that they know what she has done. Laura decides to have a holiday. Stefan wonders why his mother is concerned about Chloe and what her plans for her are. Jax tricks Helena and uses her computer to send an e-mail and confirm the sale of the company. Jax leaves Helena tied up and leaves with the medicine.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9550 :38x72 - 07.11.00 - Tuesday

Helena is furious that Jax has tricked her. Emily is worried about the phone call. Monica hopes that she is pregnant.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9551 :38x73 - 07.12.00 - Wednesday

Monica is upset when she learns that she isn’t pregnant. AJ continues to pursue Hannah. The blackmailer calls Emily demanding $5000. Juan sees Lucky comforting Emily.

9552 :38x74 - 07.13.00 - Thursday

Bobbie and Roy enjoy their time together in Hawaii. Emily and Juan argue after he sees her with Lucky. Emily receives another call from the blackmailer who gives her further instructions. Lucky and Nikolas come up with a plan to nab the blackmailer. Helena invites Jax and Chloe to a party on her yacht.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9554 :38x76 - 07.17.00 - Monday

Carly is jealous when she sees Sonny talking with Elizabeth. Nikolas and Lucky miss their chance to nab the blackmailer when Taggert asks them what thay are up. Emily is furious when she sees Juan with Sherry. Chloe and Jax look around Helena’s yacht whilst the party is taking place. Chloe has a vision about Stefan’s death. Alexis interrupts the party to inform everybody that she has been named trustee of the Cassadine estate.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9555 :38x77 - 07.18.00 - Tuesday

Bobbie and Roy fly home from their trip to Hawaii. Emily refuses to listen to Juan’s apologies and asks him to leave. AJ tells Carly that he intends to fight for custody of Michael. After Chloe tells her about her dream, Alexis believes that Helena killed Stefan. Bobbie is surprised to discover that Carly has moved in when she returns home.
Guest Stars: Brian Catalano as Rick | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9556 :38x78 - 07.19.00 - Wednesday

Helena clashes with Alexis at the hospital. Jax and Chloe persuade Alexis to surprise Ned with a visit. Dara tells Mac that she is not sure whether the case against Luke is strong enough to convict him of Stefan’s murder. Jax and Chloe try to convince Mac that Helena killed Stefan. After they leave Helena steps out of the shadows. Roy gets a place of his own to live.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9557 :38x79 - 07.20.00 - Thursday

Alexis is embarrassed after being found on Ned’s bed in a teddy when he shows up with a camera crew doing an interview. Mac questions Helena about Stefan’s murder. Emily tells Lila about seeing Juan kissing Alison Barrington. Emily tells Lucky and Nikolas that she wants to go to the police about Ted’s murder but they convince her not to for now.

9559 :38x81 - 07.24.00 - Monday

Stefan discovers that Chloe can get into Helena’s head. Chloe tells Jax that she believes Helena was standing over while she was asleep and Jax finds Helena’s earring on the floor. Juan begs Emily for forgiveness. Carly accuses Elizabeth of wanting to be with Sonny. Elizabeth advises Emily not to tell Juan what is going on. The blackmailer calls demanding more money from Emily. Lila offers Carly some advise about her relationship with Sonny.

9560 :38x82 - 07.25.00 - Tuesday

Lucky witnesses a close moment between his brother and Elizabeth. Alexis is worried that she will lose Ned to his career. Elizabeth insists to Emily that her relationship with Lucky is over. Tammy is upset that Mike has lost the money for their trip gambling. Monica isn’t happy that Alan has booked her an appointment with a fertility expert.

9561 :38x83 - 07.26.00 - Wednesday

Monica gets ready to attend her fertility appointment but is not happy when she learns that Alan told his parents about it. Mike owes a large amount of money to a loan shark and is threatened by two of his thugs. Stefan meets with a doctor to try and find out more about Chloe’s condition. Helena tries to get her hands on Chloe’s medical files. Chloe learns that her treatment is working and that her tumor is shrinking. Later Chloe has a dream involving Helena.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9562 :38x84 - 07.27.00 - Thursday

Mike is attacked by two of Sorel’s men and Taggert comes to his rescue. Juan and Emily talk things through. Sonny and Jason receive their FBI papers stating that they are free men. Carly and Elizabeth clash about Jason and Sonny and Lucky comes to Elizabeth’s rescue.

9563 :38x85 - 07.28.00 - Friday

Stefan orders his men to keep him up to date on Chloe’s movements. Roy is pleased to be free. Hannah helps Taggert arrest Mike’s attackers but Mike refuses to press charges against them. Lucky learns about Elizabeth’s relationship with Jason from Nikolas. Lucky and Nikolas get ready to trap the blackmailer.

9564 :38x86 - 07.31.00 - Monday

Helena listens in as Chloe tries to explain to Mac how she's developed the ability to see things through Helena’s eyes. Nikolas and Lucky try to get answers from a girl who tries to pick up the blackmail money. Hannah makes love with Taggert for the first time. Mike asks Roy if he can borrow some money to pay his gambling debts. Denying that she knows Emily, the girl tells Lucky and Nikolas that she attempted to take the bag because she was hungry. The same girl later calls Emily threatening her again. Helena decides that she must get rid of Chloe. Elizabeth insists to Lucky that Jason is just a friend.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9566 :38x88 - 08.02.00 - Wednesday

Stefan plots to use Chloe to his own ends. Elizabeth and Emily talk about the state of their lives. Later along with Nikolas and Lucky they make plans to nail the blackmailer. Sonny’s men help Alexis move into her new place. Jax and Ned aren’t happy with Alexis’ new living arrangements.

9569 :38x91 - 08.07.00 - Monday

Helena finds a bug in her office. Gia admits to being the blackmailer, but Lucky realizes that she didn't know about Ted's murder. Jax promises to keep Chloe safe from Helena’s clutches. Jax tries to force Andreas into telling him about Helena’s plans for Chloe. Lucky believes that they should use Gia to help identify Ted’s killer.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9571 :38x93 - 08.09.00 - Wednesday

Jax shares his concerns about Chloe with Alexis. Jax continues that he plans to take Chloe out of town for her own protection. Hannah looks into Ted’s disappearance. Helena is determined to find out who has been betraying her. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that if they pretend to be a couple Lucky will get jealous and want her back. When Lucky shows up Elizabeth kisses Nikolas but doesn’t get the response she was hoping for from Lucky. Mike asks Carly for help with his money problems.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9572 :38x94 - 08.10.00 - Thursday

Edward asks Hannah to arrest his grandson for insider trading. Hannah agrees to look into Edward’s claims. Nikolas has an offer for Gia. AJ dismisses Edward’s claims. Alexis convinces Chloe to continue with her treatment.

9573 :38x95 - 08.11.00 - Friday

Carly promises to get Mike the money he needs but wants to tell Sonny the truth. Mike makes her promise not to. Helena beats Jax and Chloe to the tropical island and puts her plans for Chloe into motion. Elizabeth meets Zander at the rave who Gia later identifies as the man she saw in the motel parking lot.

9574 :38x96 - 08.14.00 - Monday

Stefan realizes that his mother knows that he is alive. Carly lies to Sonny to get money to give to Mike. Lucky stops Elizabeth from talking to Zander and informs her that Zander is Ted’s killer. Zander tries to find out about Gia’s new friends. Jax believes he has seen Brenda. Helena secretly watches Chloe and Jax.
Guest Stars: Eva Longoria as Brenda look-a-like

9575 :38x97 - 08.15.00 - Tuesday

AJ sends Hannah flowers. Jax is preoccupied by thoughts that he may have seen Brenda. Jax makes love to Chloe but rushes off when he believes that he has seen Brenda again.
Guest Stars: Eva Longoria as Brenda look-alike

9576 :38x98 - 08.16.00 - Wednesday

Carly hopes that Sonny will ask her to move back into the penthouse. AJ believes that he will win Hannah away from Taggert. Sonny learns that his father is in debt to Sorel. Lucky is fustrated about not being able to remember the last year. Gia acts strangely when she sees Taggert.

9577 :38x99 - 08.17.00 - Thursday

Lucky talks to Emily about his memory lapses. Sonny prepares to meet Sorel to pay his father’s debts. Carly meets with Mike to give him the money to pay the debt but makes him tell her where his meeting with Sorel is. Sonny tells his father that he knows about the gambling debt. Mike tells him that he has the money and Sonny tells him that Sorel wants him and not the money. Sonny insists on going to the meeting himself. Carly calls the police about the meeting not knowing that Sonny is going there instead.

9578 :38x100 - 08.18.00 - Friday

Sonny makes Mike stay at the penthouse while he goes to the meeting with Sorel. Jax tells Chloe that he has to know the identity of the women he saw to make sure it’s not Brenda. Carly hides a tape recorder under the table in the motel room of Sonny’s meeting and hides in the wardrobe when Sonny shows up. Helena approaches a sleeping Chloe. Sorel asks Sonny to transport his drugs but before Sonny can answer, Carly comes out and tells Sonny that the police are on their way to the motel. As Sonny tries to get rid of the tape, Taggert bursts into the room pointing a gun at them. Jax catches up with the Brenda look-a-like.
Guest Stars: Eva Longoria as Brenda look-alike

9579 :38x101 - 08.21.00 - Monday

Carly makes matters worse for Sonny. Ned sees the poster of Alexis in the teddy and is told by the reporter that the poster is called Eddie's Angel and has been sold for weeks on rock-and-roll websites. Ned wonders how Alexis is going to react. Jax comes to Chloe’s rescue when she is attacked by Helena before he can speak to the Brenda look-a-like. Helena manages to escape. Chloe and Jax decide to return home. The Brenda look-a-like meets with Stefan. Zander gives Elizabeth drugged water at the rave. Carly and Sonny are put in the interrogation room together at the police station. Mac, Taggert, Hannah and Dara discuss the evidence against Sonny.
Guest Stars: Eva Longoria as Brenda look-alike | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9580 :38x102 - 08.22.00 - Tuesday

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Eva Longoria as Brenda look-alike

9581 :38x103 - 08.23.00 - Wednesday

Chloe receives some good news from Tony. Helena leaves town. Carly tries to explain her actions to Sonny. Ned advises Jax to let go of the past.

9582 :38x104 - 08.24.00 - Thursday

Chloe enjoys a picnic with Jax. Many miles away Stefan puts a plan into motion to convince Jax that Brenda is still live. Jax sees a picture in a newspaper of a woman who looks like Brenda.

9584 :38x106 - 08.28.00 - Monday

Despite Elizabeth’s reservations the gang decide to press ahead with the plan to frame Zander for murder. Carly is pleased that Jason has returned home. Alexis advises Sonny that the best way to shut Carly up is to marry her. Jax believes that he has seen Brenda. Roy tells Bobbie that she has to stay behind when he decides to go look for her brother. Carly tells Jason how she lost the baby. Chloe surprises Jax in Paris but is dismayed when he insists that he has seen Brenda. Jason is shocked as Carly admits how she got Sonny arrested for drug trafficking. Chloe bids Jax a sad farewell and is abducted as she is about to leave Paris.

9585 :38x107 - 08.29.00 - Tuesday

Gia follows Nikolas home to try and find out more information about Ted. Nikolas shows her the dead body and Gia identifies him as being with Emily on the night of his death. Gia tells Nikolas that she will still help them frame Zander. Sonny tells Jason his version of events about his arrest and how he can’t trust Carly anymore. Hannah cooks dinner for AJ. Alexis insists that Sonny marries Carly to save himself. Taggert isn’t happy when he learns that Hannah cooked dinner for AJ.

9586 :38x108 - 08.30.00 - Wednesday

Emily and Elizabeth enjoy a heart to heart talk. Juan learns that he will be opening the show for Ned. Stefan celebrates the success of his plan. The concert is a success and afterwards Ned hugs Alexis only to be stunned that the press and camera crew had already discovered Alexis' disguise and they were all set to talk to Eddie's Angel. Mac refuses to listen to Mike’s attempts to tell him that Sonny is innocent. AJ interrupts a romantic moment between Hannah and Taggert.

9588 :38x110 - 09.01.00 - Friday

Chloe wakes up to unfamiliar surroundings. Carly clashes with Elizabeth about Jason. Emily encourages Lucky to be honest about his feelings. Sonny refuses to give his father another chance. Sorel orders Zander to get rid of anyone who can link them to Ted’s death.

9589 :38x111 - 09.04.00 - Monday

Chloe believes that Stefan has kidnapped her. Emily tries to explain to Lucky about Elizabeth’s friendship with her brother. Carly upsets Sonny.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9590 :38x112 - 09.05.00 - Tuesday

Chloe wonders why Helena is holding her own son captive. AJ isn’t happy when he learns that Jason is back. Chloe tells Stefan about Jax leaving her to look for Brenda. Lucky tells Jason to keep his distance from Elizabeth. Carly tells Sonny that she can’t marry him as he doesn’t love her. Carly promises to help Sonny anyway she can but not as his wife. AJ clashes with Jason.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9591 :38x113 - 09.06.00 - Wednesday

Roy manages to get to Prague and catches up with Luke. Taggert isn’t happy when Hannah leaves him to go help a drunken AJ. After Ned gives a interview to the press, he is unaware that the camera are still rolling and taping him kissing Alexis.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9592 :38x114 - 09.07.00 - Thursday

Roy and Luke make plans to return home. Emily demands to part of the plan to frame Zander. Alexis and Ned are shocked to see their exploits on television. Mike tries to make amends with his son.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9593 :38x115 - 09.08.00 - Friday

Luke and Roy try to leave Prague before Interpol catches up with them. Sonny is angry with his father. Carly asks Jason to take her and Michael away. Jason tells an upset Carly that they would never work as a couple. While Gia distracts Zander at the rave, Juan manages to take the keys to his car from his pocket. Nikolas and Lucky put Ted’s body in the boot of Zander’s car. Stefan tries to win Chloe’s trust on the island.

9594 :38x116 - 09.11.00 - Monday

Carly agrees to marry Sonny. Roy manages to stop Luke from being arrested. Felicia and Mac enjoy their time in Colorado. Elizabeth tells Jason about Emily’s predicament. Emily pretends not to remember Zander. Lucky and Nikolas watch as Marcus discovers the body of his missing undercover cop in the boot of Zander's car. Zander takes Emily hostage to escape. Taggert arrests Jason stopping him from trying to rescue Emily.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9596 :38x118 - 09.13.00 - Wednesday

Mac and Felicia try to reconnect. Jason is questioned about Zander and Sorel. AJ and Hannah manage to get Jason released so that he can look for Emily. Chloe is determined to get off the island as soon as possible and is sure that Jax will rescue her. After running into Sorel’s men, Lucky tells Sorel about Zander kidnapping Emily. Lucky ends up being beaten up and Nikolas and Gia come to his rescue. They are forced to hide when they hear voices. They hear Sorel and his men talking about their plan to kill Zander and Emily.

9597 :38x119 - 09.14.00 - Thursday

Luke and Roy check into a London hotel in disguise. Zander promises to let Emily go once they have crossed the border into Canada. Carly tells her mother about her plans to marry Sonny. Nikolas and Alexis go to see Helena who is triumphant over being named Nikolas' trustee. Taggert learns that his mother has had a heart attack. Bobbie is concerned about Carly. Emily tries to escape from the cabin but ends up passed out on the floor. Sonny and Carly learn that the deposition has been moved up and they have to get married immediately.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9598 :38x120 - 09.15.00 - Friday

Roy tells Luke that he can’t travel with him as Interpol would find catch him easier. Nikolas and Lucky decide to look for Emily. Zander decides to take a weak Emily to a clinic. Jason and Sonny make up. Emily uses a fake name at the clinic so that she won’t give Zander away. When Luke goes into a London bank to withdraw money he is met by agents waiting to arrest him. Carly gets cold feet as she is about to marry Sonny. A policeman arrives at the clinic as Zander and Emily are about to leave.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9600 :38x122 - 09.19.00 - Tuesday

Emily and Zander escape through one of the clinic’s windows. Jason and Alexis join Sonny and Carly to toast their marriage. Stefan asks Chloe about her feelings toward Jax. Zander refuses to allow Emily to call home.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9601 :38x123 - 09.20.00 - Wednesday

Bobbie is worried about Luke. Jason talks AJ out of doing something stupid. Lucky learns that his father is being held at the police station. Nikolas decides to stay behind why Lucky and Elizabeth go to Albany to look for Emily and Zander. Alexis agrees to be represent Luke.

9602 :38x124 - 09.21.00 - Thursday

Elizabeth tells Tammy about her trip with Lucky. Dara threatens to prove Sonny’s marriage to Carly as a charade. Alexis learns that the judge has taken her off Luke’s case. Lucky goes to pick Elizabeth up for their trip but they run into Helena. Mike congratulates Carly on her marriage.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9603 :38x125 - 09.22.00 - Friday

Luke isn’t happy that Alexis wont be able to represent him anymore. Elizabeth intervenes when she sees Helena trying to get to him. Jason is forced to play marriage counsellor to Sonny and Carly. Lucky shares with Elizabeth what has been happening to him.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9604 :38x126 - 09.25.00 - Monday

After Lucky goes into another trance Elizabeth shakes him. Helena is worried Elizabeth could ruin her plans. Emily writes a letter to her family but Zander reminds her that she won’t be able to post it. Luke refuses to allow Scott to represent him. Lucky asks Elizabeth to tell him what happened before he went into the trance but she was afraid to use Helena's catchphrase in case she couldn't shake Lucky out of it. Jason gets news on Emily. Emily and Zander are forced to flee from Sorel’s men. Jason finds the letter Emily wrote.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9605 :38x127 - 09.26.00 - Tuesday

Nikolas tells Gia about Lucky and Elizabeth’s trip to Albany. Roy is offered a job from his old FBI boss. Mike and Sonny argue when Sonny learns that he has borrowed money from a loan shark.

9606 :38x128 - 09.27.00 - Wednesday

Roy shares his feelings with Bobbie about his past life. Jason shares the letter from Emily with the rest of the family. Emily gives up her chance to escape to keep her promise to Zander. Luke agrees to Scott representing him.

9607 :38x129 - 09.28.00 - Thursday

Alexis tells Luke the bad news that the trial is going ahead. Gia confides to Nikolas that she is worried how her mother will react to what she has been up to. Taggert sees Hannah comfort a drunken AJ. Sonny shuts Carly out. Carly tells Stefan that she has thought of a way they can escape from the island. The Quartermaines learn that Emily has been seen near the Canadian border.

9608 :38x130 - 09.29.00 - Friday

After Taggert gives her an ultimatum, Hannah insists she wants to be with him and not AJ. AJ gets blind drunk and when Hannah goes to see him to tell him her decision she is unable to wake him. Emily tells Zander that she doesn’t hate him for kidnapping her. Lucky admits to Elizabeth that he still loves her. Luke tells Felicia that he wont allow her to testify as it will ruin her life. Sonny tells Carly that their marriage isn’t working.

9609 :38x131 - 10.02.00 - Monday

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9610 :38x132 - 10.03.00 - Tuesday

Stefan tells his henchmen to make sure his and Chloe’s escape is unsuccessful. AJ is told that he is suffering with alcohol poisoning. Jason tells Elizabeth and Lucky that he is going to wait for Zander and Emily’s arrival at the footbridge into Canada. Monica and Alan force AJ into rehab.

9613 :38x135 - 10.06.00 - Friday

Luke insists to Scott that Felicia isn’t called to testify as it will ruin her life. Carly learns from Alexis that the charges against Sonny have been dropped. Elizabeth, Jason and Lucky wait for Emily and Zander to show up. Laura returns to offer Luke support and wonders why nobody told her about the trial. Felicia is determined to testify what ever the cost. Laura arrives in the courtroom as Felicia is about to testify. Jason stops Emily from crossing the border with Zander.

9614 :38x136 - 10.09.00 - Monday

Emily convinces Zander to flee before the police arrive. Emily lies to the police to cover for Zander. The Quartermaines are relieved to see Emily again. Felicia admits to the courtroom that she was with Luke on the night of Stefan’s murder. Sonny reveals to Carly that Alexis had already told him the charges against him had been dropped. Sonny also admits to her that he wants to stay married to her. Benny shows up and informs Sonny that things in Puerto Rico have become volatile. Sonny decides to leave straight away.

9615 :38x137 - 10.10.00 - Tuesday

Jason goes to Puerto Rico to take care of business instead of Sonny. An upset Mac tells Felicia their marriage is over. An upset Laura is comforted by Scott. Elizabeth takes Lucky to the hospital to see Kevin where Lucky fills his brother in on what has been going on.

9616 :38x138 - 10.11.00 - Wednesday

AJ is released from the hospital and refuses to go to rehab. Mac and Taggert asks Emily more questions about Zander. Luke and Lucky try to reconnect as father and son. Luke is found not guilty of Stefan’s murder.

9617 :38x139 - 10.12.00 - Thursday

Tony isn’t happy to see his son with Roy. Hannah meets Taggert’s mother. Lucky tells Nikolas that he believes that Helena is behind his brainwashing. Lucky has his first session with Kevin. Chloe is desperate to get off the island. Lila lets Juan see Emily. Ned takes Alexis to an island where he proposes to her.

9618 :38x140 - 10.13.00 - Friday

Juan is happy to see Emily again but her thoughts are distracted by Zander. Luke is released. Alexis and Ned prepare to be married on the island.

9619 :38x141 - 10.16.00 - Monday

Laura isn’t happy when she runs into Luke and Felicia out with Bobbie and Roy. Emily manages to hide Zander and tries to get Juan to leave. Zander tells Emily why he had to come back from Canada. After being mobbed by reporters, Alexis and Ned decide to postpone getting married until the time is right. A drunken Laura is taken home by Scott.

9620 :38x142 - 10.17.00 - Tuesday

After apologizing for pushing her away all year, Lucky confides to his mother how he was programmed by Faison after being kidnapped. Mac and Felicia sit down with Maxie and Georgie to tell them that they are getting a divorce. Chloe reads Stefan’s diary from when he was little.

9622 :38x144 - 10.19.00 - Thursday

Ned and Alexis share their news with Lila. Emily meets with Zander in the park. Chloe asks Stefan more about his past. Gia decides not to return to Columbia with her mother. Luke breaks into Kevin's office and reads Lucky‘s file.

9623 :38x145 - 10.20.00 - Friday

Sonny refuses to let Carly work with him. Helena refuses to allow Laura to work at the hospital. Emily gives Zander money and begs him to leave town. As he prepares to leave Zander is caught by Nikolas and Lucky. Luke is determined to make Helena pay for what she has done to Lucky.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9624 :38x146 - 10.23.00 - Monday

As Zander is arrested for killing a police officer, Emily protests. Luke threatens Helena. Alexis shares her wedding concerns with Sonny. Luke is forced to let Helena go when she tells him that if he kills her Lucky’s programming will get worse. Emily claims that Sorel’s men killed Ted.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9625 :38x147 - 10.24.00 - Tuesday

Chloe tells Stefan about her dream concerning Nikolas and Helena. When Nikolas tells Helena that he wants her to stay away from his friends she tells him that she is cutting him off financially. Lila refuses to give Emily money so that she can help Zander get out of jail. Nikolas offers Gia a place to stay.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9626 :38x148 - 10.25.00 - Wednesday

Emily visits Zander at the jail. Emily asks Alexis to represent Zander. The Quartermaines aren’t happy about Emily seeing Zander. Lucky and Elizabeth are happy to be reunited. Carly is determined to get a job.

9628 :38x150 - 10.27.00 - Friday

Stefan instructs his operatives not to interfere when he and Chloe attempt to escape. Luke chloroforms Nikolas. Emily is happy that Alexis is representing Zander. Laura has a business proposition for Sonny. Luke plays his trump card in his war with Helena.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9629 :38x151 - 10.30.00 - Monday

Chloe and Stefan hide in a cave after escaping. Sonny agrees to finance Laura’s business if she agrees to find a position for Carly within the company. Luke threatens Nikolas’ life. Lucky and Elizabeth’s arrival saves Nikolas. Later Nikolas tells Helena he wants no part in hers and Luke’s war.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9630 :38x152 - 10.31.00 - Tuesday

Taggert is shocked when his mother declares that she intends to stay in Port Charles. Juan isn’t happy that Alexis is defending Zander. Halloween is celebrated. Juan confronts Zander.

9631 :38x153 - 11.01.00 - Wednesday

Luke explains why he had to kidnap Nikolas to Laura. After running into Mike, Carly follows him so that she can see where he lives. Ned and Alexis discuss their wedding plans. Nikolas goes to see Luke. Felicia realizes that Maxie has a crush on Lucky.

9632 :38x154 - 11.02.00 - Thursday

Nikolas learns that he is to inherit a lot from Stefan’s estate. Zander refuses to accept a plea bargain which would mean he has to testify against Sorel as it could put Emily in danger. AJ tries to impress Hannah. Ned meets with a wedding planner and tells him to leak every tiny detail about it to the press. Monica confronts Zander. Chloe is upset when she and Stefan are recaptured. Helena tells Florence that Gia has moved in with Nikolas.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9633 :38x155 - 11.03.00 - Friday

Alan and Monica aren’t happy that Alexis is representing Zander. Laura tries unsuccessfully to get Amanda Barrington to invest in Deception. When she goes to see Mike, Carly runs into some trouble.
Guest Stars: Anne Jeffreys as Amanda Barrington

9634 :38x156 - 11.06.00 - Monday

The Quartermaines discuss how to keep Emily away from Zander. Carly and Mike manage to talk their way out of trouble. Lucky stops himself from making love to Elizabeth.

9635 :38x157 - 11.07.00 - Tuesday

Alexis asks Roy to help convince Zander to turn states' evidence against Sorel. Florence isn’t happy with Gia’s living arrangements. After talking to Roy, Zander informs Alexis that he has agreed to the plea bargain.

9636 :38x158 - 11.08.00 - Wednesday

Chloe prepares a special meal for Stefan. Alexis makes wedding preparations with Carly’s help. Officers from Interpol and the IRS take control of Luke’s assets. Luke learns that the Ice Princess is to be returned to Helena.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9637 :38x159 - 11.09.00 - Thursday

Alexis tries on some wedding dresses. Sonny agrees to meet Sorel. Luke tells Laura about his European bank accounts being cleaned out and how he had been in possession of the Ice Princess all those years. Carly tries to convince Mike to go see Sonny.

9638 :38x160 - 11.10.00 - Friday

Luke tries to find out when the Ice Princess is being returned to Helena. Lucky moves into Kelly’s. Sonny talks to Sorel about Zander. Sonny warns Roy to watch his back as Sorel is still a threat. While Carly is talking to Tammy about Mike, Michael disappears.

9639 :38x161 - 11.13.00 - Monday

Michael searches frantically for Michael and is relieved when she finds him with Laura on the docks. Ned and Alexis manage to get away from the press with Nikolas and Emily’s help.

9640 :38x162 - 11.14.00 - Tuesday

Stefan and Chloe play chess on the island. AJ and Hannah argue about her feelings for Taggert. Sonny comforts Carly after she tells him about what happened to Michael.

9641 :38x163 - 11.15.00 - Wednesday

Helena isn’t happy when she learns that Nikolas has inherited over a million dollars. Gia isn’t happy when she learns the truth and Nikolas didn’t tell her. Juan visits Zander and tells him to stay away from Emily. Sorel threatens Zander.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9642 :38x164 - 11.16.00 - Thursday

Florence applies for a job at the hospital. Luke signs his divorce papers. Sonny learns that his father is back in town.

9643 :38x165 - 11.17.00 - Friday

Alexis visits Zander and asks him if it is true that he has decided not to testify against Sorel. He tells her that he would rather die by lethal injection than get beaten to death in jail and that Emily would also be safe. Laura tells Sonny she wants to take him up on his offer about Deception. Alexis has her wedding shower. Sonny convinces Zander to change his mind about testifying when he promises him that Emily will be safe. When Emily finds out she kisses Zander. Luke tells Felicia that he has new plan regarding Helena.

9644 :38x166 - 11.21.00 - Tuesday

Luke causes a fire to start at Kelly’s and the place has to be evacuated. Emily tells Zander that the kiss was a was a mistake. Laura and Sonny reach an agreement over Deception.

9646 :38x168 - 11.23.00 - Thursday

Chloe blackouts for a minute and tells Stefan that she has been having problems with her sight. Stefan tells her that they are going to escape from the island. Laura finds new offices for Deception. Sorel tells Roy to warn Sonny to leave Zander Smith to him to deal with or there would be war. When Carly is attacked Mike tries to come to her rescue but they both end up being saved by Sonny. Bobbie is worried about Roy’s loyalty to Sonny.

9647 :38x169 - 11.27 .00 - Monday

Carly and Sonny enjoy their first Thanksgiving together. Nikolas invites, Lucky, Elizabeth, Juan and Emily to join him and Gia for Thanksgiving and Juan is upset when Emily doesn’t show up. At the last moment Gia decides to join her mother and brother for Thanksgiving. The Quartermaines enjoy Thanksgiving together.

9648 :38x170 - 11.28.00 - Tuesday

The new set up for Deception is agreed with Laura having 50% of the company, Carly 49% and Sonny 1%. Mac and Felicia file for divorce. Emily tells Elizabeth about the kiss she shared with Zander. Alan visits Zander at the jail. Stefan and Chloe prepare to escape from the island. Stefan tells his servant what to do about the escape plan.

9650 :38x172 - 11.30.00 - Thursday

Ned and Alexis plan their wedding and honeymoon. Juan makes his first promotional appearance at the mall. After impressing Nikolas with her help, Gia asks him to help her get a job at L&B. Taggert tries to find out more information from Zander. Later Zander receives a threat. Taggert discusses the case against Zander with Hannah.

9652 :38x174 - 12.04.00 - Monday

Taggert isn’t happy when he learns that his sister is working for AJ. Luke talks Felicia into posing as a Cassidine. Nikolas is thrilled when he learns that Stefan is still alive and tells his shocked mother. Bobbie and Roy are driving home when Bobbie realizes the car has no brakes.

9653 :38x175 - 12.05.00 - Tuesday

Alexis is relieved to know that Stefan is still alive. Stefan and Chloe tell Ned and Alexis about their time on the island. Tony has bad news for Chloe. Luke and Felicia pose as Cassadines. Lucky and Elizabeth make love. Bobbie and Roy are involved in a car accident and Roy believes that the car might have been tampered with.

9654 :38x176 - 12.06.00 - Wednesday

Chloe tells the Quartermaines about her abduction who are relieved to have her home. Emily visits Zander and he tells her his good news that he can get out for Christmas. Juan shows up and demands that Emily make a choice between him and Zander. When Emily refuses to leave with him, Juan tells her that they are through. Bobbie is worried that she is losing her mind.

9655 :38x177 - 12.07.00 - Thursday

Carly and Chloe plan Alexis’ bachelorette party. Alexis learns that the deal put on the table for Zander has been removed. Zander receives a threat from Sorel. Luke tries to work out where Helena has hidden the Ice Princess. Helena and Stefan argue on the docks.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9656 :38x178 - 12.08.00 - Friday

Ned and Alexis pre wedding parties get under way and both of them are surprised by strippers. Elizabeth enjoys sometime alone with Lucky. Sonny promises to protect Zander.

9657 :38x179 - 12.11.00 - Monday

Helena tries to convince Chloe that Stefan was behind the kidnappings. Roy tells Bobbie that he thinks someone is playing with her mind. Felicia agrees to cause a diversion for Luke at the courthouse so he can look for some papers. Carly and Laura discuss ideas about who should be the new face of Deception. Stefan learns that if he wants to get rid of his mother as the trustee of the Cassadine estate he is going to have to go to court.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9658 :38x180 - 12.12.00 - Tuesday

Stefan manages to convince Chloe that he was not behind their kidnapping. Roy shows Bobbie the bank deposit slip with her signature and she insists that it must be a forgery.

9659 :38x181 - 12.13.00 - Wednesday

Jason calls Sonny and tells him that he needs him to come to Puerto Rico to resolve the issue with Carlos. Emily agrees to a truce with Gia for Nikolas’ sake. Nikolas asks Stefan some questions about his father. Stefan decides to tell Nikolas about Helena’s plan to have him committed. Later Nikolas blasts her for her actions. Lucky talks to Zander at the prison.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9660 :38x182 - 12.14.00 - Thursday

Chloe receives good news from her test results at the hospital and later spends some time with Stefan. Roy believes that Larkin is behind what has been happening to Bobbie. Sonny, Carly and Michael pick out a Christmas tree. Later Sonny tells Carly that he has to go to Puerto Rico.

9661 :38x183 - 12.15.00 - Friday

Luke steals from Stefan’s safe. Laura wants Elizabeth to be the face of Deception. Sonny leaves for Puerto Rico.

9662 :38x184 - 12.18.00 - Monday

Ned and Alexis prepare for the wedding. Bobbie has some advise for Luke. Luke sees Scott with Laura. Alexis gets cold feet.

9663 :38x185 - 12.19.00 - Tuesday

Felicia shares her worries with Tony. Alexis leaves Ned standing at the alter. Stefan accuses his mother of being behind the break-in at Wyndemere. Lucky talks Elizabeth into doing a test shoot for Deception.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9664 :38x186 - 12.20.00 - Wednesday

Hannah defends AJ to Carly and they later they share a kiss. Emily visits Zander at the jail. Carly clashes with Elizabeth when she learns that Laura has asked her to shoot some pictures. Carly decides to ask Gia to have some pictures taken also. Roy comforts Alexis. Later Ned tries to find out why she left him at the alter and he tells her that they are through.

9665 :38x187 - 12.21.00 - Thursday

Zander receives another threat telling him not to testify against Sorel. Carly and Laura disagree about who should be the face of Deception. Alexis informs Chloe that Ned has broken up with her. Chloe is upset when receives a goodbye letter from Jax and is unaware that it is a forgery from Stefan. Sorel issues a threat to Alexis.

9666 :38x188 - 12.22.00 - Friday

Emily hopes Zander will be released in time for the holidays. Unnerved by the threats from Sorel, Alexis pressures Carly to get a message to Sonny. Emily explains to Elizabeth why she refuses to give up on Zander. Bobbie questions Roy after finding an upsetting letter in his apartment. Zander is happy when Alexis tells him that the murder charge has been dropped in exchange for his testimony against Sorel. Carly is happy when Sonny returns home early. Laura celebrates her birthday with family and friends.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9667 :38x189 - 12.26.00 - Tuesday

Roy tells Bobbie that he believes that Larkin planted Melissa's letter in his apartment. Sorel is pleased to hear that Sonny has returned to town just in time for the fireworks to begin. Sonny posts Zander’s bail. The annual Christmas party at the hospital gets under way. Sonny, Alexis, Emily and Zander are in great danger as they leave the police station.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9668 :38x190 - 12.27.00 - Wednesday

Shots are fired by two men posing as police officers at Sonny, Alexis, Zander, and Emily as they leave the police station. Sonny and Zander end up being shot. Elizabeth and Lucky spend some time alone. The Quartermaines hear about the shootings and are relieved to find out that Emily is fine. Carly is shocked when she learns that Sonny has been shot.

9670 :38x192 - 12.29.00 - Friday

Carly keeps a vigil over Sonny overnight. Alan tells Zander to stay away from Emily as he is putting her in danger. Felicia asks Mac look around the police station so that she can work out the identity of the dirty cop working with Sorel. Alexis decides that Zander should stay with her.

9671 :38x193 - 01.02.01 - Tuesday

Elizabeth and Gia clash about the face of Deception whilst out with Lucky and Nikolas. Stefan kisses Chloe when they have dinner at Wyndermere. Alexis persuades Ned that Zander should stay at the penthouse with her. Bobbie and Roy talk about the letter that she found at his apartment. Carly and Michael sit with Sonny at the hospital. Sonny flat lines at the hospital. Felicia snoops around the police station.

9672 :38x194 - 01.03.01 - Wednesday

Chloe tells Stefan that she wants to take things slowly. Emily and Zander spend some time together. Sonny has an after life experience after flat lining where he meets Lily. Lily convinces Sonny that he can be happy and he returns to the land of the living. Carly tells Sonny how much she loves him.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9673 :38x195 - 01.04.01 - Thursday

Nikolas gets Elton a job at Deception. Bobbie asks Agent Ford about Melissa Bedford. Monica isn’t sure that Alan’s idea to send Emily away to boarding school is a good idea. Hannah and Taggert argue.

9674 :38x196 - 01.05.01 - Friday

Sonny slowly starts to recover. Ned and Alexis clash about Zander. Conrad is exposed as the dirty cop. Helena tries to open Chloe's eyes about who really held her hostage. Chloe's dream reveals the truth about who held her hostage.

9675 :38x197 - 01.08.01 - Monday

Chloe tells Stefan that she knows it was him who kidnapped her. Bobbie asks Laura what she knows about Roy’s past. Emily finishes things with Juan for good and admits to him that she has feelings for Zander which Zander overhears. The Quartermaines plot to keep Emily away from Zander for good.

9676 :38x198 - 01.09.01 - Tuesday

Emily is shocked when her parents tell her that they are sending her to boarding school. Taggert isn’t happy when he sees Hannah with AJ. Sonny tells Carly that he loves her.

9677 :38x199 - 01.10.01 - Wednesday

Zander testifies in court and later learns that Emily has been taken to California by her parents. Edward threatens Zander when he shows up at the Quartermaine house. Emily is upset when her parents insist that she has to stay at the boarding school.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9678 :38x200 - 01.11.01 - Thursday

Chloe learns that her treatment is over and that she is going to be fine. Stefan comes to see her and she tells him that she wants nothing more to do with him. Carly returns to work and Alexis visits Sonny at the hospital. Juan tells Elizabeth about Emily’s parents sending her to boarding school. Alexis tells Stefan it’s his own fault that he has lost Chloe.

9679 :38x201 - 01.12.01 - Friday

Bobbie asks Felicia to investigate Melissa Bedford for her. The staff at the Quartermaines continue to strike until Emily is allowed to return home. Hannah is offered some advise about her relationship with Taggert. Emily manages to call Elizabeth and asks her to give Zander a message. Bobbie lies to Roy.

9680 :38x202 - 01.15.01 - Monday

Sonny discusses the trial with Zander and lends him some money so that he can get his own place. Zander uses the money to book a flight to Santa Barbara. Stefan gets Nikolas to sign some papers. Nikolas wants to know why his grandmother hasn’t been arrested for her crimes. Stefan asks Alexis not to reveal the truth about his alleged kidnapping and how he faked his own death. Alexis replies that if he doesn’t tell Nikolas the truth, she will.

9682 :38x204 - 01.17.01 - Wednesday

Alexis tells Sonny that Zander has jumped bail. Zander tells Emily in California how he has left Port Charles to be with her. Sonny promises Alexis that his men will find Zander before Sorel hears of his disappearance. Helena gives Nikolas her version of events about Stefan's so-called kidnapping. As the truth begins to sink in, Nikolas tells Gia how his uncle staged his own death. Emily leaves with Zander.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9683 :38x205 - 01.18.01 - Thursday

The Quautermaines are shocked when they learn that Emily has run away from boarding school. Alan and Edward learn that Emily is probably with Zander when they learn that he has left town. Nikolas informs Stefan that he will never again be trustee of the Cassadine estate. Disturbed by Melissa's testimony, Bobbie continues to hide from Roy the real reason for her trip out of town.

9684 :38x206 - 01.19.01 - Friday

Stefan begs Nikolas to listen to him when he tries to explain why he staged his own death. Ned and Alexis clash over Emily and Zander’s disappearance. Florence is furious when Gia tells her that she would rather be a model than go to college.

9685 :38x207 - 01.22.01 - Monday

Lucky decides to try and find Emily and Zander as they discuss their options. Sonny is discharged from the hospital but before going home he spends some time at Lily’s graveside.

9686 :38x208 - 01.23.01 - Tuesday

Carly is happy to have Sonny home. Emily and Zander decide to return to Port Charles. Sonny suffers with a nightmare. Nikolas and Gia try to fight their growing attraction to one another. Stefan clashes with Helena.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9688 :38x210 - 01.25.01 - Thursday

Zander and Emily return to Port Charles and try to find a place where to spend the night. Nikolas tells Laura about Stefan faking his own death and is surprised when she reveals how she suspected it from the start. Bobbie continues to try and find out more about Roy’s past with Melissa. Elizabeth agrees that Zander and Emily can stay the night when she learns that Zander has come back to turn himself in.

9690 :38x212 - 01.29.01 - Monday

Bobbie lies to Roy about where she is going. Luke plots to get his hands on the Ice Princess. Laura refuses to help Stefan get back into Nikolas’ good books. Zander insists on taking Emily home. Emily is caught with Zander as he is returning her home and she is furious when she realizes that Edward has called the police. Bobbie arrives in Chicago to see Melissa.

9691 :38x213 - 01.30.01 - Tuesday

Bobbie talks with Melissa. Elizabeth finds it difficult posing for the camera. Sonny tells Jason that he has to stay out of sight. Jason tells Sonny that he will be waiting when Sorel makes his next move. Sonny learns that Zander is back in town and tells Alexis to make sure that he is ready to testify. Emily tries to convince Taggert to release Zander. Elizabeth is shocked when she finds Jason at her studio and he tells her that he needs a place to hide out. Sonny asks Cary to renew their wedding vows.

9692 :38x214 - 01.31.01 - Wednesday

Mike tells Tammy it’s time he found a real job. Alexis asks Marcus not to be too hard on Zander as he brought Emily home safely. Carly agrees to remarry Sonny. Alexis and Ned try unsuccessfully to sort out their problems. Hannah kisses AJ.

9693 :38x215 - 02.01.01 - Thursday

Emily tells Zander that she is moving out from home. Stefan tries unsuccessfully to make it up with Chloe. Gia and Elizabeth argue about the job at Deception.

9694 :38x216 - 02.02.01 - Friday

Carly isn’t impressed with the proofs from Elizabeth’s photo shoot. Sonny agrees to post Zander’s bail when Alexis asks him to. Edward tries unsuccessfully to stop Emily from moving into Kelly’s. Carly offers Lucky the job of taking pictures of Gia. Jason continues to hideout at Elizabeth’s studio and he insists that nobody can know that he is there. Zander and Emily hug and kiss on the docks.

9696 :38x218 - 02.06.01 - Tuesday

Carly is pleased with Gia’s efforts during the photo shoot. Jason continues to fill Sonny in on what has been going on. Bobbie goes to see Melissa again as she still has many unanswered questions.

9697 :38x219 - 02.07.01 - Wednesday

Alexis talks to Sonny about her problems with Ned while Chloe urges Ned to try and sort things out. Elizabeth isn’t happy when she learns that Lucky took pictures of Gia. The Quartermaines try and come up with a plan to get back Emily into the family. Elizabeth shares her woes with Jason.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9698 :38x220 - 02.08.01 - Thursday

Roy isn’t happy that Bobbie has been snooping into his past and he insists that he has to go see Melissa himself. Roy isn’t happy that Hannah is attracted to both Taggert and AJ as he isn’t a fan of either of them. Lucky and Elizabeth both feel guilty for having hurt one another. Lucky surprises Elizabeth with a special night out. Mac finds a cop's uniform and photos of the shooter's targets in the suspect’s apartment. Taggert isn’t happy when Hannah agrees to go on a date with AJ.

9699 :38x221 - 02.09.01 - Friday

Bobbie tries unsuccessfully of trying to talk Roy out of going to see Melissa. Laura argues with Carly when she finds out that Lucky has taken pictures of Gia without her knowledge. Elizabeth finds Jason at her studio when she shows up. Sorel plans Sonny’s demise. Emily insists to Juan that they are over. The gunman still protests his innocence and Mac is sure that he won't take the wrap for Sorel. Carly tells Sonny about her argument with Laura as a bullet is fired towards them.

9700 :38x222 - 02.12.01 - Monday

Jason hides when Lucky shows up at Elizabeth’s studio. Elizabeth manages to get Lucky to leave. Roy apologies to Melissa for the past hurt he caused her. Sonny is relieved that Carly hasn’t been shot. Carly demands to know if Sorel is behind the shooting and is surprised when Sonny admits that Sorel has been back in town for a while.

9701 :38x223 - 02.13.01 - Tuesday

AJ surprises Hannah. Rick tells Sorel about Sonny’s meeting at the warehouse. Carly tells Sonny how happy he makes her. Roy opens up to Bobbie about his past with Melissa in Chicago. An explosion goes off when Sonny is in the warehouse. Laura and Carly try to work out their differences at work but Carly rushes off when she sees the warehouse on fire out of the window. Elizabeth spends some time with Jason but he rushes off when he hears the explosion.
Guest Stars: Brian Catalano as Rick | Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9702 :38x224 - 02.14.01 - Wednesday

Emily enjoys Valentine’s Day with Zander. Chloe tricks Alexis and Ned. Jason manages to save Sonny from the burning warehouse. Gia and Nikolas make love. Jason witnesses Rick reporting back on the night's events to Sorel.
Guest Stars: Brian Catalano as Rick

9703 :38x225 - 02.15.01 - Thursday

Elizabeth tells Emily that her brother is back in town. Lucky tells his father that he believes that Helena can never control him again. Jason phones Sonny and tells him the identity of the traitor in their midst. When he's believes that has lost Emily forever, Juan decides to go on tour in South America. Angry at Rick's betrayal, Sonny instructs Jason to make Carly's bodyguard pay for what he has done. Sonny and Jason corner their enemies.
Guest Stars: Brian Catalano as Rick | Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9704 :38x226 - 02.16.01 - Friday

Luke and Felicia discuss the best way to try and get onto Helena’s yacht without being caught. Sonny, Jason and Johnny catch Sorel. Elizabeth admits to Lucky that she has known that Jason has been back in town for a while. Sonny tells Carly that there will be no wedding in Martinique as he wants a divorce. Lucky finds out more about Elizabeth’s friendship with Jason from Nikolas. Melissa reads a later about a job acceptance for a position at the hospital.
Guest Stars: Brian Catalano as Rick | Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9705 :38x227 - 02.19.01 - Monday

Mac tells Taggert that he is going to ask Felicia to help with the investigation. Lucky tells Jason to stay away from Elizabeth. Emily understands why Jason didn’t tell her that was back in town. Later Jason and Sonny’s men take Sorel to the docks where they leave him tied up and call the police. Sorel is arrested for the murder of Ted Wilson. Sonny insists to Carly that he wants a divorce. Felicia try unsuccessfully to find the key to the safety deposit on Helena’s yacht.

9708 :38x230 - 02.22.01 - Thursday

Laura isn’t happy that Amy has been matchmaking for her with Scott. Ned goes to Alexis’ penthouse to collect the rest of his belongings. Gia is devastated when she overhears Laura confided to a thrilled Elizabeth that she will be the new face of Deception. On Martinique, Sonny tries to push Carly away. Scott and Laura run into Luke and Felicia on their date. Nikolas finds an upset Gia burning her photo proofs in the fireplace. Determined to save her marriage, Carly tells Sonny that she's not leaving the chapel until he marries her in the sight of God. Later, Carly cries tears of happiness when Sonny walks through the door.

9710 :38x232 - 02.26.01 - Monday

The mayor tells Mac that he has jeopardized the case against Sorel by involving Felicia. Felicia and Luke try to find the key to the safety deposit box on Helena’s yacht again. Laura tells Amy that Gia had overheard her tell Elizabeth that she was to be the new face of Deception and was upset. Nikolas manages to persuade Gia not to leave town and they make love. Lucky isn’t happy when he catches Elizabeth playing pool with Jason but she refuses to leave with him. Sonny and Carly say their vows and exchange rings.

9711 :38x233 - 02.27.01 - Tuesday

Carly and Sonny open up to one another. Mac resigns from his job. Luke and Felicia celebrate getting the key to the safety deposit box. Elizabeth feels guilty about spending time with Jason and lying to Lucky.

9712 :38x234 - 02.28.01 - Wednesday

Zander agrees to take Emily to the launch party. Nikolas tells Gia about Elizabeth being raped a few years back. Carly and Sonny return home. Gia runs into Carly in the park and breaks the bad news about her defunct modelling career. Sonny tells Jason to look out for Zander until after he has testified.

9713 :38x235 - 03.01.01 - Thursday

Bobbie enjoys some romance with Roy. Luke informs Felicia that he and Roy are leaving for Istanbul that night for another go at stealing the Ice Princess from Helena. Melissa starts work at the hospital. Carly and Laura clash about Laura’s decision to name Elizabeth as the face of Deception. Gia tries to undermine Elizabeth’s confidence.

9714 :38x236 - 03.02.01 - Friday

Laura gets ready for the Deception launch party. Carly tells Gia that she has a plan to stop Laura from announcing Elizabeth as the face of Deception and to name her instead. Zander is attacked by two thugs in the street. Chloe and Ned decide to go to the party together.

9715 :38x237 - 03.05.01 - Monday

Emily is powerless to help as Zander is kidnapped. Carly tells Gia that she has to get Laura onto the roof so that she can stop her from naming Elizabeth as the face of Deception. Elizabeth is nervous about the announcement. Gia gets a waiter to tell Laura that Mr Shafer wants to meet her on the roof before the official announcement is made. Mac decides to go with Laura and they both end up being locked on the roof by Gia.

9716 :38x238 - 03.06.01 - Tuesday

Jason rescues Zander from Sorel’s men. Carly’s plan to stop Laura from announcing Elizabeth as the face of Deception works when is stuck on the roof. Scott manages to rescue Laura and Mac from the roof. Laura believes that Carly is responsible for her missing the party. Sonny tries to get the truth out of Carly.

9717 :38x239 - 03.07.01 - Wednesday

Sonny tells Laura that she will have to resign from Deception if she can’t work with Carly. Monica learns that she won’t be able to have anymore children and worries Alan won’t love her anymore. Elizabeth shares her worries about modelling with Emily.

9718 :38x240 - 03.08.01 - Thursday

Luke and Roy discuss how to get into Helena’s safety deposit box. Mac promises Alexis that he tied up all the loose ends on the Sorel investigation before he left his job as police commissioner. Carly promises Gia that her plan will work to make her the face of Deception. Helena presses Alexis to withdraw her application for the Cassadine trusteeship.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9719 :38x241 - 03.09.01 - Friday

Carly and Laura argue about Elizabeth being the face of Deception. Alexis and Sonny discuss Zander’s well being. Bobbie is not happy that Melissa is working at the hospital. Luke and Roy find that the Ice Princess is not in Helena’s safety deposit box but discover some disks there instead which Luke switches for some CDs.

9720 :38x242 - 03.12.01 - Monday

Jason is surprised to see Elizabeth at his door. Sonny refuses to sell his share of Deception to Scott. Laura and Carly reach a truce at work and Carly finally agrees to have Elizabeth as the new face of Deception.

9721 :38x243 - 03.13.01 - Tuesday

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9722 :38x244 - 03.14.01 - Wednesday

Laura believes that Luke is living in the past. Gia tries to blackmail Elizabeth into giving her job up at Deception by threatening to tell Lucky the truth about where Elizabeth really was when she claimed to be at the mall. Roy is surprised to see Melissa working at the hospital. Nikolas tells Jason that if he cared about Elizabeth he would stay away from her. Elizabeth later tells Jason that she cant see him anymore as she can’t lie to Lucky.

9723 :38x245 - 03.15.01 - Thursday

Monica has her appointment with Dr. Meadows and is alarmed when she is told that a tumor has been found. Bobbie isn’t happy with Melissa being in town. Elizabeth tells Emily that she is being blackmailed by Gia. Elizabeth tenders her resignation to Laura.
Guest Stars: Lillian Lehman as Joyce Meadows

9724 :38x246 - 03.16.01 - Friday

Lucky goes to see Jason and when he finds the door unlocked he lets himself in. Lucky is surprised to find Elizabeth’s gloves in the room. Laura convinces Elizabeth to change her mind. Carly tries to find out from Jason what is bothering Sonny. Monica lies to Alan as to why she was talking to Dr. Meadows. Elizabeth argues with Gia. Helena tells Andreas that she intends to use the Ice Princess to control Lucky to exact revenge.
Guest Stars: Lillian Lehman as Joyce Meadows | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9725 :38x247 - 03.19.01 - Monday

Lucky isn’t happy when he sees Elizabeth and Jason talking and later learns the truth from Gia. Felicia offers to help Luke crack the codes on the disks. Helena uses the Ice Princess to control Lucky and instructs him to attack Jason.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9726 :38x248 - 03.20.01 - Tuesday

Luke and Helena discuss the Ice Princess aboard her private yacht. Lucky pulls a knife out on Jason when they argue about Elizabeth. Jason manages to disarm him as Elizabeth shows up and she witnesses him hit Lucky. Under Helena’s programming Lucky doesn’t remember starting the fight and blames Jason. Carly tries to find out what is bothering Sonny.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9727 :38x249 - 03.21.01 - Wednesday

Monica worries that her family will discover the truth. Bobbie has a change of heart concerning Melissa.

9728 :38x250 - 03.22.01 - Thursday

Luke continues to try and crack the codes on the disks he stole from Helena. Felicia tells Luke that she wants to spend more time with him. Lucky tells Laura that he was attacked by Jason. Monica shares her fears with Bobbie.

9729 :38x251 - 03.23.01 - Friday

Laura goes to see Luke to talk to him about Lucky. Jason tries to explain to Elizabeth what really happened but she refuses to listen. Hannah tells AJ that she has to leave town for a while. Alan tries to find out what is wrong with Monica. Zander tries to console Emily who is upset about her mother. Later Emily goes to see her and tells her that she knows what is wrong with her. Helena is furious when she finds out that the disks are full of blues music and realises that Luke has them.

9730 :38x252 - 03.26.01 - Monday

Sonny tells Jason that they have to shut Sorel down no matter what. Alexis is furious when she sees Zander without Sonny’s bodyguard. Ned arranges a romantic evening for himself and Alexis. Sonny informs Alexis that Sorel has ordered a hit on Zander but when they get to his place they find no trace of him. Luke has a nightmare.

9731 :38x253 - 03.27.01 - Tuesday

Emily is upset when she learns that her mother hasn’t told her father about her biopsy. Bobbie shares her concerns about Roy with Carly. Alexis shares her worries about Zander with Sonny. Jason calls Sonny and tells him that he has Zander at a safe house. Zander isn’t happy when he discovers that Jason is his kidnapper.

9732 :38x254 - 03.28.01 - Wednesday

Carly isn’t happy when she finds Alexis with Sonny at the penthouse. Ned isn’t happy when Alexis misses their romantic evening. Alan is upset when he learns of Monica’s illness.

9733 :38x255 - 03.29.01 - Thursday

Luke is touched when Lucky offers to help him with his money troubles. Elizabeth clashes with Gia. Alexis asks Roy to help her find Zander. Luke has to fight off Helena’s men. Zander tells Jason about Monica’s illness.

9734 :38x256 - 03.30.01 - Friday

Alan tells Monica that he knows about her illness. Sonny tells Jason that they have to make sure that Zander stays hidden after Roy comes snooping around. Sonny and Carly make up. Laura is surprised by a visit from Lucky and learns of Luke’s money troubles. Alexis is worried about Zander. Emily and Elizabeth argue about whether Jason attacked Lucky. AJ sees Sonny with Michael in the park and when Sonny looks around Michael is gone.