Season 39

9735 :39x01 - 04.02.01 - Monday

Laura and Carly clash at work. Carly shows Gia a picture naming her as the face of Deception and tells her that it could become a real possibility. When Gia tells her that she isn’t sure if she wants the job Carly threatens her. Sonny and Alexis frantically look for Michael. Michael who is with AJ learns that he is his real father. Sonny is relieved when he finds Michael but isn’t happy that he is with AJ. Roy looks for Zander. Gia has a nightmare where she is made to pay for all her lies and when she wakes up Nikolas tells her that he is proud of the way she has accepted that Elizabeth is going to be named as the new face of Deception. Nikolas tells Stefan that he no longer wants to be part of the Cassadine family.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9736 :39x02 - 04.03.01 - Tuesday

Elizabeth refuses to admit to herself that she has feelings towards Jason and she finds it hard to believe that Lucky would of have attacked him. Later Jason shares his concerns about Lucky with Emily. Luke tries to make a deal with Helena to get the money to save the club.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9737 :39x03 - 04.04.01 - Wednesday

Scott is asked by AJ to help him get custody of Michael. Roy realises the truth about Zander’s disappearance. Luke refuses to let Laura help him get out of his money troubles. Sonny lies to Carly. Roy manages to find out where Sonny is hiding Zander. Carly discovers the truth.

9738 :39x04 - 04.05.01 - Thursday

Roy accuses Sonny of hiding his star witness in a safe house and letting everyone believe that Sorel had kidnapped Zander. Alexis is relieved when Roy brings Zander into court just as Sorel's trial begins. As Felicia is about to tell Luke how much she loves him she witnesses a tender moment between Luke and Laura.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9739 :39x05 - 04.06.01 - Friday

Helena gets ready for her deal with Luke. Carly tells Gia about her plan to get her named as the face of Deception and keep Laura in the dark until the last moment. Elizabeth and Lucky get ready for the party. Laura is surprised when the editor of Belle magazine thinks that Gia is the new face of Deception.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9740 :39x06 - 04.09.01 - Monday

Alexis unleashes her anger on Sonny. Laura isn’t pleased by a mix up for the ad when Gia appears in it instead of Elizabeth. Helena is furious when Luke takes the money and doesn’t give her the disks. Laura gets ready to name the new face of Deception.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9741 :39x07 - 04.10.01 - Tuesday

Gia is named as the face of Deception which doesn’t please Lucky. Monica waits for the call about her tumor. Sonny tells Carly that he wants her back and later gives her the one percent of Deception she needs to become an equal partner. Carly and Sonny kiss.

9742 :39x08 - 04.11.01 - Wednesday

Monica is overjoyed when she learns that the tumor is benign. Chloe tells Stefan to stay away from her when she learns that he had her followed.

9743 :39x09 - 04.12.01 - Thursday

Carly informs Laura that Sonny has given her one per cent of the company making them equal partners. Sorel threatens Zander before the jury give their verdict of guilty. Zander is told that all the charges have been dropped in return for his testimony. Zander clashes with Edward outside of the court room and leaves to cool off. Zander returns a few minutes later with an injured hand as Edward lies unconscious in an alley behind the courthouse.

9744 :39x10 - 04.13.01 - Friday

Emily and Zander hide out in a barn and share a kiss. Luke shows up with the money Roy needs to save the club and is later confronted by Helena for double crossing her. Melissa and Bobbie aren’t happy when they find out that they have to work together. Taggert finds Edward in the alleyway behind the courthouse after he was attacked. Melissa is grabbed by a junkie demanding drugs. Stefan isn’t happy when he learns that Helena has transferred one million dollars into her personal account.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9745 :39x11 - 04.16.01 - Monday

Taggert questions Edward about his attack. After Melissa is held hostage by a junkie at the hospital demanding drugs, Roy tries to rescue her. After overhearing Stefan and Helena discussing him, Nikolas tells them he wont be their pawn any longer and that he is renouncing his heritage. Luke asks Lucky to help his crack the disks but he refuses.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9746 :39x12 - 04.17.01 - Tuesday

Lucky runs into Helena on the pier where she controls him by using the Ice Princess. Emily learns about her grandfather being attacked and returns home. Roy and the junkie struggle for control of the gun and two shots are fired. The police take the junkie into custody and Roy is taken to ER. Alexis tries to convince Nikolas not to walk away from his inheritance.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9747 :39x13 - 04.18.01 - Wednesday

Jason tells Elizabeth that he wants more than friendship from her and as they are about to kiss Lucky shows up. Laura enjoys playing pool with Scott and they end up sharing a kiss. Sonny isn’t pleased when he hears Carly tells Michael that they are planning on having a brother or sister for him. Luke has another dream about being trapped in the maze and sees his son in there offering help to decode the disks. When he wakes up he finds the disks gone. Helena goes to a place like in Luke’s dream.

9748 :39x14 - 04.19.01 - Thursday

Taggert tries to find out more from Edward about the attack. As Zander apologies to Alan for kidnapping Emily, Taggert tells them that an eye witness has come forward saying that Zander was Edward’s attacker. Sonny and Carly disagree about trying to start a family. Elizabeth admits the truth to Lucky about how she connected with Jason when everybody thought that he was dead. Skye Chandler gets on a plane heading for Port Charles.

9749 :39x15 - 04.20.01 - Friday

Luke tells Roy about the disks being stolen but also tells him about the copies he had made. Stefan learns from Alexis that Nikolas has decided that he wants nothing more to do with Cassadines. Alexis agrees to represent Zander. Edward tells his granddaughter that Zander’s fate lays in her hands. Jason tells Carly that it would be a mistake to trick Sonny into getting her pregnant. Lucky clashes with Jason which Elizabeth witnesses and Carly insists that Elizabeth choose between the two of them.

9750 :39x16 - 04.23.01 - Monday

Sonny celebrates his birthday with his family but is shocked when one of the presents contains a bomb. Sonny tells Carly to take Michael away and Jason shows up to help defuse the bomb. Sonny tells Jason that they need to take care of Sorel’s men to which Jason replies he will have to disappear to do it. Carly returns home and asks Sonny if he knows who planted the bomb. Edward tells Emily that he has a witness who saw Zander attack him and that he will only drop the charges against him if Emily agrees not to see Zander again and that she returns home to which Emily agrees. Luke shares his concerns about Lucky with Laura. Helena gives Lucky a vial of poison. Elizabeth and Lucky make up. Emily goes to see Zander for one last time.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9751 :39x17 - 04.24.01 - Tuesday

Sonny upsets Carly when he tells her that bringing another child into their lives would be too dangerous. When Elizabeth discovers the vile that Helena gave to Lucky he lies to her what it really is. Later while Elizabeth is asleep Lucky takes the vile and it seems that he makes sure that Lucas drinks it’s contents. Laura clashes with Helena. Emily tells Zander that she can no longer trust or believe in him. AJ discovers that Edward lied about Zander attacking him. Bobbie is furious when she sees Roy comforting Melissa.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9752 :39x18 - 04.25.01 - Wednesday

AJ and Edward tell Alan and Monica that Emily is moving back home. AJ later tells his parents that Edward is lying about Zander attacking him. Zander tries to make Emily believe in his innocence but she wont listen. Melissa clashes with Bobbie at work. Skye Chandler shows up in Port Charles and waits for her mother to arrive at the airport. Sonny offers Zander some advise. AJ tells Emily that he believes that Zander has been set up by Edward.

9753 :39x19 - 04.26.01 - Thursday

Skye and Rae try to talk to Alan but he is to busy to listen to them. Ned learns that Edward was lying about Zander attacking him. Roy and Luke’s arrival stops Bobbie and Melissa’s argument. Later Melissa admits to Roy that she came to Port Charles to win him back and that she has now decided to leave. Rae shows up at the Quartermaines door.

9754 :39x20 - 04.27.01 - Friday

Zander is upset about breaking up with Emily. Bobbie notices that Lucas is running a fever. AJ and Ned work together to trick Edward into admitting the truth about what happened with Zander. Rae and Skye shock the Quartermaines with the news that Skye is Alan’s daughter.

9755 :39x21 - 04.30.01 - Monday

As Alexis and Sonny argue about his well being, Zander decides that he wants to stand on his own two feet. Emily goes to Alexis’ to see Zander where they discover that he has gone. Rae tells the Quartermaines about her past with Alan.

9756 :39x22 - 05.01.01 - Tuesday

Bobbie clashes with Melissa and later cries in Roy’s arms. The Quartermaines are shocked by the news that Skye is Alan’s daughter. Emily decides to look for Zander. Felicia isn’t pleased that Luke hasn’t contacted her for two weeks and she confronts him. Luke learns that Lucas is ill.

9757 :39x23 - 05.02.01 - Wednesday

Nikolas and Gia kiss and make up. Carly asks Sonny to give up his business and leave Port Charles with her. Sonny refuses and tells her that if she loves him she will accept his lifestyle. Carly asks Roy for help.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9758 :39x24 - 05.03.01 - Thursday

While on the roof, Felicia tells Luke that she needs more from their relationship. Carly shares her plan to get Sonny out of the mob with Roy. Roy agrees to help Sonny get busted and arrange a deal with the FBI. Sonny clashes with Taggert.

9759 :39x25 - 05.04.01 - Friday

Emily tries to find Zander as he considers returning to his old lifestyle. Monica isn’t happy with Rae and Skye’s presence in the house. Melissa tells Alan that she has decided not leave the hospital after all. Carly asks Roy to convince her that everything is going to be OK. Sonny goes into a room where the man, who sent the bomb to the penthouse, is tied up. As Sonny talks to the man, the FBI burst into the room.

9760 :39x26 - 05.07.01 - Monday

Sonny is questioned by the FBI at the police station but he refuses the deal offered to him. Emily catches up with Zander and tells him that she has always believed him, that he didn’t beat up her grandfather. She continues that he had blackmailed her into giving him up. Alan argues with his father about what he did to Skye when she was a baby.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9761 :39x27 - 05.08.01 - Tuesday

Carly and Roy’s plan backfires when Carly realizes that Sonny could end up in prison. Emily learns that Zander is planning on returning to his old way of life and selling drugs and they say a tearful goodbye. Lucky continues to lose control of his mind but fights back and asks Elizabeth to become his wife.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9762 :39x28 - 05.09.01 - Wednesday

Sonny tells Carly from his cell that he is determined to find out who betrayed him. Luke tells Felicia that he doesn’t believe that he can give her the love she needs but still wants to be in a relationship with her. Felicia replies that she needs to be with someone who she can be equal with and leaves to have dinner with Mac. Elizabeth agrees to become Lucky‘s wife. Laura enjoys a night out with Scotty.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9763 :39x29 - 05.10.01 - Thursday

Bobbie and Tony work to find a cure to help Lucas. Carly tells Sonny that he wont be given bail unless he accepts the FBI deal. When AJ shows up and tells Carly that he intends to fight her for custody of Michael, Sonny agrees to take the deal.

9764 :39x30 - 05.11.01 - Friday

Elizabeth tells Audrey that Lucky has proposed to her. Lucas has a seizure and Tony tries to help him. Carly takes Sonny home from the police station and while she is upstairs Sonny presses redial on her phone and Roy answers the call confirming his suspicion of Carly. Lucky becomes freaked out while looking at diamonds for Elizabeth’s engagement ring with Nikolas. Lucas slips into a coma. Nikolas finds Lucky on the hospital roof close to the edge. Sonny tells Carly that he knows that she is the person who betrayed him. Tony is approached by two armed men and taken to Helena.
Guest Stars: Ray Conchado as Bartender | Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9765 :39x31 - 05.14.01 - Monday

Carly tries to deny to Sonny that she betrayed him but finally admits the truth. Sonny then throws her out. Tony is furious at being kept away from his son by Helena. Nikolas and Elizabeth get Lucky off the hospital roof and Nikolas shares his concerns about him with Luke.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9766 :39x32 - 05.15.01 - Tuesday

Carly begs Sonny to let her in but he refuses. Bobbie prays that Lucas will get better. Luke finds Laura at Helena’s yacht and they both look for something to try and help Lucky. Lucky argues with Nikolas and when Stefan shows up he hits him. Tony is offered a deal by Helena.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9767 :39x33 - 05.16.01 - Wednesday

The Quartermaines aren’t happy when Edward welcomes Skye into the family. Zander tells Emily that he couldn’t go through with the drug deal as he loves her too much and they are reunited. Tony agrees to help Helena revive Stavros in return for Lucas’ antidote. Lucky becomes defensive when questioned by his parents. Later when Lucky tells Helena that he wants nothing more to do with her she produces the Ice Princess and puts him into a trance.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9768 :39x34 - 05.17.01 - Thursday

Helena gives Lucky an engagement ring to give to Elizabeth while he is in a trance and gives him instructions. Nikolas shares his concerns about his brother with Elizabeth. The Quartermaines agree to allow Emily to see Zander but on their terms. Sonny clashes with Roy about Carly.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9769 :39x35 - 05.18.01 - Friday

Luke wonders how Lucas recovered so quickly and questions Tony. Later Helena demands that Tony completes his part of the deal and bring Stavros back to life. Lucky gives Elizabeth the diamond ring that Helena gave him but she doesn’t realize that he is mesmorized by it. Luke continues to try and break the codes on the disks as Lucky shows up to see him.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9770 :39x36 - 05.21.01 - Monday

Taggert plots with Agent Ford to bring Sonny down. Sonny tells Bobbie how Carly has betrayed him. Lucky destroys the computer that Luke is working on. Gia tells Nikolas that she loves him.

9771 :39x37 - 05.22.01 - Tuesday

Bobbie isn’t happy when she learns that Roy helped Carly betray Sonny. Sonny saves Laura from Helena’a threats. Sonny gives Laura his 50% of Deception. Luke tries to find out what Tony knows about Helena’s plans.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9772 :39x38 - 05.23.01 - Wednesday

Bobbie is worried about Carly. Stefan saves Luke’s life and they end up arguing afterwards. Sonny attends the ELQ board meeting and meets Skye.

9773 :39x39 - 05.24.01 - Thursday

Elizabeth and Lucky talk about their future together. Emily is thrilled when Zander asks to take her to the prom. Scott asks Bobbie to be his date so he can go to the engagement party and keep an eye on Laura. Mac and Felicia follow up a lead on Carly. Laura realizes that Luke was right about their son being programmed after seeing Elizabeth’s engagement ring.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9774 :39x40 - 05.25.01 - Friday

Emily enjoys going to the prom with Zander. Lucky and Elizabeth’s engagement party is crashed by Stefan. Helena vows to destroy all of the Spencer family. Emily and Zander leave the prom early to spend some time alone. Helena is excited when she sees signs of life in Stavros.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9775 :39x41 - 05.28.01 - Monday

Lucky is arrested for attacking Stefan. Ned hears Skye asking Sonny to help her bring down the Quartermaines. Bobbie tells Roy that they are through.

9776 :39x42 - 05.29.01 - Tuesday

Even though he realizes that he still loves Carly, Sonny also realizes that he can’t forgive her betrayal. Elizabeth visits Lucky in his cell. Lucky refuses to allow Nikolas agree to Stefan’s proposal. Ned informs the family about Skye’s actions and she says she was only carrying out Edward’s orders. Skye catches Emily and Zander making love.

9777 :39x43 - 05.30.01 - Wednesday

Nikolas, Elizabeth and Gia threaten to lie to the police if Stefan doesn't drop the charges against Lucky but he still refuses. Sonny threatens Sorel. Zander gets a job working for Sonny. Luke tells Laura that it would be safer for their son if he remained in jail. Scott refuses to believe Elizabeth, Nikolas and Gia’s version of events. Helena wears a disguise to try and get to Lucky in his cell.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9778 :39x44 - 05.31.01 - Thursday

Bobbie catches Stefan trying to pinch the disks from Luke’s safe. Laura and Nikolas make Elizabeth see that Lucky is still be controlled by Helena. Kevin tries to get through to Lucky in his prison cell. Later using the Ice Princess, Helena tells Lucky that it is time for him to get out of jail. She gives him matches and lighter fluid and tells him that he knows what he has to do with them. Gia tricks Emily into telling her what is wrong with Lucky.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9779 :39x45 - 06.01.01 - Friday

Felicia and Mac grow closer again. Laura tells Scott about what is wrong with Lucky and he offers to help anyway he can. Elizabeth pleads with Lucky to continue his sessions with Kevin. Later Lucky sets fire to his prison cell matress. Luke and Laura learn of the fire and hear that Lucky has escaped.

9780 :39x46 - 06.04.01 - Monday

Taggert tells Sonny that Sorel has escaped from police custody. Elizabeth is worried that she has lost Lucky. Mac and Felicia share a kiss but aren’t properly back together. Later Felicia follows Luke to Helena’s yacht when she finds him armed with a gun where Laura catches them.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9781 :39x47 - 06.05.01 - Tuesday

Helena uses the Ice Princess to control Lucky. Laura clashes with Felicia. Sonny refuses to accept Carly’s apology.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9782 :39x48 - 06.06.01 - Wednesday

Luke and Laura agree to work together to get Lucky back and they look at the disks. Carly pleads with Sonny to give her another chance but he refuses. Sonny visits Lily’s grave where he is stabbed from behind by Sorel. Melissa gets drunk in a bar where Roy spots her. Nikolas asks Stefan to help find Lucky to prove that he has changed.

9783 :39x49 - 06.07.01 - Thursday

Alan tries to connect with Skye. When Sonny wakes up he realizes that he had been stabbed and that he is on a boat with a beautiful women next to him. Bobbie urges Carly to move on with her life and admits to her that she has split up with Roy. Roy takes a drunken Melissa home so that she can recover.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9784 :39x50 - 06.08.01 - Friday

Elizabeth finds Lucky in a daze and he finally realizes that his mind is still in Helena’s control. Helena insists to Tony that it is time to bring Stavros back to life. Lucky tells his parents that he needs their help to get his mind back. Angel explains to Sonny what happened and he agrees to stay and recover on her island. Bobbie is surprised when she finds Melissa at Roy’s apartment.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9785 :39x51 - 06.11.01 - Monday

Lucky agrees to see Kevin for a therapy session. Tony tells Helena that he is through helping help now that Stavros is awake. Lucky is put under hypnosis by Kevin. Stavros’ first words to Helena are ‘where’s Laura‘. Stefan tells Nikolas that he has dropped all the charges against Lucky. Helena finds Stavros gone when she comes to check up on him.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9786 :39x52 - 06.12.01 - Tuesday

Carly goes to Lily’s graveside as she is worried about Sonny. Stavros sees Laura for the first time in years. Kevin continues to try and help Lucky unlock his mind.

9787 :39x53 - 06.13.01 - Wednesday

Carly clashes with Sorel at the cemetery as Angel helps Sonny recover from his stabbing. Alan is worried about Emily’s safety now that Sorel has escaped. Skye offers to help Zander and Emily. Roy and Melissa remember the past that they have shared. Nikolas worries how is going to make ends meet.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9788 :39x54 - 06.14.01 - Thursday

Elizabeth and Lucky ask Nikolas if they can stay at the cottage to which he agrees. AJ clashes with Carly about Michael. Sonny’s fever leaves him delirious. Zander find a note from Sorel threatening his and Emily’s lives.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9789 :39x55 - 06.15.01 - Friday

Luke tells Felicia that he made a mistake letting her go but she tries to convince him that her future is with Mac. After learning that Luke wants her bacK, Mac tells Felicia that the trial reunion between them isn’t working for him. Gia finds it difficult living with Nikolas, Lucky and Elizabeth. Emily and Zander take Skye up on her offer to help them leave town. Laura thanks Scott for his help with Lucky and later goes to see Luke to get him to sign the divorce papers.

9790 :39x56 - 06.18.01 - Monday

Scott tells Mac that he is going to win Laura back. Mac and Felicia both decide that they have no future together. Laura and Luke share an emotional goodbye which is interrupted by a phone call from Felicia.

9791 :39x57 - 06.19.01 - Tuesday

Skye gives Emily and Zander money to leave town. Luke tries to apologise to Felicia for being abrupt with her. Sonny looks around Angel’s home after recovering from the fever. Carly learns that she is no longer part of Deception. When her driver refuses to drive her home Cary takes the keys and crashes the car into Angel’s.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9792 :39x58 - 06.20.01 - Wednesday

Sonny calls his father and lets him know that he is alive and well. Carly blames Angel for the accident but Angel sets the record straight with the parking attendant. Mike tells Alexis and Carly that Sonny is alive. Emily and Zander are seen at the bus station by one of Sorel’s men. Sorel tells him to take care of them as he believes that it will flush Sonny out into the open. The bus carrying Zander and Emily gets hit by a train as it gets stuck on the tracks. The Nurses Ball gets underway as news of the accident hits the hospital.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9793 :39x59 - 06.21.01 - Thursday

Stefan announces at the Nurses Ball that the Cassadines will double any money raised. Stavros watches the festivities unnoticed. The injured passengers from the crash are rushed to the hospital where Alan and Monica are surprised when Emily and Zander are brought in. Skye feels guilty for giving Zander and Emily money to leave town. Zander is issued with a threat from one of Sorel’s men. Luke grabs Helena at the ball.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9794 :39x60 - 06.22.01 - Friday

Luke demands answers from Helena. Lucky shows up and after he threatens Helena too he believes that the power she has over him is broken. Stavros listens in as Laura talks to Nikolas and doesn’t like what he hears. Angel falls asleep on Sonny’s shoulder. Alexis stops Zander from going after Sorel and when he learns that Emily has been asking for him he races off to the hospital. On his arrival Zander learns that Emily may never walk again.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9795 :39x61 - 06.25.01 - Monday

Chloe agrees to go to Wyndermere with Stefan. Angel wakes up on Sonny’s shoulder and realises that they have been there all night. Sonny asks her if he can stay another few days. Sonny takes off his wedding ring. Carly decides she has to see Angel after being served with papers concerning the accident. Mike agrees to drive her there. Zander refuses to leave Emily’s side. Helena tells Stavros about Laura being with Stefan on the island in Greece and how Stefan brought Nikolas into the Spencer's lives. Stavros decides that his brother must die too.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9796 :39x62 - 06.26.01 - Tuesday

Sonny hides as Carly talks to Angel. Angel agrees to drop the case against Carly. Mike comes up to the house and realises that Sonny is there when he sees his ring. Stefan asks Chloe to forgive him. Luke finds out that Helena was bringing in additional items to the hospital by a ship. Roy agrees to work with him to find out what was going on. Laura agrees to go away with Scott. As Nikolas is talking with Lucky on the pier, he is knocked out by one of Helena’s men.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9797 :39x63 - 06.27.01 - Wednesday

Helena waves the Ice Princess in front of Lucky after her men knock out Nikolas. Stavros has a business proposition for Chloe. Carly tries to find out from Mike where Sonny has gone. As he wakes up Nikolas hears Helena giving Lucky new instructions. Ned warns Chloe not to fall for anymore of Stefan’s tricks. Nikolas tries to talk to Luke about Lucky. Chloe agrees to join Stavros / Lucien for dinner.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9798 :39x64 - 06.28.01 - Thursday

Carly believes that Sonny will come back to her. Nikolas tries to convince Luke to go along with his plan to fool Helena. Scott tries to recreate their honeymoon for Laura.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9799 :39x65 - 06.29.01 - Friday

Scott and Laura enjoy their time together and Scott tells her that he loves her. Luke lets Nikolas know that his fury is an act. Nikolas recovers from the shock of getting blindsided and begins to execute his plan which Helena believes. Sonny enjoys Angel’s company. Melissa discovers equipment that has been shipped to Helena and she convinces Roy to investigate with her. They end up getting stuck in a lift together. Emily is thrilled when she feels movement in one of her legs.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9800 :39x66 - 07.02.01 - Monday

Helena discovers Melissa and Roy in the lift and they try to cover as to why they are in it. Roy calls Luke who wants to discover what is going on in the basement. Stavros listened in on Gia's conversation with Luke. Luke later secretly visited Nikolas and congratulates him on his performance at the Grille. Emily learns that she is going to be fine. Sorel instructs his men to kill Zander so that Sonny will be forced out of hiding. Emily lies to protect Skye and the two sisters connect. Scott agrees to take his relationship with Laura slowly as their vacation comes close to finishing.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9801 :39x67 - 07.03.01 - Tuesday

The residents of Port Charles all suffer with weird dreams and when they wake up they find a red rose near them. Luke and Laura have similar dreams while Felicia dreams of freeing Lucky from Helena’s control and Luke telling her that he loves her.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9802 :39x68 - 07.04.01 - Wednesday

Luke is more determined than ever to break through the elevator shaft and see what was in the basement but just comes across another wall of concrete. Emily’s family decide to bring the Fourth Of July celebrations to her but she would just rather spend time alone with Zander. Gia is shocked when Nikolas tells her that he is considering returning to the Cassadines.

9803 :39x69 - 07.05.01 - Thursday

After seeing how upset Carly is, Mike goes to see Sonny. Alexis tells Carly that AJ has filed to get custody of Michael. Carly agrees to attend the picnic in the park to try and take her mind of things but ends up clashing with AJ. Emily learns of the threats against her from Zander. They are surprised when Harry comes into the room and points a gun at them. Stavros charms Gia to try and find out more about Nikolas. Later he tries to charm an upset Carly.

9804 :39x70 - 07.06.01 - Friday

Ned argues with Alexis. Stavros tries to kiss Carly in the park but leaves when Alexis shows up. Sonny tells his father that he won’t be getting back together with Carly but will think about returning to Port Charles. Zander believes that Harry works for Sorel and as they struggle Emily manages to call for help. Ned and Alan come to the rescue. AJ tries to blackmail Skye into helping his get custody of Michael. Carly is surprised when Sorel shows up at her door.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9805 :39x71 - 07.09.01 - Monday

Luke tells Laura about Nikolas's plan. Nikolas tries to alienate himself from his brother. Helena tells Stavros that she has been watching Nikolas and that she saw him arguing with his brother. Carly is shocked when Sorel barges his way in armed with a gun. Alan talks about Emily with Zander and Ned. Sonny tells Angel that he has no plans to get back together with Carly. Sonny agrees to go to Greece with Angel but her reaction to a news bulletin surprises him.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9806 :39x72 - 07.10.01 - Tuesday

Skye offers AJ some advise on how to get his son back. Carly tries to get Sorel to open up. Sonny surprises Angel by telling her that he has changed his mind about going to Greece with her as he believes that she might be working with Sorel. Angel tells him that Sorel was responsible for her husband’s death and she tries to kiss him.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9807 :39x73 - 07.11.01 - Wednesday

Sonny pulls away from Angel and tells her that he can't get involved that way with her. Sorel threatens Carly and tells her that she is his link to Sonny. Zander finally gets through to Emily and she agrees to leave town without him to go to rehab. Emily says goodbye to her family.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9808 :39x74 - 07.12.01 - Thursday

Luke tries to find out what Helena is up to. Helena has Lucky brought to her hideaway. Laura tells Nikolas how proud she is of him for trying to help Lucky and the two of them hug. When he sees Helena approaches he starts yelling at Laura. Sonny threatens AJ as Sorel does the same to Carly. Alexis shows up to see Carly and ends up also being held hostage by Sorel.

9809 :39x75 - 07.13.01 - Friday

Laura goes along with Nikolas’ plan to beat Helena. Stavros reminds Tony that something bad will happen to Lucas if he doesn’t do as he is told. Luke believes that Tony knows more than he is letting on and tries to trap him. Stavros breaks into Laura’s house and looks through her things. Laura is shocked when she returns home and finds a red rose. Zander hears Sorel threatening Carly and when he tries to help her he ends up being shot. Mike tells Sonny that he has learnt that Sorel is holding Carly. Sorel is surprised when Sonny suddenly shows up.

9810 :39x76 - 07.16.01 - Monday

Luke tries to force Tony into telling him everything he knows about Helena. Laura is unaware of Stavros’ presence and is surprised when Stefan shows up to see her. Stefan tells her that he wants to put his past behind him and make up for all the bad things he has done. Nikolas refuses to give up Gia when Helena asks him to. Sonny demands that Sorel lets Carly, Alexis, and Zander go. When Sonny reveals a bomb strapped to his chest Sorel is forced to let the others leave. Alexis takes everyone to her place and calls the police. The bomb goes off as Taggert shows up.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9811 :39x77 - 07.17.01 - Tuesday

The residents of Port Charles are shocked by the news of the explosion at the Towers. After waking up Carly checks on Zander and tries to revive Alexis, but has no success. She then goes to try and find Sonny. Bobbie, Roy and Melissa manage to get into the building and find a traumatized Carly. Melissa and Bobbie tend to Zander's gunshot wound as best they can and help Alexis who has regained consciousness. The paramedics are finally able to get through and they take out Zander, Taggert and Alexis. As Carly looks around she sees a hand sticking out of the rubble. She finds out that it is Sorel and demands to know where Sonny is.

9812 :39x78 - 07.18.01 - Wednesday

Luke looks at plans of the hospital to try and uncover the secret that Helena is hiding there. Helena is worried about Stavros’ obsession with Laura. Monica performs surgery on an injured Zander. Nikolas fills Elizabeth in on his plan to save Lucky. Carly digs through the rubble at the penthouse to try and find Sonny. Carly is relieved when Sonny emerges from the kitchen.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9813 :39x79 - 07.19.01 - Thursday

Carly pleads with Sonny to take her back. Lucky tells Nikolas that he is willing to repair their relationship. When Nikolas refuses, Elizabeth knowing the torture that he is going through, asks Lucky to leave with her. Nikolas tells Gia that he is returning to the Cassadines to be at his grandmother‘s side and that they have no future together. When Stavros runs in to Lucky and Elizabeth he is happy that Lucky doesn’t remember him.

9814 :39x80 - 07.20.01 - Friday

Everybody is relieved that Zander is going to be fine. Carly is upset when Sonny acts coldly towards her. Nikolas tells Laura about his painful break up with Gia at Helena's demand. Laura is upset that he has to give up so much to save Lucky. Lucien comforts Gia. Helena is pleased with Nikolas. Laura leaves for her trip.

9815 :39x81 - 07.23.01 - Monday

Luke agrees to look out for Nikolas. AJ plots with Skye. Carly thanks Zander for saving her life. Stavros hides in Laura's house and waits for her to return. Helena shows up and tries to make her son see reason. Luke shows up and is surprised to find Helena in Laura’s house but is knocked out from behind by Stavros.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9816 :39x82 - 07.24.01 - Tuesday

Luke wakes up in Laura's room after Stavros hit him on the back of the head. After finding traces of gravel and tar Luke goes to the hospital roof where he discovers a secret lift. Stefan and Alexis are worried about Nikolas. Elizabeth realizes that Nikolas has gone ahead with the plan when she hears Gia give a press conference stating that she has split up with Nikolas. Elizabeth goes to see him and Gia shows up to give him her bracelet back as he is hugging Elizabeth.

9817 :39x83 - 07.25.01 - Wednesday

An upset Gia confronts Nikolas and Elizabeth after catching them hugging. Lucky receives a package from Helena. Gia tells Lucky what she saw as Elizabeth and Nikolas show up. Skye admits to the rest of the family what she has been up to. After discovering the secret lift on the roof of the hospital, Luke manages to get it going and he ends up below the basement of the hospital. When he leaves the lift, he recognizes the maze-like room from his dreams. Luke is caught by Helena‘s men. Luke is shocked when Helena shows him Stavros‘ body and his eyes open.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9818 :39x84 - 07.26.01 - Thursday

Alan and Skye connect as father and daughter. Gia, Lucky and Elizabeth hear Nikolas admit to wanting to steal Elizabeth from Lucky. He continues that even though he cared about Gia, Elizabeth was the love of his life. Elizabeth is surprised when Lucky says that she and Nikolas should be together since Nikolas could better protect her from the Cassadines. Lucky leaves and Elizabeth and Nikolas try to follow him. An upset Gia calls Lucien. Sonny and Carly are released without charge after being questioned about trying to kill Sorel. Luke realizes that Stavros is really alive. Luke manages to get the upper hand when he fights with Stavros. Lucky’s arrival though allows Stavros to get the upper hand. Helena gives Lucky a syringe full of biotoxin and tells him to inject Luke.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9819 :39x85 - 07.27.01 - Friday

Elizabeth and Nikolas unsuccessfully try to find Lucky. Sonny tells Sorel that he will pay for his crimes. Melissa learns that Sorel was responsible for her brother’s death. Bobbie tries unsuccessfully to stop Carly from trying to get back togeth with Sonny. Carly tells Sonny that she is pregnant. Luke pleads with his son to run away from the lab, but Helena's programming stops him. She commands him to inject Luke with the syringe of bio toxin which leaves Lucky torn. Helena brings out the Ice Princess forcing Lucky to do as she wishes. Helena's men take Luke out as Lucky cries on the floor.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9820 :39x86 - 07.30.01 - Monday

Carly tries to convince Sonny that a baby would bring them back together. As Felicia waits for Luke at the club she gets to know Angel. Later Angel asks Sonny to join her for dinner. Luke's body is dumped in an alley and alcohol poured over him to make it look like he has been drinking. Nikolas and Helena toast his return to the family. Lucky tries to give Gia some advise.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9821 :39x87 - 07.31.01 - Tuesday

Sonny accepts Angel's dinner invitation. Carly dreams about getting back together with Sonny. Alexis is shocked to learn that Helena has her mother's necklace and that she intends to put it up for auction. Nikolas tries to con Helena. Luke remains motionless in the alley as Felicia worries about him. Stavros is happy about Luke’s demise and vows that Stefan will be next.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9822 :39x88 - 08.01.01 - Wednesday

Sonny likes the idea of becoming a father but isn’t happy that Carly hasn’t actually taken a pregnancy test. Edward and Ned aren’t happy when Alan decides that Skye will remain at the mansion. Alexis remembers her mother as she tries unsuccessfully to steal back the necklace from Helena.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9823 :39x89 - 08.02.01 - Thursday

Felicia tries to find Helena after talking to Lucky. Unaware that they already know one another Carly introduces Sonny to Angel. Alexis finds her mother's necklace in the auction room and remembers Helena killing her. A burglar later shows up on the rooftop of the auction house.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9824 :39x90 - 08.03.01 - Friday

Elizabeth is upset when Lucky decides they shouldn’t get married and his behaviour worries her. Sonny and Angel pretend not to know one anther for Carly's benefit but Sonny is later angry with Angel for lying to Carly. Carly is devastated when she learns that she isn’t pregnant but doesn’t tell Sonny. Luke upsets Felicia and he later comes face to face with his son. Alexis demands her mother’s necklace back from Helena and they are both shocked to find out it has been stolen.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9825 :39x91 - 08.06.01 - Monday

Sonny is furious when Bobbie tells him that Carly isn‘t pregnant. Angel admits to Sorel that she saved Sonny and that she wants to have a relationship with him. Alexis and Helena both believe that each other took Kristin's necklace. It later revealed that Jax has the necklace. Lucky is shocked to find out that his father is still alive. Luke finds it difficult to fight the drugs Helena gave him. Later Lucky is snatched by an unseen person.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9826 :39x92 - 08.07.01 - Tuesday

Luke tries to find out what Helena has done with Lucky while Stavros tries to find out from Luke if Nikolas is true to the Cassadines. Lucky is surprised to find out that Elizabeth is his kidnapper. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he is finding it hard to keep the charade up. Stefan and Chloe grower closer again. Carly tries unsuccessfully to win Sonny back and Angel offers her a place to stay.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9827 :39x93 - 08.08.01 - Wednesday

Angel manages to hide Sonny's angel before Carly can see it. Roy takes Melissa camping. At the Cassadine auction, Gia discovers that Helena hired her to be the guest auctioneer, not Nikolas. Monica arrives home to find Skye still living at the mansion and orders her to get out. Alan insists that she stays so Monica decides to move Alan and Skye to another wing. Ned's upset to see Skye and AJ growing closer.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9828 :39x94 - 08.09.01 - Thursday

Sonny tells Angel that he knows who she is. Roy and Melissa grow closer. Helena watches Nikolas with Gia at the auction. AJ schemes with Skye.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9829 :39x95 - 08.10.01 - Friday

Luke manages to escape after being arrested after hitting Nikolas. Stefan proposes to Chloe. Nikolas lies to Gia.

9830 :39x96 - 08.13.01 - Monday

When Luke surprises his sister with a visit his odd behavior worries her. When Tony shows up Luke tells them that Helena has got to him and Tony believes that she must of poisoned him. Before Bobbie can get him to the hospital, Luke disappears. Jax's appearance at the Cassadine charity auction surprises everyone. Jax is surprised when Ned tells him how close Chloe has grown to Stefan. Skye tries to find out everything she can about Jax from AJ. A fire alarm in the stables stops Stefan from getting an answer to his marriage proposal to Chloe. Chloe is later surprised when she sees Jax standing in front of her.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9831 :39x97 - 08.14.01 - Tuesday

Chloe is surprised to see Jax who tells her that his search for Brenda was a wild goose chase. When questioned about the goodbye letter he left her, Jax denies writing it. Jax believes that Stefan was behind the plan to get him out of town. When Stefan shows up he admits to Chloe that Jax's claims are true. Chloe tells them that she is through with both of them. Bobbie shows Carly the threatening letter from Sorel saying that he planned on killing Michael before he killed her. Carly goes to Sonny for help. Angel is unable to make peace with her father. Roy discovers that Sorel is Angel’s father. After Alan receives a call from Emily saying that she has been attacked at the rehab center the Quartermaines realize that Sorel is behind it.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9832 :39x98 - 08.15.01 - Wednesday

Stefan and Jax clash over Chloe and Jax later admits to Alexis that while he has been away he has realizes that he can never give Chloe the love that she needs. Later Jax calls out to a mysterious women called Kristina at his penthouse. After talking with Lucien, Chloe insists to Stefan that they have no future together. Alan, Zander, Monica, Melissa and Sonny all make threats on Sorel’s life. Sorel awakens to see a shadowy figure standing by him.

9833 :39x99 - 08.16.01 - Thursday

Tony discovers that Sorel is dead in his hospital bed and realizes that he has been murdered. Taggert calls in forensics to the crime scene. Jax meets Skye. The Quartermaines learn of Sorel’s death. Carly is shocked when Taggert tells her that Angel was Sorel's daughter.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9834 :39x100 - 08.17.01 - Friday

Sonny learns from Jax that Brenda is really gone. Sonny comforts Angel over her father’s death. Angel is happy when Jax shows up at her door. Nikolas and Elizabeth try to find out how Helena brainwashed Lucky. Helena tries to find out the truth from Lucky.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9835 :39x101 - 08.20.01 - Monday

Lucky says that his brother kidnapped him. Helena forces Lucky to forget Elizabeth by using the Ice Princess. Stavros tries to influence Gia. Jax and Angel remember the time they spend together in Monaco. Angel tells him about her father’s death but doesn’t mention her connection to Sonny. Carly isn’t pleased that Sonny has been spending time with Angel.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9836 :39x102 - 08.21.01 - Tuesday

Carly unleashes her anger at Sonny. Mac agrees to resume his position as Port Charles Police Commissioner after Edward forces the current Commissioner out of the job. Elizabeth is upset when Lucky tells her that he doesn’t love her. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Helena uses a large diamond to control Lucky and he realizes that it is the Ice Princess. Jax threatens Helena. When Gia runs into Lucky at the docks he kisses her.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9837 :39x103 - 08.22.01 - Wednesday

Sonny agrees to let Alexis be his lawyer again when she shows up while he is being questioned by Mac and Taggert. Carly clashes with Angel. Gia is shocked by Lucky‘s kiss. Jax tries to look through Helena's hotel room for clues but her sudden arrival stops his search. Chloe tries to find out more about Lucien. Nikolas and Elizabeth discuss their plan to steal the Ice Princess. Nikolas wants to search Helena's room himself, but Elizabeth reminds him that he is the only person who could distract Helena. Elizabeth goes alone but Nikolas rushes off after her when he realizes that Helena is heading there and as he reaches the door he realizes that Elizabeth isn’t alone.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9838 :39x104 - 08.23.01 - Thursday

Carly demands that Taggert arrest Angel and he promises to investigate her claims. Elizabeth and Nikolas are happy to discover that Jax is the other person in Helena's room. Jax has overheard them discussing the Ice Princess and he offers to help them find it. When Helena shows up Elizabeth lies to protect Nikolas’ cover. Gia realizes that Helena has done something to Lucky to make him forget the love he shared with Elizabeth. Mac questions Melissa and Alan about Sorel’s death.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9839 :39x105 - 08.24.01 - Friday

Taggert questions Sonny and Angel. Jax makes a call to his mysterious female friend, who is impatience at being kept in the dark for so long. Elizabeth asks Gia to cover for her while she searches Helena’s room. Elizabeth finds the Ice Princess as Stavros shows up. Stefan listens in as Chloe tells Jax and Alexis that she has decided to move to Milan. Stefan tries to talk to her on her own and she falls and hits her head.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9840 :39x106 - 08.27.01 - Monday

Jax witnesses Chloe hit her head and tells Stefan to stay away from her. Jax takes her to the hospital where she recovers. Elizabeth is shocked by Stavros’ arrival who demands to know why she is in Helena’s room. Elizabeth manages to cover why she is there. Helena wants Stavros to kill Stefan and pass the blame onto Jax. Kristina tells Jax that she is tired of being kept hidden away.

9841 :39x107 - 08.28.01 - Tuesday

Sonny stops Carly from saying anything incriminating when he realizes that Mac and Taggert are listening from the other room. Sonny gets Carly to drop the charges against Angel when she is forced to admit that she could have been mistaken about Angel's role in the kidnapping. Melissa is thrilled when Roy comes to see her. Gia clashes with Nikolas. Elizabeth tries to make Lucky remember the love they shared and tells him that she won’t give up until they have beaten Helena.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9842 :39x108 - 08.29.01 - Wednesday

Carly clashes with Jax. The police try to find more about Sorel‘s murder. Sonny asks Alexis to draw up papers for his divorce from Carly.

9843 :39x109 - 08.30.01 - Thursday

Helena is furious when Stefan tells her that he intends to give the Cassadine estate to charity. Stefan goes to see Chloe at the hospital. Kristina listens in as Helena tells Jax that she will kill Alexis if he doesn’t leave the Cassadine estate alone. Sonny tells Carly that he is filing for divorce.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9844 :39x110 - 08.31.01 - Friday

Jax reveals to Alexis that he knows about Kristina and has found her. Stefan pleads with Chloe to give him another chance but she tells him that she can’t trust him anymore. Stefan goes to the Cassadine crypt to berate his brother for the curse he has left him with. Stavros tells his mother that he won’t kill Stefan as he has other plans for him. Helena threatens him into doing her bidding. Elizabeth manages to steal the Ice Princess. Chloe dreams that Stavros is telling Helena that he has agreed to kill Stefan. When she wakes up she asks Tony if the fall could have caused her premonitions to return. She decides that she needed to see a picture of Stavros just to be sure. When she is unable to get hold of Stefan, she heads over to Wyndermere. She discovers a picture of Stavros with baby Nikolas and is shocked to see he is Lucien Crane.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9845 :39x111 - 09.03.01 - Monday

Alexis is surprised that Jax has found her sister. Helena is livid when she discovers that the Ice Princess has been stolen. At the Cassadine crypt, Stefan is shocked to discover that Stavros' coffin is empty. Helena lies to Stefan when he questions her. Elizabeth tries to use the Ice Princess to help Lucky. Chloe is shocked that Lucien Cane and Stavros are the same person. When Stavros walks into the room, Chloe tries unsuccessfully to cover what she has found out.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9846 :39x112 - 09.04.01 - Tuesday

Stefan discovers Chloe’s body when he returns to Wyndermere. Jax and Alexis show up and find Stefan standing over the body and Jax accuses Stefan of killing Chloe. Elizabeth is unsuccessful in using the Ice Princess to get through to Lucky. Lucky throws the diamond into the river hoping it will free him of Helena’s control. Helena isn’t happy when she learns that Laura is back in town. Mac talks to both Roy and Melissa about Sorel’s murder.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9847 :39x113 - 09.05.01 - Wednesday

Sonny offers to help Angel with Sorel's funeral arrangements. Carly looks through the lake house and finds an undeveloped film as Sonny and Angel show up. Nikolas is angry with Elizabeth for not telling him that she had taken the Ice Princess and is cross with his brother for throwing it away. Alexis refuses to believe that her brother could of killed Chloe. Laura learns of Lucky and Elizabeth’s split and of Luke’s strange behaviour. Laura goes to see Elizabeth and Nikolas and is shocked when they tell her about their plan to help Lucky. Lucky warns Gia to stay away from Lucien.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9848 :39x114 - 09.06.01 - Thursday

Carly manages to hide when Angel and Sonny return to the lake house. After Sonny leaves Angel tells Carly that she knows she is there. Alan tells Zander that he believes in his innocence. Zander accepts Sonny’s job offer. The Quartermaines are shocked to hear about Chloe’s death. Alexis meets her sister.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9849 :39x115 - 09.07.01 - Friday

Laura is worried about Luke and asks Roy to help her find him. Carly discovers that Angel and Jax shared a past. Alexis and Kristina bond as sisters. Carly tries to find out more about Angel from Jax.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9850 :39x116 - 09.10.01 - Monday

Sonny and Jax clash at Chloe's memorial service. Alexis pays bail for Stefan and he goes to the memorial service where he is asked to leave by the Quartermaines. Stavros prepares to be reunited with Laura. Lucky breaks into the Cassadine lab and finds the vial of biotoxin.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9851 :39x117 - 09.17.01 - Monday

Gia comforts Nikolas when she finds him upset about Chloe’s death. When he suddenly pushes her away she calls Lucien in front of him and arranges a date. Laura is worried about Lucky and fears he may have killed Luke. Bobbie realizes that Helena is threatening Lucas' life in order to make Tony help her. Taggert and Mac discuss Sorel’s murder. Carly clashes with AJ.

9852 :39x118 - 09.18.01 - Tuesday

Stefan learns about Kristina and meets her for the first time. AJ is determined to get custody of Michael. Sonny promises Carly that he will make sure that she keeps custody of Michael. A tied up AJ is brought to Sonny’s office. Ned asks Jax to make sure that Alexis comes to no harm.

9853 :39x119 - 09.19.01 - Wednesday

Mac and Taggert learn more about Sorel’s murder. Sonny asks AJ if he is ready to give up rights to Michael. AJ replies that he would never give up his son and accuses Carly of being an unfit mother. Sonny has him put on a meat hook and leaves him to rethink his decision. Kristina thanks Jax for reuniting her with her family. Stefan threatens Helena. Carly goes to the Lake Huse to try and find out more about Jax and Angel’s past and runs into Kristina. Stefan has a DNA test at the police station to try and prove that he didn‘t kill Chloe and suggests to Mac that Helena also has one.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9854 :39x120 - 09.20.01 - Thursday

Carly learns more about Angel’s past with Jax from Kristina. Jax tells Alexis that he has had Kristina moved to a safe house but she is surprised when Angel answers the door to the house. Carly goes to see Sonny to tell him about Angel’s past with Jax. Nikolas meets with Helena and she tells him that he has to pass a test before she will increase his responsibilities. Helena takes him to the police station where he corroborates Helena’s story that Stefan killed Chloe. Laura shares her concerns about Luke and Nikolas with Roy.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9855 :39x121 - 09.21.01 - Friday

Luke calls the hospital to speak to Bobbie but Melissa answers the call instead. He tells her to tell his sister that she needs to look for the place that Lucky ran away to. Bobbie tells Roy the location and he is followed there by Melissa. Carly shows Sonny proof that Angel was once involved with Jax. Alexis confronts Angel about her true identity and she admits that she is a private investigator and that she has worked for both Jax and Kristina. Stefan insists that he didn’t kill Chloe but Mac has no choice but to arrest him. Stavros tries to charm Gia. Nikolas tells Laura that he believes Stefan didn’t kill Chloe.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9856 :39x122 - 09.24.01 - Monday

Angel admits to Sonny that she and Jax were once involved. Carly and Angel argue at the PC Grill. Lucky finds Melissa and Roy studying the drawing left by Luke on the wall of the cave. Laura visits Stefan and tells him that she believes that he didn’t kill Chloe and asks him for help to protect her sons. Alexis vows to prove that Stefan is innocent.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9857 :39x123 - 09.25.01 - Tuesday

Helena accuses Elizabeth of stealing the Ice Princess but Lucky tells her he took it. Helena warns Lucky not to cross her. Angel and Carly’s argument ends up in a fight which results in them being arrested. Jax tries to get Sonny to back off from seeing Angel. Laura is shocked when Stefan suggests that Stavros could still be alive. Later at home Laura is relived when Melissa tells her that Luke is stil alive. As Laura tidies up Lulu's toys she sees Stavros in the mirror.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9858 :39x124 - 09.26.01 - Wednesday

Roy and Lucky try to find Luke. After Laura sees Stavros in the mirror she turns around but he is gone. Roy and Lucky show up and only find nobody but they do find the Cassadine medallion which Laura says belonged to Stavros. Jax offers some advise to Angel. Nikolas clashes with his grandmother. Gia is suspicious of Nikolas and Elizabeth’s relationship. Carly is shocked when Sonny gives her the divorce papers.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9859 :39x125 - 09.27.01 - Thursday

Elizabeth goes to see Lucky and begs him to leave town with her but he refuses. Helena tells Nikolas that he has one last test to pass. Jax asks Ned if Kristina can stay at his place for a while and is shocked to learn that they already know one another. Jax doesn’t reveal Kristina’s connection to Alexis but does admit that he will be doing Alexis a favour. Laura visits Stefan and tells him about the intruder in her house and shows him the Cassadine medallion that was left behind which Stefan confirms belonged to Stavros. Laura wonders how Helena could wake the dead which causes her to remember the disks. After working through the disks Laura and Stefan are shocked to learn that they have instructions on how to bring a dead person back to life.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9860 :39x126 - 09.28.01 - Friday

Stefan and Laura are shocked when they realize that Stavros is still alive and Stefan realizes that his brother killed Chloe. Mac asks more questions about Sorel’s murder. Elizabeth is shocked when Nikolas tells her about Helena’s final test but she then realizes that they could it to their own advantage. Nikolas agrees to try and find away that will make it look like he has killed her. Gia tells Stavros that she overheard Helena’s request and he convinces her not to go the police.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9861 :39x127 - 10.01.01 - Monday

Mac continues to investigate Sorel’s murder. After getting another tip from Luke, Roy, Melissa and Lucky go to a bar looking for clues. They work out he went to a cemetery and find him passed out at the Cassadine crypt. Alexis discovers that Kristina is at Ned’s and she lies to him about who Kristina is. Stavros congratulates Helena on her challenge to Nikolas and agrees that killing Elizabeth is the perfect test for his son. Nikolas tells him mother about Helena wanting him to kill Elizabeth and asks her if there is a way Elizabeth could just appear to be dead. Bobbie later agrees to help Laura get a drug which would help and agrees not to ask any questions.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9862 :39x128 - 10.02.01 - Tuesday

Alexis talks about her past with Ned to Kristina. Laura bumps into Elizabeth and tells her that she is worried about Nikolas’s plan but agrees to go along with it after Elizabeth reassures her. When Helena sees them talking, Elizabeth manages to cover. Luke is pulled out of Stavros' crypt by Roy and Melissa. When he wakes up Luke believes that it is 1979. Roy decides to hide Luke away from Helena’s clutches and tells Lucky he can’t know his father’s location as Helena could get the information out of him. Laura is upset when she sees Luke. Gia tries to convince Elizabeth to stay away from Nikolas.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9863 :39x129 - 10.03.01 - Wednesday

Nikolas tells his grandmother that he has decided to poison Elizabeth. Carly decides to fight to save her marriage. Alexis admits the truth about Kristina to Sonny. Laura tries to jolt Luke back into the present.

9864 :39x130 - 10.04.01 - Thursday

Stefan gives Alexis his power of attorney. Kristina believes Stefan when he tells her that he didn’t kill Chloe. Laura is worried about Luke. Elizabeth and Nikolas put their plan into motion.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9865 :39x131 - 10.05.01 - Friday

Nikolas and Elizabeth’s plan is threatened by Lucky’s sudden arrival. Nikolas tells Helena’s men to take Lucky away but not to hurt him. Elizabeth and Nikolas put their plan into action in front of Helena. After Helena has gone, Nikolas is shocked when he can’t awaken Elizabeth. Jax vows to protect Alexis and Kristina. When Stavros finds Helena’s men with Lucky he orders them to leave. Stavros throws a tied up Lucky into the river. Alexis and Scott try to discover what Laura is up to with Stefan. After Scott leaves, Laura admits to Alexis that she believes that Stavros is still alive. Alexis goes to Wyndermere and is shocked to discover that Laura was right when she hears Helena and Stavros talking.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9866 :39x132 - 10.08.01 - Monday

Lucky manages to get free and stop himself from drowning. He manages to get to the yacht in time to see Nikolas standing over Elizabeth's body. Lucky is made to believe that Helena is responsible for Elizabeth’s death and he vows revenge. Gia is shocked when she discovers that Elizabeth isn’t really dead when she suddenly wakes up. Sonny bribes a bartender to make it look like AJ has been drinking. AJ tries unsuccessfully to escape. Skye is not convinced by the barman’s story. Lucky catches up with Helena and tells her that he won’t allow her to hurt anyone else. Lucky learns that his father is still alive.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9867 :39x133 - 10.09.01 - Tuesday

Bobbie is upset when Tony’s drugs fail to make Luke any better. Carly is sure that Sonny still loves her. Skye threatens Edward. Zander goes to see AJ in the meat locker to try and convince him to sign the custody papers. Gia's shock over Elizabeth's sudden return to life soon turns to anger when Nikolas explains that his actions over the past months had been a plan to save Lucky. Elizabeth interrupts their argument to remind them that she needs to get out of Port Charles before Helena discovers that she is really still alive. Lucky tries to get the antidote from Helena to help his father.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9868 :39x134 - 10.10.01 - Wednesday

Carly finds Lucien Cane waiting for her when she comes home and is pleased when he tells her that he has thought of a way to help her get Deception back from Laura. Sonny shows up and after Lucien has gone he warns Carly not to trust him. Elizabeth offers Gia some advise. Lucky threatens Helena but she manages to get the upper hand. Laura, Melissa and Roy help Stefan to escape. Bobbie tries to nurse her brother back to health. When Bobbie leaves Luke goes looking for Laura.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9869 :39x135 - 10.11.01 - Thursday

Sonny clashes with Alexis. Laura is upset when she realizes that Luke is still stuck in the past. Skye tries to locate AJ. Ned overhears Jax and Kristina discussing the fact that she is Alexis’s sister. Gia finds it hard to forgive Nikolas but they do end up sharing a kiss. Gia tells him that she isn’t seeing Lucien Crane anymore. Stefan goes to Wyndermere waiting for Stavros to show up and the two brothers come face to face for the first time in years. The two of them square off and end up fighting.

9870 :39x136 - 10.12.01 - Friday

Luke attempts to draw a map for Laura leading to Helena’s lab. Ned is shocked to learn that Kristina is Alexis’ sister. Ned later tells Kristina that he is over Alexis. Jax gives Bobbie the vile he found in Helena’s room. Stefan manages to overpower Stavros which surprises Helena. Taggert discovers Stavros tied up in a chest at Wyndermere and Stavros is unnerved when Taggert calls Alexis to see if she can identify him. Stefan has Helena tied up at the lab.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9871 :39x137 - 10.15.01 - Monday

Bobbie is pleased that Jax has managed to steal some of the poison from Helena and now hopes that Tony can work on an antidote. Laura is worried when Luke collapses and won’t wake up. Luke is taken to the hospital where Scott overhears Laura promise not to leave him. Ned insists to Kristina that his relationship with her sister is over. Stefan locks Helena in one of the lab’s chambers after sending her men away. Stavros manages to escape from Wyndermere. Jax shows up and backs up Alexis when Taggert asks her about her part in Stefan’s escape. Alexis warns Jax that a new dangerous Cassadine is in town but doesn’t tell him it is Stavros. Nikolas and Gia move closer to getting back together. Stavros and Stefan square off at the lab and Stefan is overpowered.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9872 :39x138 - 10.16.01 - Tuesday

Carly is surprised when Sonny gives her with the custody papers that A.J. has signed. Sonny tells her that he wants to adopt Michael. Skye is pleased when AJ returns home. AJ tells her what Sonny did to him and she tells him that they need to bide their time to get revenge.

9873 :39x139 - 10.17.01 - Wednesday

Felicia agrees to help Mac with the murder investigation. Lucky visits his father and Luke makes him promise to fight for his life. Sonny goes to see Alexis and he tells her that he is hoping to adopt Michael. He also tells her that he intends to press ahead with the divorce. Helena gets Nikolas ready for the unveiling of her special project. Stavros decides to put him through one final test and gets into the cryogenic chamber and tells Helena to tell Nikolas that she was in the process of reawakening him. Nikolas is shocked at seeing his ‘frozen father’. Nikolas tells his ‘frozen’ father how much he hates him. Helena reveals to Nikolas that she has brainwashed Lucky to stop anyone from ruining her plans. After Nikolas leaves, Stavros tells his mother what Nikolas said to him. Stavros vows to destroy those who have turned his son against him.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9874 :39x140 - 10.18.01 - Thursday

Roy thanks Melissa for her continued support. Jax refuses to be part of Skye’s schemes. Skye tells Edward that she is going to tell the rest of the family where he was on the night of the murder. Mac and Felicia devise a plan to expose the killer. Carly talks with her mother about the state of her relationship with Sonny. Alexis dreams about Sonny.

9875 :39x141 - 10.19.01 - Friday

Mac and Felicia have the murder suspects taken to an old abandoned house. As she doesn’t want to upset Lila. Skye decides to keep quiet about Edward’s whereabouts on the night of Sorel’s murder. Mac tells the suspects why they have been taken to the house. When Sonny tries to leave AJ tells everybody what Sonny did to make him sign the custody papers but Zander refuses to back up his claims. Mac tells everyone that nobody is leaving until Sorel’s killer has been revealed.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9876 :39x142 - 10.22.01 - Monday

Carly admits that she pulled the plug on Sorrel to take the heat of Sonny. Mike and Melissa also make confessions. Stefan proposes to his brother that they work together and dethrown their mother. Nikolas tries to help his mother get the antidote for Luke’s disease. Laura admits that Stavros is still alive. Ned refuses to help Edward destroy Skye. Jax and Skye grow closer.

9877 :39x143 - 10.23.01 - Tuesday

Lucky wants Scott to stay away from his mother. Skye is upset when Ned refuses to believe her claims that Sonny held AJ hostage. Jax follows Skye to the house and tells her going after Sonny would be a mistake. All the suspects try to get Mac to let them go after everyone except Angel and Sonny give their version of events of the night of the murder. Mac determines that although all of them had been in the room, only one of them had turned Sorel's respirator off and killed him. Mac believes that Carly, Melissa, Alan and Mike are innocent and narrows done the suspects to Sonny, AJ and Monica.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9878 :39x144 - 10.24.01 - Wednesday

Jax refuses to help Skye destroy Sonny. In the abandoned house, the suspects grow restless. When she realizes that she isn‘t being charged Angel leaves and everyone else follows. The Quartermaines are surprised to find Skye with Jax. Bobbie gives Luke the antidote that Tony had made hoping that it will work. Stavros follows Nikolas back to the yacht and listens in as he tells Gia that he hopes that he turns out nothing like his father. Gia and Nikolas make love. Stavros is upset that his son hates him. Sonny tells Angel that he knows she killed her father and offers to protect her. Angel admits that she is the killer. Jax shows up and also admits that he has known for sometime that Angel is the killer. Carly overhears Angel’s confession. Mac and Felicia have also worked out that Angel is the killer and show up to arrest her.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9879 :39x145 - 10.25.01 - Thursday

Carly realizes that it is better if Angel leaves town and she agrees to help Jax and Sonny with their plan to help her escape. Angel leaves the country on Jax’s jet after the plan works. Zander confronts AJ for lying to Emily and promises him one day that Emily will see him for the liar he is. Laura has a nightmare and later admits to Scott that Stavros is still alive. Gia and Nikolas tell one another how much they leave each other.
Guest Stars: Angel Boris as Angel Ellis

9880 :39x146 - 10.26.01 - Friday

Melissa and Roy make love after being released by Mac. Jax is arrested for helping Angel escape. Gia realizes that Lucien Cane is really Stavros. Mac refuses to listen to Gia’s claims. Edward tells Skye that she has no proof to back up her claims. Edward is shocked when Janine shows up at the house.

9881 :39x147 - 10.29.01 - Monday

Edward pretends that he doesn’t know who Janine is. After talking to Alexis, Sonny realizes that he has to talk to Carly. Carly is surprised to find ‘Lucien Cane’ in her living room. He shares some of his past with her and she sees similarities with herself. She agrees to go to a video arcade with him and Michael. Sonny finds out where she has gone and goes after her. Nikolas reconnects with Lucky. Jax finds it hard to believe that Stavros Cassadine has returned from the grave but Gia manages to convince him that she is telling the truth.

9882 :39x148 - 10.30.01 - Tuesday

Sonny shows up at the arcade where Carly, Michael and Stavros are. Sonny tells Carly that if they are to divorce they should do it in Martinique. Nikolas and Laura try to find a way into the lab by studying Luke’s map. Alexis manages to get Jax released. Jax promises to keep Alexis and Kristina safe from Stavros. Skye tells Janine her plans and later she gets stuck in a lift with Jax. Taggert is angry with his sister for involving herself with Nikolas again. Later she runs into Stavros and is forced to go along with his plans.

9883 :39x149 - 10.31.01 - Wednesday

Nikolas and Laura visit Luke at the hospital. Jax tries to get the lift moving. Jax tells Skye he is not interested in helping her with her schemes before they are finally freed. Edward tells AJ what happened with Janine in Atlantic City. AJ agrees to help him in return for more ELQ shares. AJ gives Skye the shares when she shows up. Johnny stands guard outside of Alexis' door while she has a sleep. Alexis hears a noise and goes to investigate and is shocked to find Helena at her door.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9884 :39x150 - 11.01.01 - Thursday

Laura is shocked when she receives a message from Stavros. She finally manages to work out Luke's clues and realizes that the second entrance to the Cassadine lab must be in the cave. Stavros tries to get his brother to help him to win back Nikolas and Laura's love. Alexis tries to stop Jax from coming inside when he comes to see her and Helena’s men knock him out.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9885 :39x151 - 11.02.01 - Friday

Sonny admits to Carly he is not sure that he can let her go. Stavros stops Gia from escaping. Skye discovers an unconscious Jax who frets when he realizes that Alexis is missing. Roy also discovers that Bobbie is missing too. Lucky begs his mother to let him end the feud between the Cassadines and the Spencers. Nikolas and Laura are able to convince Lucky to remain in hiding and let them face Stavros and Helena. Nikolas and Laura enter the maze inside the cave but stop when Stavros suddenly appears in front of them.

9886 :39x152 - 11.05.01 - Monday

When Sonny tells her that he loves but is not sure that he can forgive her, Carly replies that it is time they went their separate ways. Nikolas and Laura are shocked when they see Stavros. Nikolas manages to grab Stavros’ gun while pretending that he wants to be family with him. Stavros manages to overpower him and he is locked in a chamber with Gia. Jax tries to lure Helena into a trap but it is ruined by Skye’s arrival. Roy promises Luke that he will rescue everyone. Later when Melissa goes to check on Luke she finds him gone.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9887 :39x153 - 11.06.01 - Tuesday

Laura plays along with Stavros' fantasy in the hope it saves everybody else. Luke tries to rescue Laura.
Nikolas manages to get himself and Gia freed. Lucky refuses to help Roy and Scott find the lab because he is worried that that Helena's brainwashing could overpower him. Carly discovers that Sonny hasn’t signed the divorce papers. Sonny tells her that he wants to trust her and to give their marriage another go.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9888 :39x154 - 11.07.01 - Wednesday

Laura begs Stavros not to kill Luke. Nikolas gives Gia instructions on how to get out of the maze but she is caught before she can escape. Alexis and Stefan are freed by Nikolas. Nikolas tries to help Laura and Luke but they are all taken to the lab as are Stefan and Alexis who are also caught. Kristina asks Jax to help Alexis and Stefan. Jax, Scott and Roy try to find away into the lab. Lucky realises that he can beat Helena if he can hold onto his memories of love. Helena tells everyone that it is time for the end game to start but is shocked when Lucky refuses to do what she wants.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9889 :39x155 - 11.08.01 - Thursday

Helena refuses to believe that her command over Lucky is over and Nikolas tries to help his brother. Nikolas begs his father to let everyone go. Stavros agrees to free everyone except Stefan and Luke. Scott, Jax and Roy show up to help and Luke goes after Stavros when he flees. Luke manages to catch up with him but Stavros pulls a lever which opens a pit which Luke falls into. Luke clinges onto the edge as Stavros leaves. Laura shows up and hold her hand out to Luke just as she had dreamed several months again. Sonny reads a note left from Carly which says she is returning home with Michael. Sonny manages to catch up with the plane and asks Carly to move back in with him in Port Charles. Janine causes mayhem at the Quartermaines when she shows up unannounced. Skye finds out that Janine is lying to Edward and hasn’t actually slept with him.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9890 :39x156 - 11.09.01 - Friday

Felicia tells Mac that some of their friends are missing and she suspects Helena of capturing them in the lab. Skye covers when Edward almost works out her scam with Janine. Roy and Jax are unable to get out of the maze and are frustrated by Helena's taunts. Alexis and Bobbie stop Helena from escaping and help Jax and Roy out of the maze. Scott rescues Luke who goes after Stavros. Stavros tells Nikolas and Gia to leave and get to safety when he shows up. Everyone manages to get out of the maze and are pleased when Helena is arrested. Luke catches up with Stavros and the two of them fight. Stavros plunges to his death down the bottomless pit. Luke manages to escape from the maze just before the last door closes.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9891 :39x157 - 11.12.01 - Monday

Helena is sent to prison for all of her crimes. Laura thanks Scott for reuniting her family. Gia refuses to stay away from Nikolas. Stefan introduces Nikolas to Kristina. Monica works with Edward to try and get rid of Skye and Janine.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9892 :39x158 - 11.13.01 - Tuesday

Carly turns down Sonny’s offer of moving back in but she does tell him that she has decided the adoption will still go ahead. Luke and Laura talk about past times and Luke informs her that their divorce is now final. Skye has a proposition for Janine. Mike is shocked when he comes face to face with Janine. Stefan asks Jax if he will return the Cassadine assets that he bought to outwit Helena. Jax tells him that he will gamble with him for them. They each pick a card with the highest the winner. Jax wins but switches his card so it makes Stefan the winner. Alexis sees what Jax has done and thanks him. Scott asks Laura to marry him.

9893 :39x159 - 11.14.01 - Wednesday

Laura is surprised by Scott’s marriage proposal. Luke and Felicia say a final goodbye as they realize that they have no future together. Mike isn’t happy that Janine is in town. Skye asks Jax for money to pay off Janine in order for them to get more ELQ stock. Sonny looks after an upset Alexis.

9894 :39x160 - 11.15.01 - Thursday

Skye offers to get rid of Janine in return for Edward’s shares. Kristina offers Edward some advise. Carly finds Sonny with Alexis. Later Sonny admits to Alexis that he is having second thoughts about the divorce. Jax comforts an upset Carly.

9895 :39x161 - 11.16.01 - Friday

Carly tells Jax about Alexis and Sonny's growing relationship. Sonny looks at his divorce papers.
Zander stops Carly from falling into AJ’s trap. Luke and Laura both realize that today would have been their twentieth anniversary and they both remember the past they shared. Laura later appears in Luke’s doorway. Skye tells Janine about Edward's plan. Skye pretends to be surprised when she sees Janine on top of Edward.

9896 :39x162 - 11.19.01 - Monday

Zander gives Carly some sound advise and later confronts AJ. AJ wants to use Mike to get to Sonny.
After talking to Bobbie, Sonny asks Carly back to the penthouse. Scott is worried that Laura will return to Luke. Alexis denies Jax's claims that she has feelings for Sonny.

9897 :39x163 - 11.20.01 - Tuesday

As Sonny and Carly move close to getting back together they are interrupted by Alexis and the distance between them widens again. Nikolas asks Gia to marry him and she accepts. Stefan and Luke celebrate the fact that Helena is in prison. Kristina continues with her plan to rescue Edward from Janine's clutches by suggesting that Ned tries to romance her.

9898 :39x164 - 11.21.01 - Wednesday

Alexis learns that Sonny has signed his divorce papers. Carly tells her mother that she is ready to move on with her life. Carly has a business proposal for Jax. Skye worries that Carly is after Jax romantically. Nikolas and Gia tell everyone about their engagement.

9899 :39x165 - 11.22.01 - Thursday

Sonny sees Carly at Jax's and offers to put up the money for Carly's new club to keep her away from Jax. Carly turns down his offer. Sonny spends Thanksgiving with his father. Luke learns that Scott has proposed to Laura. Nikolas goes to see Helena at the prison. Thanksgiving is strained at the Quartermaines.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9900 :39x166 - 11.26.01 - Monday

Laura tells Luke that she has yet to accept Scott’s marriage proposal. Lucky stops Helena from trying to brainwash Nikolas. Alan stops an argument between Monica and Rae. Skye invites her mother to stay for Christmas. Carly asks Jax to her club.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9901 :39x167 - 11.27.01 - Tuesday

Laura manages to get Scott released after catching Luke telling lies about him. Laura tells Scott that she has an answer for his marriage proposal. After Edward asks him for help, Sonny agrees to deal with Janine in return for his voting shares. Sonny asks Alexis to go with him to Puerto Rico. Skye and AJ renew their attempt to take over ELQ. Mike tries to avoid answering AJ’s questions about Janine.

9902 :39x168 - 11.28.01 - Wednesday

Laura turns down Scott’s marriage proposal. Luke offers his son some advise.Taggert tells Luke and Lucky that there is no hard evidence against Helena. Sonny employs Zander an eye on Carly. Kristina is worried about Alexis going to Puerto Rico with Sonny.

9903 :39x169 - 11.29.01- Thursday

Nikolas has a dream where he tries to save his father. Later Nikolas removes Stavros’ ring and enters the Cassadine maze only to find out that he is not alone. Carly asks Zander questions about Sonny. Sonny and Alexis enjoy each others company. Skye sneaks onto Jax's jet before it takes off. Kristina asks Ned for a job and he is impressed by her singing.

9904 :39x170 - 11.30.01 - Friday

Luke lets Nikolas know that he is here and Nikolas throws Stavros’ ring down the pit. Together they cover the shaft forever. Skye tries to find out about Jax’s secret mission and he later walks in on Skye as she is undressing. Laura runs into Luke on the docks.

9905 :39x171 - 12.03.01 - Monday

Laura defends Scott after Luke bad mouths him and she decides not to tell Luke that she turned down Scott's marriage proposal. Later Luke discovers the truth from Bobbie. Carly learns that Kristina is Alexis‘ sister and she also discovers that Alexis went to Puerto Rico with Sonny.

9906 :39x172 - 12.04.01 - Tuesday

Jax manages to please Skye with his actions. Carly looks for Sonny and Alexis in Puerto Rico. Carly admits to Mike that she still loves Sonny but can‘t live in his world anymore. AJ uses information that he gained from Janine to stop Mike’s threats. Ned manages to convince Kristina to sing professionally for L&B.

9907 :39x173 - 12.05.01 - Wednesday

Laura and Luke find it impossible to say what they really feel to one another. AJ tells Skye that he has lost Janine. Sonny tempts Alexis away from her work with a night at the casino. Jax dances with Carly to take her mind off Sonny which an insecure Skye witnesses.

9908 :39x174 - 12.06.01 - Thursday

Alexis enjoys her evening of taking risks at the casino. Sonny offers Alexis everything she ever wanted. An upset Skye runs away from Carly and Jax, imagining all sorts. Unaware that Skye saw them, Carly and Jax continue to their business talk. Later, Skye warns Carly that Jax has only gone into partnership with her to ruin Sonny. Taggert gives Helena's message to Nikolas that he will not escape his destiny. Kristina decides to confront Helena.
Guest Stars: David Joyner (1) as Garland | Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss | Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9909 :39x175 - 12.07.01 - Friday

Laura attends Gia and Nikolas' engagement party on her own. Roy urges Luke not to give up on Laura. Jax catches up with Skye. Kristina stands up to Helena. Alexis enjoys a romantic evening with Sonny at the casino. Carly tells Zander that she wont help Jax ruin Sonny. Carly hears AJ trying to blackmail Mike and he asks her to help him to stop AJ from ruining his relationship with Sonny.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9910 :39x176 - 12.10.01 - Monday

Roy agrees to help Luke to try and win Laura back. Stefan makes a toast to Nikolas and introduces Kristina as a Casssadine to everyone. Nikolas is worried about excepting his inheritance. Carly accuses Jax of partnering with her to get even with Sonny. Jax realizes that Skye put the doubts in Carly’s mind.

9911 :39x177 - 12.11.01 - Tuesday

Skye admits that she felt jealous when Jax was dancing with Carly, when he asks her why she tried to turn Carly against him. Carly agrees to help Mike find Janine. At the engagement Nikolas signs the papers allowing for the fortune's transfer much to Stefan‘s relief. Zander calls Emily after getting her number from Lucky.

9912 :39x178 - 12.12.01 - Wednesday

Carly isn‘t happy when she finds out that Sonny has been spending time with Alexis. An upset Carly signs the divorce papers. Sonny tries to finds out what Janine’s connection to his father is. Zander visits the Quartermaine’s after learning that Emily is seeing someone new and blames them for ruining his life. Later Zander ends up kissing Carly after she tries to comfort him. Luke continues with his plan to win Laura back.

9913 :39x179 - 12.13.01 - Thursday

Luke asks a couple on a ship to exchange a microchip as part of his plan to romance Laura with an adventure. When Mike discovers Janine talking with Sonny he is unnerved. Later Mike tries to admit to Sonny the truth about his connection to Janine. Zander and Carly reach a new understanding. Alan hears Skye stopping AJ from hurting Lila by going public with news of Alan‘s affair. Skye later surprises Jax.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9914 :39x180 - 12.14.01 - Friday

Luke is annoyed when Laura wrecks his plans for romance by taking the mission seriously. Sonny isn’t happy with Carly’s connection to Jax. Alexis confronts her sister about trying to get her back together with Ned.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9915 :39x181 - 12.17.01 - Monday

When Laura finds out that Luke lied about the entire mission she decides to keep it to herself and get even. Skye demands that each member of her family choose between Sonny and herself at the board meeting. Skye shocks everybody when she announces that she has Tracy's proxy. Carly surprises Alexis by signing Michael's adoption papers. Nikolas isn’t pleased when Stefan announces that Gia must give up her modeling career in order to marry into the family.

9916 :39x182 - 12.18.01 - Tuesday

Laura plays games with Luke. Meanwhile, Skye helps make the vote go in Jax's favor by making ELQ go public and Jax promises to make her CEO of the company in return. Sonny learns that Carly has signed the adoption papers. Kristina shows Ned a way to relax and the two of them grow closer. Lucky discovers Elizabeth waiting for him in his bed.
Guest Stars: Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9917 :39x183 - 12.19.01 - Wednesday

Luke asks Laura to marry him. Edward has a warning for Skye. Ned is shocked when Edward tells him the latest news about ELQ.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9918 :39x184 - 12.20.01 - Thursday

Luke agrees to give Laura time to think about his proposal. Janine offers to tell Sonny the truth in return for money. Zander finds Courtney stranded on the roadside. Zander offers Courtney a lift and an invite to meet Sonny after he discovers that she intends to meet up with Janine. Bobbie offers Mike some advise. Nikolas tries to help his brother.

9919 :39x185 - 12.21.01 - Friday

Sonny learns that Janine is Courtney's mother. Janine tries to stop her daughter from revealing the truth. Luke and Laura return to Port Charles. Jax is impressed with Carly. Gia urges Kristina to go after Ned.
Guest Stars: David Joyner (1) as Garland | Theodore R. Mercer, Jr. as Rollo | Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos | Gildart Jackson as Simon Prentiss

9920 :39x186 - 12.24.01 - Monday

Sonny is shocked when he learns that Mike is Courtney's father. Courtney is angry when she finds out that her mother knew her father was alive all along. Jax and Carly look forward to the future as business partners. Edward clashes with Skye. AJ finds out that Carly has started the process for Michael's adoption. Skye says sorry to Lila for causing mayhem amongst the family. Tony plays Father Christmas at the hospital. Everyone gathers at the memorial to remember those lost throughout the year.
Guest Stars: Blake Hopkins as Michael Corinthos

9921 :39x187 - 12.26.01 - Wednesday

AJ finds Courtney trying to leave town. AJ tells his family that Carly has set the groundwork for Michael's adoption, and AJ later tells Skye that he intends to make Sonny pay for stealing his son. Jax tells Skye that he is thinking of leaving Port Charles. After talking with Carly, Jax agrees to remain in town until the opening of their club. Elizabeth tries to convince Lucky to elope. Roy and Melissa help Edward when he appears to have a heart attack.

9922 :39x188 - 12.27.01 - Thursday

Sonny and Courtney contemplate their future. Carly is grateful when Jax defends her to AJ. Melissa gets Edward's respect when she tells him off for not wanting to fight to live for his family.

9923 :39x189 - 12.28.01 - Friday

Elizabeth and Lucky announce their plans to marry on New Year’s Eve. Laura considers Luke’s proposal. Nikolas admits to Gia that Lucky doesn’t love Elizabeth. Sonny welcomes Courtney into his family. Edward shocks the family when he announces that he has changed his will leaving everything to Lila and Melissa. AJ and Skye vow to stop it from happening.

9924 :39x190 - 12.31.01 - Monday

Nikolas advises Lucky to think again about getting married but Lucky tells him that even though his feelings towards Elizabeth are missing he still feels connected to her. Gia tells Elizabeth that Lucky‘s feelings towards her have changed. The family argue over Edward's will and Skye and AJ refuse to let Melissa take the family fortune that they earned. Melissa decides to try and talk Edward out of changing his will.

9925 :39x191 - 01.02.02 - Wednesday

Elizabeth decides to forgive Gia for lying about Lucky's feelings. As the wedding gets under way, Elizabeth realizes that Gia told her the truth when she looks into Lucky's eyes. Elizabeth runs out and finally gets Lucky to admit the truth. Jax helps Courtney find Edward and she tells Edward that Janine never slept with him. Carly and Zander grow closer as do Kristina and Ned.

9926 :39x192 - 01.03.02 - Thursday

Laura agrees to go away with Luke. Carly wonders if Sonny hired Zander to spy on her. Kristina is shocked after Ned kisses her but he convinces her to give him a try. Roy and Melissa share a kiss.

9927 :39x193 - 01.04.02 - Friday

Luke takes Laura to Beecher's Corners to try and relive old memories and help convince her to agree to becoming his wife again. Edward shocks the rest of the family when he tells Mac to arrest AJ and Skye. Taggert arrests Janine for blackmailing Edward.

9928 :39x194 - 01.07.02 - Monday

Laura and Luke end up arguing at the motel. Laura tells him that she will make a decision about his marriage proposal soon. Sonny reveals his and Courtney‘s connection which gives AJ ammunition to use against him. Edward agrees to have the charges against Skye and AJ dropped if Melissa agrees to let Edward to adopt her. Nikolas is worried when Helena makes a prediction about the future.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9929 :39x195 - 01.08.02 - Tuesday

Skye is told by her father that she will be held responsible for her own actions. Skye is released when Jax forces Edward to drop the charges against her. Janine is also freed with Sonny's help. Courtney enjoys a night out with Kristina. As Sonny spends the evening with Alexis, Carly does the same with Zander. Luke disappears from the motel and gets on a train to a unknown destination and Laura tries to find him.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9930 :39x196 - 01.09.02 - Wednesday

Skye blasts Sonny for his actions and when he retaliates Jax comes to her rescue. Rosco puts a move on Alexis but Sonny’s arrival saves her. After Carly sets him up with another blind date, Zander lets her know that he is not ready to start dating again. AJ uses Courtney. After Kristina tells Ned that she doesn't want to sing for L&B they end up sharing a kiss.

9931 :39x197 - 01.10.02 - Thursday

Alexis tries to find out from Sonny where he stands in his relationship with Carly. Carly clashes with Rosco and she is defended by Zander. Rosco later gets even with Zander by having onw of his workers rough him up. Nikolas and Lucky let go of some of the tension between them on the basketball court . At the same time, Bobbie urges Elizabeth not to give up on Lucky.

9932 :39x198 - 01.11.02 - Friday

Carly asks Sonny for help in dealing with Rosco. Elizabeth runs into Zander while he waits for Rosco. Lucky also shows up and he helps Zander save Elizabeth from Rosco. Sonny finds a subdued Rosco and takes over. Jax stays with Skye when someone breaks into her room. An upset Lila blames Edward for destroying the family.

9933 :39x199 - 01.14.02 - Monday

Kristina and Ned worry how Alexis will react if they are together. Kristina and Ned aren’t happy that Sonny takes Alexis for granted. Zander develops feelings toward Carly that are more than just friendship. Jax and Skye talk about their pasts while Lucky and Elizabeth discuss the future.

9934 :39x200 - 01.15.02 - Tuesday

Melissa urges Edward to do the right thing. Skye clashes with Edward. Alan tells Skye that he wants her out of the family house. Edward has a heart attack. After handing over the family businesses to Nikolas, Stefan makes a decision that he shares with the rest of his family.

9935 :39x201 - 01.16.02 - Wednesday

Edward refuses to die until he has won ELQ back and he is looked after by Melissa. Skye believes that Monica is behind her father’s decision to throw her out of the house. The Quartermaine’s learn that Edward has had a heart attack. Sonny tries to forge a relationship with his sister.

9936 :39x202 - 01.17.02 - Thursday

Skye is blamed for causing Edward’s heart attack by Alan and Skye tries to blame Melissa in return. Alan shares a tender moment with his father. AJ wants to move ahead with his plans. Sonny supports his sister when she admits that she stole money from Gia. Carly is told about Courtney being Sonny's sister and she warns him that she once saw Courtney with AJ. Courtney runs into AJ in the park. Nikolas continues to worry about his brother and Elizabeth.

9937 :39x203 - 01.18.02 - Friday

Alan decides to look into Melissa's past after throwing Skye out of the hospital for continuing to insist that Melissa is after Edward's money. Alan finds out that Melissa has a questionable past which she shares with Roy. Jax comforts Skye when she blames herself for Edward‘s condition. Carly lets an angry Sonny know that Courtney is in the park with AJ.

9938 :39x204 - 01.21.02 - Monday

Sonny isn‘t happy when Courtney continues to stand by AJ‘s side. Alan argues with Melissa about Edward and Roy convinces her not to resign after Alan suspends her. Jax takes Skye to the hospital to make her peace with Edward. Kristina supports Ned when he is worried about Edward‘s surgery. Alexis goes to dinner with Scott and there is an atmosphere in the room with Sonny, Courtney, Mike, Skye and Jax all in there at the same time.

9939 :39x205 - 01.22.02 - Tuesday

Sonny and Mike discuss their past mistakes. Alexis ends her date with Scott when he insults Sonny. AJ decides not to press charges against Carly after she attacks him. Carly wants Zander to charm Courtney to keep her away from AJ.

9940 :39x206 - 01.23.02 - Wednesday

Alexis tries to bring Sonny and Courtney together. AJ tries to get Janine on side. Laura looks for Luke at Bobbie's but runs into Scott instead.

9941 :39x207 - 01.24.02 - Thursday

Courtney asks her brother if they can start anew but he isn't happy when he earns that Alexis has been filling her in on his past. Sonny accuses Alexis of betraying him. Skye apologizes to Courtney and lures her away to talk to AJ. AJ explains to Courtney why Sonny hates him. Nikolas tries to makes amends with his brother.

9942 :39x208 - 01.25.02 - Friday

After Courtney learns what Sonny did to make AJ sign over his parental rights, she confronts her brother. Courtney decides to move in with Mike. Skye is concerned that AJ’s plans will back fire. Laura continues to be worried about Nikolas and he realizes that Laura sees Stavros in Nikolas' actions. Elizabeth tries to recreate the past with Lucky.

9943 :39x209 - 01.28.02 - Monday

Carly is shocked after learning why Sonny hired Zander .Sonny fires Zander when he admits that he told Carly the truth. Alexis is an angry with Sonny for firing Zander and doesn’t admit her true feelings towards him. Jax offers to take care of Sonny for Carly and Skye. Carly tells Jax that she can handle Sonny on her own. AJ tries to control Courtney.

9944 :39x210 - 01.29.02 - Tuesday

Kristina isn't happy with the way Sonny has been treating her sister and shocks him by telling him that Alexis has feelings for him. Elizabeth feels that she and Lucky aren‘t the same people they used to be. Gia and Elizabeth feel threatened by Sarah’s presence in town. Zander tells Carly that Sonny fired him after admitting the truth and Carly offers him a job at the club. After Scott tells Bobbie about his disastrous date with Alexis he sees her in a new light.

9945 :39x211 - 01.30.02 - Wednesday

Sonny says sorry to Alexis but doesn‘t let on what Kristina told him. Carly is pleased when Sonny offers Zander his job back. Zander decides to keep quiet about his feelings for Carly. Elizabeth isn‘t happy when her sister decides to stay in town. Skye tries to charm Jax into helping her ruin Sonny. Alan apologizes to Melissa. Roy is worried when he hears Melissa promising Edward that she will take care of him if he can no longer take care of himself.

9946 :39x212 - 01.31.02 - Thursday

Skye learns that Edward has recovered from surgery and that he insists on speaking with her. Edward tries to blackmail Skye. Gia is jealous when she ses Nikolas talking to Sarah. Laura tells Lucky to be honest about his feelings towards Elizabeth. Roy is concerned about Melissa and turns to Laura for some advise.

9947 :39x213 - 02.01.02 - Friday

Sonny isn‘t pleased when he learns that Courtney is living in the same building as AJ. With everyone arguing Courtney flees with Mike’s car keys. Elizabeth is unable to convince Gia that her sister has no interest in Nikolas. Edward blackmails Skye. Skye learns of AJ plan to get to Sonny using Jax. A terrible accident occurs.

9948 :39x214 - 02.04.02 - Monday

When Sonny learns that Jax had his warehouse condemned he confronts him. Laura helps Roy look into Melissa's past to stop the rumours naming her as an angel of death. AJ tells Janine that he has fallen in love with her daughter. Elizabeth, Gia and Courtney suffer the consequences of the car accident. Courtney wakes up and tries to help Gia. Taggert shows up before Max can convince Courtney to leave. Gia is pleased when Taggert believes that Courtney was driving. Elizabeth is rushed to the hospital and Sonny isn’t pleased when Taggert wants to breathalyse his sister.
Guest Stars: Derk Cheetwood as Max Giambetti

9949 :39x215 - 02.05.02 - Tuesday

Gia feels guilty after finding out that Nikolas lied to the police about her drinking. Gia tries to blame Courtney for the accident. Jax decides to work with Mac to destroy Sonny. Skye admits to Jax that she lied about Sonny threatening her. Alexis tells her sister not to interfere in her relationship with Sonny. Roy suggests to Laura that they burn the file they have found on Melissa.

9950 :39x216 - 02.06.02 - Wednesday

Skye admits to Jax that she is glad he defended her. Gia admits to Nikolas that she drove the car through the red light. Alexis tries to get Taggert to release Courtney. Courtney manages to escape and heads off to see AJ.

9951 :39x217 - 02.07.02 - Thursday

Zander finds his feelings for Carly growing as he gives her another driving lesson. Gia learns that Elizabeth‘s surgery went well. Sarah remains suspicious about Gia and Nikolas pays off the man that served Gia alcohol before the accident. Gia is worried that Elizabeth will remember the truth when she fully recovers. AJ seizes his chance with Courtney while Alexis stops Sonny from going after her. Bobbie enjoys spending time with Scott.

9952 :39x218 - 02.08.02 - Friday

Alexis refuses to believe that being with Sonny could put her in danger. Mike receives a letter from Courtney stating that she has left town. AJ convinces Courtney to stay with him instead. Roy shares his theories about Melissa with Bobbie. Edward demands that Skye puts him in change of the company. Melissa listens in as Edward asks Alan to arrange for his death and once he is asleep Melissa appears willing to make Edward's wishes come true.

9953 :39x219 - 02.11.02 - Monday

Taggert is unsure of his sister's innocence. AJ convinces Courtney to hide out at his place and assures Skye that he convinced Sonny that he did not know Courtney's whereabouts. Sonny is determined to find his sister. Roy is conflicted about confronting Melissa with the evidence he has found against her. Realizing that she could kill, Roy realies that he has no choice. Melissa fails to inject Edward with morphine and Roy accuses her of attempting to kill him.

9954 :39x220 - 02.12.02 - Tuesday

Carly listens in as Jax offers Zander money that would allow him to get back at Sonny and afterwards Carly threatens to tell Sonny. Ned threatens Skye. Jax discovers Skye trying to find out Ned's connection to him. Roy tells Melissa she must turn herself in as Bobbie accuses her of murder. Gia and Nikolas try to confuse Elizabeth with their version of the accident.

9955 :39x221 - 02.13.02 - Wednesday

Taggert demands that his sister tells him the truth about the accident which she doesn’t do. Laura decides to search for Luke. Luke tries to find out the identity of his captor and he is surprised to find out that it is Jennifer. Jax doesn't believe Skye's reason for breaking into his room and she admits that she wants to know his secret. Zander tells Carly that he believes that she isn’t over Sonny. Sonny tells Alexis about Jax’s plans and they grow closer.
Guest Stars: Sally Struthers as Jennifer Smith # 3

9956 :39x222 - 02.14.02 - Thursday

Time stops on Valentine's Day as everybody’s deepest fantasies are revealed. Luke and Laura have similar fantasies that shows just how much they still love one another.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9957 :39x223 - 02.15.02 - Friday

Laura shows up to try and save Luke from Jennifer. Elizabeth realizes that her feelings towards Lucky have changed. Jax takes Skye up on her dare. Zander tells Kristina that he is convinced that Sonny still has feelings for Carly. Carly interrupts a tender moment between Alexis and Sonny with her divorce papers and tries to make him jealous. Kristina suggests to Alexis that they leave town.
Guest Stars: Sally Struthers as Jennifer Smith #3

9958 :39x224 - 02.18.02 - Monday

Laura manages to release Luke. Kristina tries to find out if Carly wants Sonny back. Jax tries to give Alexis some advise. Sonny confuses Zander when he asks him about Jax kissing Carly. Jax warns Skye to stay away from Sonny while Sonny threatens Jax. Skye convinces AJ to put her in the meat locker and then calls Jax for help.

9959 :39x225 - 02.19.02 - Tuesday

Carly stops Zander from admitting to Sonny that he kissed her. Carly wonders why Sonny cares who she kisses while Zander realizes he has been used. Luke manages to stall Jennifer from killing Laura. Laura admits that she wants to marry Luke again and Jennifer sentences Luke and Laura to death. Ned assures Kristina that he has no feelings left for her sister and the two of them are reunited. Jax releases Skye from the meat locker and Jax takes her to AJ's where he gives AJ the cufflink he found at by the locker. Alexis walks out when she believes that Sonny isn’t over Carly.
Guest Stars: Sally Struthers as Jennifer Smith # 3

9960 :39x226 - 02.20.02 - Wednesday

Laura convinces Luke that she meant it when she said she would like to be his wife again. AJ tries to convince Jax that he had nothing to do with Skye being locked up. AJ convinces Courtney that she will be safer if she stays with him. Jax tries to force Skye into admitting the truth and when she doesn’t he walks out on her. Roy visits Melissa and he urges her to take the plea bargain but she refuses. Laura's message for help is received by Roy and he rushes off.

9961 :39x227 - 02.21.02 - Thursday

Luke tells Jennifer that he will marry her and she asks for Laura's death as her wedding present. Luke tries to convince Jennifer that making Laura watch the ceremony would inflict more pain on her. Jennifer asks pretend priest Roy to conduct the ceremony. When Sonny shows up to see AJ, Courtney hides. Mason wants Gia to have a blood alcohol test.
Guest Stars: Sally Struthers as Jennifer Smith # 3

9962 :39x228 - 02.22.02 - Friday

Luke and Laura go along with the wedding charade. When Jennifer leaves to change, Roy and Felicia catch up with Luke and Laura and they devise a plan. Laura hits Luke on the head with a bottle in the middle of the vows and they try to escape. Alexis is worried about the change in Nikolas. Edward gives Ned some advise.
Guest Stars: Sally Struthers as Jennifer Smith #3

9963 :39x229 - 02.25.02 - Monday

Luke and Laura are forced to hide in a mineshaft after escaping. They become trapped though following a cave in. Felicia and Roy manage to evade Jennifer's thugs but when they call the police the sheriff ends up arresting them too. Kristina talks to Carly about Zander. Nikolas grows uneasy when Alexis asks if Courtney is telling the truth. Sonny tells Alexis that things are through with Carly and she surprises him when she informs him that she intends to move. Melissa refuses both Bobbie and Scott's help and Mac takes her away.

9964 :39x230 - 02.26.02 - Tuesday

Skye is forced to go along with Edward‘s plans. AJ and Courtney's romantic dinner is interrupted by her mother. Bobbie offers Carly some advise. Alexis and Sonny are stopped from admitting their true feelings when Janine shows up to tell Sonny that she knows where Courtney is.

9965 :39x231 - 02.27.02 - Wednesday

Skye asks Jax if he has any feelings towards her as the chemistry between the two of them is obvious. After managing to avoid answering Skye’s question, Jax works out that Courtney is at AJ’s. Gia worries that Sarah will not forget about the blood tests, so Nikolas asks Mason for help. Elizabeth looks forward to being able to go home but doesn’t want to stay with Lucky. Nikolas comes up with the idea of everyone staying at Wyndermere. After AJ tells her that he loves her Courtney is left confused. Janine informs Sonny that there is no need to worry about Courtney. Seeing how stressed Sonny is, Alexis decides not to move out after all. Courtney tries to hide when Jax arrives at AJ's and manages to get into the house.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9966 :39x232 - 02.28.02 - Thursday

Laura finds Luke passed out but she discovers that he was only messing around. Felicia and Roy discover that the Sheriff is working with Jennifer. Courtney demands to know why Jax tracked her down. Jax tells Courtney not to trust AJ. A romantic moment between Kristina and Ned is interrupted by Edward wanting help. When he realizes that he is interrupting something Edward decides to leave but learns from Alice that the car won't start and that they will have to stay overnight. AJ tells Skye that he believes that she has fallen in love with Jax.
Guest Stars: Bergen Williams as Alice Gunderson | Sally Struthers as Jennifer Smith # 3

9967 :39x233 - 03.01.02 - Friday

Felicia and Roy manage to escape from the jail. Carly tells Jax about AJ's plan to use Courtney to get even with Sonny. Carly shocks Skye when she tells her that Jax is going to nail AJ. Courtney has doubts about AJ which are heightened by a visit from her mother. AJ shows up and invites Courtney and Janine to spend a night with him out in New York. When Zander resigns, Sonny is caught off guard. Sonny is surprised when Jax tells him that Courtney is with AJ.

9968 :39x234 - 03.04.02 - Monday

Laura and Luke are still in trouble as the water continues filling the mineshaft. When he becomes trapped, Luke tells Laura that she'll have to go alone for help. Luke finds a bag full of gold. Roy and Felicia work out where Luke and Laura are and rush off to find them. AJ and Courtney’s plans are delayed by Skye, Carly and Zander's arrival. Alexis convinces Sonny that Jax was telling the truth about Courtney's whereabouts and he heads off to see AJ. An angry Sonny kicks AJ’s door down.

9969 :39x235 - 03.05.02- Tuesday

Elizabeth insists that her sister comes to Wyndemere. Sarah warns Nikolas that she did not forget about Gia and the accident. Zander is forced to accept Carly’s apology. AJ and Sonny square off.
Guest Stars: Linda Wang as Jesse Zhang

9970 :39x236 - 03.06.02 - Wednesday

Sarah shares her suspicions with Nikolas. Courtney is upset that Sonny doubts her innocence regarding the accident. Jax blames Skye for not stopping AJ's plan and she storms out. Eward learns that Jax sold his ELQ shares to Lila. Sonny shocks Nikolas when he wants to talk to Elizabeth and Gia about the accident.

9971 :39x237 - 03.07.02 - Thursday

Sonny tries to find out more about the accident from Elizabeth. Sonny tells Alexis that he believes Courtney. Carly gets ready for her new club to open. Jax tries to offer Courtney some advise. Sonny's men delay AJ's meeting with Courtney and when he finally shows up to meet her he finds her gone. Sonny says sorry to Courtney for not believing her.
Guest Stars: Carl Gilliard as Leroy | Todd Hunter (1) as RC

9972 :39x238 - 03.08.02 - Friday

Luke announces that he and Laura intend to remarry. Alexis agrees to attend the opening of Carly’s club with Sonny. When AJ finally catches up with Courtney he tells her about Sonny's plan to stop him from seeing her. Ned sees Alexis' surprised reaction to Kristina's slip about her feelings for Sonny.

9973 :39x239 - 03.11.02 - Monday

Scott learns that Laura has agreed to marry Luke. Gia tells Nikolas that she gave up the face of Deception, because her feelings for him are more important than becoming famous. Later at Carly's Club though Gia announces her intentions to remain at Deception. Ned interferes with Skye's efforts to get closer to Jax by informing Skye that Jax sold her out. AJ fills Courney in on all the bad things her brother has done to him. AJ shares a plan with Courtney meant to get revenge upon Sonny.

9974 :39x240 - 03.12.02 - Tuesday

Lucky finds himself attracted to Sarah. Skye learns that Jax gave his ELQ shares to Lila. Carly tries to play it cool when Sonny shows up at the club. Sonny sees Gia there and tells her that he believes Courtney's version of the accident. Nikolas’ arrival stops her from admitting the truth. When Courtney shows up with AJ everyone is surprised.

9975 :39x241 - 03.13.02 - Wednesday

Courtney makes Taggert suspicious when she blames Gia for causing the accident. Courtney refuses to listen to everyone’s warnings about AJ. Maxie’s underage friend Cody is caught trying to buy alcohol. Luke is shocked when he receives a Valentine from Helena. Luke visits her in her cell and she passes out.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9976 :39x242 - 03.14.02 - Thursday

Luke believes that Helena faked her pain. Gia tells Elizabeth about the party and asks her to ask Sonny to back off. Gia's questions make Elizabeth remember bits from the accident. Sonny is angry when he sees AJ kiss his sister. Sonny is unable to convince her that AJ is a bad person. AJ gets his father to admit him to the hospital after faking a collapse.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9977 :39x243 - 03.15.02 - Friday

While he is alone at the hospital, Helena manages to give Nikolas a riddle about the sun and the dark of the moon. Helena manages to evade Luke and Roy and escape from the hospital. Carly lets Edward know that Skye helped AJ with his plans. Sonny is shocked when Janine tells him that Courtney intends to marry AJ. AJ tells Courtney that he wants to start a new life with her out of Port Charles.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9978 :39x244 - 03.18.02 - Monday

Luke tells Laura that Helena has escaped. Gia finds Helena hiding in the stables. Sonny threatens AJ. AJ finds vodka has been placed in the water pitcher and Alan accuses Carly and Sonny of putting it there. Courtney agrees to go away with AJ. Lila decides that Skye and Edward will run ELQ together.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9979 :39x245 - 03.19.02 - Tuesday

Sarah is shocked when she learns what Helena did to Elizabeth and Lucky. Sarah lets slip to her sister that Helena has escaped. Helena listens in as Nikolas reveals that Gia ran the red light and that the police think he helped Helena to escape. Gia agrees to help Helena escape to save Nikolas. Ned and Kristina are reunited. Carly and Sonny agree to work together to try and expose AJ. AJ swears to his father that he has fallen in love with Courtney, and he agrees to help AJ and Courtney get away.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9980 :39x246 - 03.20.02 - Wednesday

Mac argues with Luke over the best way to catch Helena. Nikolas asks to work with Luke to catch Helena and shows him Helena's riddle. Helena demands that Gia gets her money and Nikolas walks in on Gia trying to open the safe. AJ and Courtney escape from the hospital in disguise. Carly and Alexis find an envelope addressed from AJ to Sonny. Mac is angry when Luke calls a press conference announcing Helena's escape.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9981 :39x247 - 03.21.02 - Thursday

Gia lies when asked by Nikolas why she wants money from the safe. Nikolas becomes suspicious of Gia when Luke tells him that Helena would need money to flee the country. Skye clashes with Edward at ELQ. Jax admits to Skye that he still cares for her. Sonny announces war on AJ. Gia tries to stall Helena.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9982 :39x248 - 03.22.02 - Friday

Zander realizes how much Carly still loves Sonny. Sonny shows Skye AJ's note and makes her an offer she can't refuse. Sonny promises not to hurt AJ if she gets Courtney back safely. Jax offers a huge reward for Helena‘s capture. Sarah surprises her sister with her new opinion of Lucky. Gia helps Helena hide in the tunnel but Luke spots the panel door and opens it forcing Gia into the room. Although he knows that Gia is lying, Nikolas calls off the tunnel search. Alexis realizes that her feelings for Sonny are stronger than she thought.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9983 :39x249 - 03.25.02 - Monday

Nikolas tries unsuccessfully to stop Lucky and Luke from looking in the tunnels for Helena. Nikolas sets a trap for Gia by leaving the safe open. Nikolas shows up just as Gia gives the money from the safe to Helena. Carly warns Skye it would be a mistake to mess with Sonny. Later Carly sees Skye at the boathouse and locks her in.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9984 :39x250 - 03.26.02 - Tuesday

Nikolas faces off with his grandmother. Helena tells him that she will reveal the truth about the accident if Nikolas turns her over to the police. Skye thinks that Sonny locked her in the boathouse and tries to find a way out. Carly realizes that Jax really cares about Skye. Bobbie tries to force her daughter to admit about what she did to Skye. Sonny is furious when he receives another note from AJ.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9985 :39x251 - 03.27.02 - Wednesday

Helena promises to disappear forever if Nikolas agrees to let her keep the money but he is not sure that he can trust her. Luke asks Gia and Nikolas to let him handle Helena. Nikolas tells Gia that he fears he will become like his father if Helena dies. Nikolas gives Helena the money with a warning that he will come after her if she ever returns to town. Luke is furious that Nikolas has allowed Helena to escape. Ned agrees to work with Alexis to find AJ and Courtney. Skye falls into the icy water when she hears footsteps at the boathouse. Carly believes that somebody has freed Skye when she finds her gone. Jax finds Skye passed out.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9986 :39x252 - 03.28.02 - Thursday

Luke is shocked by the news that Helena is back on the loose. Laura is shocked when she realizes that her son chose to protect Gia over them and to let Helena escape. Nikolas has a bad nightmare. Skye stops Jax from taking her to the hospital as she is worried that Sonny's men will find her. The two of them grow closer at the lake house. Sonny surprises Carly when he asks for her help and tells her that they have to leave Skye alone.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine

9987 :39x253 - 03.29.02 - Friday

When AJ calls her, Monica begs him to return home with Courtney. Zander learns the truth from Carly about what she did to Skye. Alexis tells Sonny that she saw Carly at the Quatermaine's and an informer from the phone company interrupts them to tell them that AJ's hideaway has been found. Scott asks Bobbie out on a date. Jax calls Taggert about Sonny.
Network: ABC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 02:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 01, 1963
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