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General Hospital: #12642

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Jerry shows Alexis how he intends to leave with her. Patrick assists Steve with arrival of patients at the hospital. Monica tells Tracy that she thinks that Edward has died. Dante and McBain attempt to work out how to disarm the bomb without it destroying the antiserum. Sonny tells Jax that if Alexis doesn't come back unharmed he'll kill him. Lulu shows up and helps Todd with Johnny until Carly returns. She then goes looking for Dante. Tracy learns from Monica that it was the Quartermaine cook who actually passed away. Patrick shows them what they believe is the remedy duplicated. Alexis notices that Jerry is really sick. Shawn tells Sonny that he has a plan on how to get to Jerry and wants to if he's up for helping him. Jerry reveals to his brother that he is dying from radiation poisoning because of the bullet he took from the Balkan. Carly asks Todd what he and Johnny were talking about at the marina. Tracy informs Patrick that Edward wants Emma to have the vial. McBain tells Lulu and Dante to run and they see an explosion in the distance. After Sonny and Jerry are involved in a shootout, a gas can is hit which starts a fire.