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General Hospital: #12685

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Duke is furious with Dr. Obrecht for allowing Robin to get to a telephone and nearly talking to Patrick. Duke declares that his plans for Robin have now changed. Lulu explains to Ms. Ogawa her reasons for lying on the application form. Michael quizzes A.J. about what he has just seen. Carly attempts to force Monica to admit to her that A.J. is still alive. Connie's hearing continues. Robin is surprised after somebody is brought into her room and is left feeling shocked when she sees that it's Duke. Michael tells A.J. that he told Carly about seeing him on Halloween. Anna opens up to Mac about her feelings for Duke. Tracy warns Alice that there's going to be trouble after she gets out of here. Robin mentions a memory to Duke and realizes that it's not really him. Duke then pulls off his face leaving Robin feeling shocked. The judge rules in the favor of Connie and denying Trey's petition to have her commited. Monica rushes back to the house after Alice tells her Michael and A.J. are on their way there. Carly and A.J. come face to face again.