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General Hospital: #12686

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Sam goes to see Anna to talk about what is being done to find Jason. Robin is shocked to see Cesar Faison is the person who has been holding her hostage. Dante talks to his wife about the possibility of them using a surrogate, but Lulu sn't sure about having somebody else carrying her baby. Elizabeth informs Britt that everybody at the hospital knows that she and Patrick have been seeing each other. Faison explains to Robin about his love for mother and that he pretended to be Duke so that she would fall in love with him. Monica shows up and tells Carly not to call the police. Anna informs Sam that the DNA sample she obtained doesn't match anyone in the records after Sam tells her that she believes that Jerry is holding Jason captive. Michael tries to convince his mother not to call the police but she still goes ahead and calls Dante. Sabrina talks to Patrick about the possibility of starting the Nurse's Ball again. Monica slaps Carly after she says A.J. deserves to be in jail. Faison tells Robin that he is planning to bring her back and make himself look like the hero and continues that Anna will be in love with him forever. He tells Robin that if Anna ever realizes that he is not really Duke she will end up real trouble. Robin tells him she will keep his secret if it means being reunited with her family. Dante shows up and arrests A.J. which leaves Michael feeling disappointed in his mother. Cesar pays the real Duke Lavery a visit and is not happy with him for giving him false memories about his past.