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General Hospital: #12696

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After Carly sees Skye at Kelly's she tell her to go back to wherever she came from. Before Skye leaves, she tells Carly that Michael will end up by A.J.'s side where he belongs. Lulu and Dante talk to several women about becoming a surrogate and discover that one of them fits their criteria but comes at a price. Sonny learns that Kate might never be able to get rid of Connie. Starr takes Molly to see her father so that she can show him her manuscript. Todd is furious after seeing the announcement of Blair's wedding and forbids Starr from attending. A.J. tells Michael about an idea he has to keep Tracy under control. Ellie wants Spinelli and Maxie to be honest. Skye and Carly see a photograph of somebody who looks like Lorenzo Alcazar and learn that he is getting married to Blair. Todd agrees to take a look at Molly's book if Starr agrees not to go to the wedding. Connie tells Sonny the reasons why she hates him so much. Kate nearly manages to break through but Michael shows up. Lulu asks Maxie if she is still interested in being the surrogate. Carly informs Todd that the person Blair is planning to marry isn't Tomas Delago.