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General Hospital: #12698

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As Elizabeth talks to Sabrina about her supposed "crush" on Steve Webber, Britt listens in. Robert takes Olivia to the Haunted Star to see if she ends up having another vision seeing Faison's face instead of Duke's. Maxie tells her father and Anna about her decision to become a surrogate mother to Dante and Lulu. Alexis hears Sonny telling Shawn about wanting him to do another job, and he admits that he kidnapped Connie. Blair is left feeling stunned after Todd informs her that the man she is marrying isn't Tomas Delgado but Lorenzo Alcazar. Carly and Skye then show her photographs of Alcazar. Sonny is surprised by Maxie's decision and is worried his son and Lulu have made the wrong decision. Olivia has another vision while looking at a stuffed animal. Mac gives his daughter his blessings. Blair calls Tomas wanting to know the truth but Skye grabs hold of the phone from her. Blair and Skye end up fighting. Tea breaks up the fight and tells Blair that they will prove he is Tomas. Blair receives a text from Tomas saying he will be there shortly. Anna goes to see Duke. Robert shows up at Wyndemere to see somebody. Todd asks Blair if she is nervous as the doorbell rings. Mac thinks that he and Maxie should tell Felicia about her decision together. Duke tells Anna that he has a confession to make to her. Helena reveals herself to Robert.