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General Hospital: #12700

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Tracy gets ready for Sam to show up while A.J. goes to see his lawyer. McBain asks Anna for a position within the department and explains to her the reasons why he can't return to Llanview. He ends up accepting a position to become Dante's new partner. Duke calls Dr. Obrecht wanting to know how Robert managed to work out who he really is. He wants her to eliminate Robert while he is away with Anna. Robert pays Dante a vist with a plan to try and get Faison. Patrick asks Sabrina if she is ready for their breakfast meeting and Felix sees something more. Felicia refuses to support her daughter's decision to be a surrogate for Dante and Lulu. A.J. returns from his meeting and informs Sam that Tracy is after her E.L.Q. stock. Felix helps Sabrina get ready for here meeting with Patrick. Dr. Obrecht calls Faison and informs him that Robert has broken into his apartment. Sabrina and Patrick go over the list of possible donors. Sam learns from McBain that he is now working for the PCPD and that he will find out the identity of the person who shot Jason. Maxie starts the treatment with Lulu supporting her. Robert informs Anna that Duke Lavery is really Cesar Faison.