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General Hospital: #12701

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Sonny tells Carly that there is a chance that he could have made the situation with Michael worse after he saw Connie tied to a chair in one of his warehouses. Starr confronts her father about the possiblity that he played a part in making Tomas disappear before he could marry her mother. Connie tells Johnny about what happened to her and is left feeling shocked after he says that he didn't have a care in the world. Anna insists to Robert that Faison is dead and that he is not pretending to be Duke. A.J. asks Diane if there is a chance that he will end up spending the rest of his life in prison. She tells him that she is working to make sure that it never happens. Todd tells his daughter that he never got the chance to take a look at Molly's book. Starr realizes that that Connie took off with it. Molly becomes upset after she discovers that her manuscript has been deleted from her laptop. Duke wants to know if Anna believes what Robert told her about him. Carly asks Todd if there's any news about Tomas. A.J. informs Diane that he saw Faison while he was recuperating at a clinic in Switzerland and shows her a photograph to prove he is telling the truth. Starr wants Johnny to tell her what Connie is holding over him. Anna calls the police station to have Robert arrested.