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General Hospital: #12705

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Dr. Obrecht informs Faison that she has moved Duke and Robin to a secluded area. Michael wants Dante to arrest Sonny for hitting A.J. Robert and McBain show up at the clinic and inform Dr. Obrecht that they have a warrant to search the place. Starr takes A.J. to the hospital where Elizabeth isn't pleased to see him. Molly and T.J. inform Todd that they know that Connie has the missing manuscript and want permission to search the office. Michael learns from Dante that there is not anything that he can do anything because A.J. agreed to take part in the boxing match. Starr looks at a text message Michael sent saying that he was coming to the gym. Anna wants to call Port Charles to let them them know that Faison is on the loose. Dr. Obrecht refuses to tell Robert and McBain anything. Sonny is shown proof from Shawn that A.J. set the whole thing up to make him look bad. Todd informs Molly that he has managed to find her book at one of his publishing houses. Anna begins to become intimate with Duke as Robert and McBain show up.