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General Hospital: #12706

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Alexis attempts to improve Sam's spirits by giving her some holiday decorations. Kristina is surprised to see Trey after he delivers the tree to the penthouse. Dante learns from his wife that Maxie is having some kind of allergic reaction after he shows up at the hospital. Carly has a run in with Johnny at Kelly's, and he decides to tell her the real reason he married Connie. Robert and McBain learn from Anna that she saw Faison and Duke in the same room together. Molly learns from Todd that the manuscript was submitted to be published by Connie, and that he is powerless to stop it from being published. Maxie wants to know if she will be able to carry Lulu's baby to full term. Molly refuses to allow Connie get away with stealing her book. Kristina learns from Trey that he has decided to leave Port Charles and he asks her to come with him. Sam tells her mother that she believes that Jason is still alive. Lulu feels relieved after Britt informs her that Maxie's food allergy won't interfere with the surrogacy. After Robert manages to subdue Duke by splashing some oil on his face it dissolves the mask, revealing Faison. Todd tries to find out from Carly if there is any chance that she will end up taking Johnny back. Connie learns from Johnny that he wants a divorce and that he is going to confess to what she is holding over him.