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General Hospital: #12712

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Patrick and Britt talk about their date at the hospital. When Patrick sees Sabrina, he asks her how her meeting with Lucy went. Monica thanks Elizabeth for looking after A.J. after he came to the hospital and apologizes to her for how she treated her after discovering that Jason was Jake’s father. Lucy pays the Quatermaines a visit where she offers Alice a makeover. Alice ends up throwing her out. Lucy discovers a spare key where the family have always left it and lets herself back in. Michael and A.J. meet to discuss stock shares. A.J. tells him they need to win Sam over as Lucy listens in. Lucy is surprised after she learns that Tracy is running the company. Monica discovers Lucy after returning home and throw her out again. Sam explains to Danny about the phoenix and dragon as Tracy shows up wearing a Santa hat. Sam realises that she is just after getting her hands on her ELQ shares. Tracy manages to get her to thing about Danny's future and as Tracy gives her a proxy to sign Michael and A.J. show up. Sam ends up giving them half of her votes each leaving both A.J. and Tracy tied on 50%. Lucy meets Patrick. Connie considers her next step after knocking Johnny out. After Carly shows up, Connie invites her in and tells her everything about why Johnny married her. Carly doesn't believe her though. Connie informs Todd that Johnny won't be a problem anymore.