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General Hospital: #12715

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Starr wants to know why Connie has Johnny tied to a chair as he attempts to tell her something. Tracy attempts to get into Lucy's good books by going on a shopping spree with her. A.J. shows up and sees what she is up to. Sabrina daydreams about Patrick asking her out, but he ends up asking her to babysit so he can spend New Year's Eve with Britt. Todd finds Sam going through his safe and calls security to give her the chance to tell him what she is upto before they arrive. Sonny believes that Kristina is making a mistake by agreeing to move to California with Trey. Sam informs Carly that she is looking for the manuscript that Todd and Connie stole from her sister. Starr is caught by Connie attempting to call the police and she knocking her out and then tells Johnny that it's his fault. Sonny warns Trey that he had better watch out for his daughter. Britt tells Patrick that Lucy's financial situation hasn't changed. Todd wants Carly to agree to go on a date with him. Michael discovers Starr unconscious and she tells him that Connie is responsible and that she had Johnny tied up. Lucy informs Sabrina that E.L.Q. is going to cover the costs of the Nurse's Ball as A.J. and Tracy show up and she asks them which one of them is going to write the cheque. Kristina hears a noise coming from the trunk of Connie's car as Trey is saying goodbye to his mother.