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General Hospital: #12745

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Lucy attempts to make amends with both Anna and Kevin. Caleb runs into Heather on the pier. She later finds Todd and tells him that McBain is out on the pier. After Alexis knocks on Molly's door asking her if she has anyone in her room, Rafe is forced to hide. Sam learns from McBain that he was meeting with a professor at the University taking about vampires. Todd ends up realizing that Heather and him are both booked on the same charter boat. Sam asks her mother to look after Danny for her. Caleb goes to see Professor Mosser and ends up killing him. Britt changes a toxicology report making Sabrina look guilty. Olivia suffers with a hallucination featuring Heather dressed as a nurse. Todd decides that leaving town is the best thing to do. McBain and Lucy come face to face. Heather shows up at Alexis' house. Sam goes to Professor Mosser's office not knowing that Caleb is inside.