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General Hospital: #12746

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Todd learns from Quint that they can't leave until the other passenger shows up. McBain tells Lucy that he believes that Caleb really exists and that Rafe is in danger and they need to work together. Heather threatens to call Alexis if Rafe doesn't give her Danny. Carly finds out about Starr being the new half owner of the Haunted Star and they both celebrate Todd escaping. Kristina catches her sister with some food and knows that she has somebody in her room. Sam finds Professor Mosser dead and notices what looks like bite marks on his neck. Todd has to fend for himself after Quint refuses to allow him on his boat. Anna tells Sam that even though the professor is dead, it doesn't clear McBain of the charges against him. Molly rushes to tell her mother that Heather has taken Danny. Todd sees Caleb strangling Heather and then throwing her in the harbor. Todd then attempts to stop him leaving with Sam's baby. Anna shows up and tells Todd not to move.