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General Hospital: #12748

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Lulu is surprised after Dante brings Sonny to the party. Frisco attempts to convince his daughter to give him another chance. Starr learns from Michael that her father has been captured and that McBain killed Heather Webber. Felix attempts to improve Sabrina's spirits up by taking her to a Valentine's Day party. Steve tells Olivia that he's pleased that he still has her even with though his mother could be dead. Connie shows up and wonders why they're both looking so glum. Tracy shows A.J. a key and tells him that it's what he's been looking for and he isn't getting it. Laura surpises Elizabeth with a visit and says Luke doesn't know she's back in Port Charles yet. Felicia realizes that Frisco is using Maxie in order to get to her. Laura receives a text message from somebody asking where she is. Connie is furious after she finds out that that Starr has been given Johnny's share in the The Haunted Star. Sonny attempts to convince her to just let Starr and Lulu run it. Lulu opens a gift and sees something disturbing. Dante swears that he didn't send it. Maxie listens in on a conversation that Sabrina and Felix are having. Luke comes face to face with Laura.