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General Hospital: #12749

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After Britt approaches Patrick, she insists on speaking to Emma and he tells her to never talk to his daughter again. Connie doesn't think that Sonny is being honest with his feelings after kissing her. Lulu reads the card and wonders who might have sent her the present. Michael tells Starr that he wants to go out and thinks Lulu will understand. Luke learns from Laura that she saw him yesterday with Anna. Maxie tells her father that Britt is blackmailing her into ruining Sabrina's life by threatening to tell the truth about the baby she is carrying. Britt gives Sabrina a copy of the complaint she filed against her. Spinelli organizes a surprise for Ellie. Frisco tells Maxie that he will deal with Britt. Laura and Luke think that Helena could've sent Lulu the gift as the last time Luke saw the Ice Princess it was in a safe in Zurich. Frisco and Maxie confront Britt and warn her that her reign of terror is coming to an end. Olivia sees Steve covered in blood after hshe hears a noise and he comes out of the shower. Scott Baldwin shows up on the Haunted Star. Kate regains control over Connie and wonders where she is after waking up in Sonny's bed.