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General Hospital: #12759

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Kate learns from Olivia that she won't be marrying Steve now. Heather offers Todd some hope for the future after she informs him that she won't be testifying against him tomorrow. Patrick attempts to convince Epiphany that Sabrina didn't cheat and that Britt is framing her. Epiphany has no choice though but to ask Sabrina to leave the hospital. Steve tells Dante that the Memphis police have worked out that the evidence clearing him was faked by his mother. Carly learns from Sonny that he slept with Connie on the night that Kate managed to regain control. Sabrina wants Epiphany to allow her to take the test again. Epiphany tells her after agreeing that unless she gets a perfect score again she has to leave. Steve receives a call from his mother who giving her blessings to him and Olivia being together. Kate goes to see Sonny.