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General Hospital: #12769

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Michael learns from Starr that she needs to go to Los Angeles and she will find out what's wrong after she gets there. She continues that he can't come with her. Anna shows at McBain's room wanting his badge, because the bureau are sending him out of town on an assignment. Carly and Sam toast one another. Laura informs Scott that she wants her daughter as her maid of honor and not Lucy. Todd vents his frustrations out on Michael and his daughter. Kevin refuses to stand up for Scott after Lucy tells him they are going to be attending his and Laura's wedding. Dante tells Patrick that his mother suffered a dizzy spell after mistaking a stuffed bear for a bomb. Lulu wants her father to stop Laura from marrying Scott before it is too late. Olivia has another vision in which the bear blows up as the clock on it hits 7:00pm. Starr agrees to allow her father to fly her to California on his private jet. Starr and Michael share a kiss before she leaves and she promises him she will be back soon. Anna tells McBain to stay safe before he leaves. Mac leaves Felicia a message. Olivia wants Dante to check on the bear. The alarm on the clock on the bear goes off as it hits 7 o'clock. Luke shows up as Laura and Scott are about to get married. Lulu is seen lying on the floor unconscious.