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General Hospital: #12777

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A.J. confronts Tracy who gloats to him that once she has Pickle-Lila he'll be out of the company. Sonny informs Michael that he is not sure who will be returning out of Kate or Connie, but he is certain that he'll lose somebody. Dante and Luke manage to get rid of Helena's bodyguards and they then demand that she tells where Lulu is. Bobbie offers her daughter some words of wisdom. Elizabeth tells an unconscious Nikolas that he could never like his grandmother. Monica informs Tracy that she is throwing her out of her house, and she then sees Alan's spirit in the room with her. Luke and Laura attempt to find their daughter as Dante keeps watch on Helena. Carly is surprised by a visit from from Jax. Elizabeth is comforted by Audrey after she leaves Nikolas's room. Sonny receives an unexpected visitor when Brenda shows up to see him.