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General Hospital: #12778

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Monica informs Tracy that she can also see Alan in the living room and Emily shows up as well. Luke and Laura discover a tied up Ethan. Audrey tells Elizabeth that today would have been Steve's 50th anniversary working at General Hospital if he still had been alive. Brenda wants Sonny to be civil to her tomorrow when they both attend the Nurse's Ball in Robin's memory. Jax wants Carly to sign their divorce papers. Tracy asks Alan to make Monica agree to allow her to remain living in the family house. Epiphany gives some new interns a tour around the hospital. Ethan, Luke and Laura are locked in the state room. Rick Webber appears and requests that Tracy does not drag his name into her family drama. Brenda informs Sonny that if he had read her letter then it would've changed everything. Carly is shocked when she learns that Jax s engaged to be married. Helena says that Laura is the person who'll be doing the shooting. Sonny is furious after he learns that Brenda is planning to marry Jax.