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General Hospital: #12780

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Lucy learns from Kevin that he won't be able to attend the ball because he needs to go to Seattle to help a patient. Jax informs Brenda that Carly told him she has probably already been to see Sonny. Olivia attempts to get an update on Lulu and Dante from Anna. Sabrina wonders if the message that Patrick sent her got deleted from her phone somehow. Felicia informs Anna that she admitted her feelings for Frisco and Mac. Mac tells Duke that Felicia has to make a decision about who she wants to spend her future with. Brenda admits to Jax that she went to see Sonny and told him she still wanted him. Felix offers to help Sabrina by giving her a makeover. Noah thinks that Patrick needs to go see Sabrina and tell her how he really feels. Jax tells Brenda that he thought it would be different this time and is glad Carly helped him to open his eyes to the truth. Jax tells Brenda that he is leaving. Patrick is surprised when he sees Sabrina's transformation.