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General Hospital: #12781

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The guests arrive on the red carpet to attend the Ball. Brenda informs Carly that Jax called off the wedding and that it is her fault. Patrick finally admits to Sabrina that he has feelings towards her. Frisco and Mac want Felicia to decide which one of them she wants to be with. Lucy makes her way on to the stage to thank everyone for helping to revive the Ball. The nurses open the ball with a performance of Molly's song. Duke compliments Anna on the way she looks. Carly and Brenda argue and Carly wants her out of the Metro Court. Anton is able to persuade Sam to be his dance partner, after his partner is hurt. Mac uses his ventriloquist act to have a go at Frisco. Sonny breaks up Carly and Brenda's fight. Milo tells Sabrina about what he did. Emma thinks that Sabrina looks like a princess. Lucy hears a noise. Frisco performs and surprises Felicia after he asks her to marry him.