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General Hospital: #12785

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Luke and Laura are stunned to learn that Stavros is still alive. Olivia suffers with a hallucination featuring her son. A.J. learns from Michael that Starr broke up with him and that he then ended up in bed with Brenda. Nikolas lets Alexis know that he confronted Helena as he knew that something wasn't right. He continues that he then found out that Stavros was still alive. The fight between Brenda and Carly is broken up at the Metro Court. Luke threatens Stavros with a knife and Laura says that he is the only one who knows where their daughter is. Michael wonders how is going to be able to tell Sonny that he slept with the love of his life. Stavros admits that he sent Lulu the Ice Princess and had Nikolas shot to keep him from telling anyone that he was still alive or about his plans. Dante manages to get inside the laboratory and sees Helena laying on a table and then sees Lulu in the freezer.