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General Hospital: #12786

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Olivia learns from Anna that a body fitting Dante's description was thrown overboard from the Haunted Star. Laura demands that Stavros tells her what he has done to her daughter. Nikolas wants Alexis to tell Anna that the lab can be found under the main house on Cassadine Island. Monica is pleased about A.J. and Elizabeth's relationship. Mac talks to Maxie about his and Felicia's plans to get married again. Luke manages to knock Stavros out and Dante is able to open the freezer and rescue Lulu. Anna gives Sonny and Olivia the good news that Dante is still alive. Sonny is surprised to learn that Stavros is still alive. A.J. sees Elizabeth hugging Nikolas. Luke, Laura and Dante attempt to revive Lulu. Laura turns othe ice machine on Stavros after he yells out that Lulu is his and tells everyone to take their hands off her.