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General Hospital: #12787

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Laura and Luke are pleased to have defeated Stavros, as Dante continues to hold his wife in his arms. A.J. and Carly decide to talk to Michael but learn that he didn't come home. Lisa tells her daughter that she needs to get back to her patients, and for her to continue with their plan. Michael informs Sonny that he slept with Brenda after Starr finished things with him. Patrick tells Sabrina tast they need to talk about Britt and the baby that she's carrying. Noah warns his son not to allow Britt to ruin his and Sabrina's relationship. Felix tells Sabrina that he believes that Britt got pregnant on purpose. Dante manages to find a pulse and after Laura revives Lulu she doesn't recognize her family. Lisa runs into Patrick at the airport, and tells him that was moved by Robin's tribute. Sonny decides to confront Brenda, but is surprised after Kate shows up. Bobbie discovers that Noah is going to be working at the same hospital in Seattle as her after running into him at the airport. Britt tells Patrick that she has decided to have an abortion.